October 30, 2013

My Beloved Sabre and Rubicon

I'm pretty excited for the interdictor rebalance in the Rubicon expansion. The Sabre is my favorite ship to fly in EVE, but due to the nature of interdictors it is also my most commonly lost ship in EVE.

The triple bubble magazine is intriguing-it will give a solo dictor pilot the ability to secondary bubble a target, which is especially useful for hunting covert ops ships that cycle mwd and cloak -- in these situations a secondary bubble allows a solo dictor to keep the cloaked target bubbled on field longer (if hes good) and gives a chance for a decloak that may not have existed before.

I rarely fly double bubble dictors, except when tackling supers, and hate the trade offs of fitting multiple interdiction sphere launchers. The CPU that is freed should make for some interesting probe fits (not that there aren't some crazy ones already out there).

The 10% per level reduction in signature bloom when spooling your MWD is huge. Combined with the EHP boost it gives dictors a chance to close in on large ships and get under the tracking of guns. Once under the guns, it is generally pretty easy to kill battleships (assuming they don't have neuts or get help, as eating through their shield/armor even in a DPS Sabre takes awhile) and even battlecruisers (except some of the missile boats). Closing into close range was previously a mixture of piloting and luck. Assuming your target sat still and allowed it, you had to spiral into close range to get scram/web. Too steep of an approach would get you killed, especially with battlecruisers as you moved through the optimal of their guns. You could prolong your life by cutting the mwd, but the decrease in speed was often just as deadly as the signature bloom.

For fleets the warp speed decrease will be noticed, but not in a catastrophic way. This nerf can always be offset by warp speed rigs. For small gang and solo work the warp speed reduction will be minimal. Being a Sabre snob, I'm not as excited for the buff to combat capabilities of the other interdictors, but I know there are many out there who are excited to start flying the other races as something other than throwaway bubblers.

The bonus to EHP will put the interdictor back at the top of the small ship foodchain. Since the buff to T1 destroyers, it was fairly easy to lose an small gang/combat fit interdictor in a 1v1 engagement to a good thrasher pilot with nothing to lose. This balancing should give the advantage back to the interdictors; expect to see them in greater numbers after Rubicon.

Link to Interdictor Rebalance Thread:

December 7, 2012


-A- has once again lost all of its space. This years Catch bash has more guests than ever before-with HBC and NC.'s coalitions leading the charge. -A- is quite flattered at all the attention received this year to grind the correctly labeled "shittiest space in EVE". PVP is abundant and we are having a blast being one of the few neutrals left in the fight.

Curse is a much better home than LGK ever was, (in fact during the DRF war I proposed staging from Curse) with constant PVP and small gang action. Lee Chanka's  PL contract is amusing to say the least. Certainly his numbers look decent if considered from fleet fight PVP standpoint, but when you consider he warps at range with Nado's and ganks all day long the numbers are much less impressive. He has taken heavy losses for a concept that should take little to none-but we all remember him when he was in -A- as an FC who consistently took heavy losses.

We have shown up for many fights against both HBC and the NC. coalition. With increasing frequency we are seeing these two coalitions working together-Nulli supers and HBC shooting stations in Catch together or showing up at each other's fights to turn a fun fight into a rout. Considering PL still have NC. +5 and NC. have PL +10 no one should be surprised. PL are blue to every major powerbloc in EVE in their attempt to milk the technetium and to engage in risk-free supercapital warfare wherever they want. Gone are the days of outnumbered fights with superior skill in piloting and FCing in PL.

Many of the HBC have complained about lack of fights versus -A-, despite some of the ferocious fighting in the past few weeks. To that I say-such is the consequence of being blue to so many and hostile to so few. Perhaps if -A- wasn't the only alliance left to pew you would have more luck with fights. "Make believe neutrals" where you are allowed to engage only under certain circumstances and with permission to make sure you aren't violating some condition tramples NBSI in the traditional sense. Unfortunately precious moon goo or the fear of actual threat to sovereignty has led to many so called "NAPs" in which the neutral is maintained on paper but in which real warfare isn't condoned.

-A- is not going to fail cascade or die, but if we did, what major 0.0 entity would be left to fight? After the PL backlash against a simple Thorn Alliance Roam last month (how dare they put PL tech at risk, how dare they) or the skirmishes on jump bridge pos' in Fountain-one can not realistically find anywhere in EVE where risk free pull out all the stops PVP could be conducted for these players. The aptly named "big blue donut" is nearing completion-Solar being the only major entity left that isn't engaged in rampant non-aggression pacts.

As this is EVE and change is part of the game-this political landscape could change overnight. Unfortunately, until bloc leaders in EVE realize that their isk or sovereignty are a means to an end and not the end itself, the blue donut will persist. For now -A- and some of the other non-affiliated southern entities will continue to take the fights we can and rack up the kills.

November 20, 2012

A Premature Ban

Recently one of MVN's finest (Psyco Groupie) got home from an oversea business trip to find all his accounts banned. Given PGs position in not only MVN but -A- in dealing with logistics and his worldwide travels (affecting his IP addresses) we immediately assumed RMT stink from renters may have been passed on to him combined with IP logs or some other such eventuality. As it turned out, a character he purchased from EVE-O Forums had previously been involved with RMT was the reason for the mass ban. We were baffled at the lack of cooperation from CCP when petitions were filed to ask for review; the fact that PG is a baller in real life who personally raises Icelands GDP with the amout of plex he purchases each year only added to the puzzlement. After demanding another GM (perhaps one more open minded and less influenced by "external" factors) Psyco was indeed correct and had done nothing wrong. They gave him a generous amount of game time for his many accounts and he is getting underway as we speak. I have heard interesting stories floating lately about RMT and MVN-let me be clear. MVN left IT dirt poor. We had 2 bill in corp wallet and our "severance" package from IT was shit. While other corps spent their time in IT ratting in titans and supers to RMT (and continued that tradition in their future alliances...) we were fighting in Fountain. The supercapitals our corp have now have come from our members pockets. With no free isk from technetium guarded by allies on the other side of EVE we have built our supercapital numbers the hard way.

PG had this to say after this whole debacle:

"To all that have asked, CCP finally escalated the petition for Psyco Groupie and his accounts to another GM. PG had legally bought 2 accounts on the forums, and these accounts had previously transferred assets to those owners main accounts previous to the purchase.  It turns out that owner left EvE and RMT’d all the isk.

So without actually bothering to check dates for these illegal transfers and when the toons were purchased legally, a Senior GM banned all of PG’s accounts, and refused to provide proof or listen to the clear argument against ‘selling in-game items for real world money’ – For all of you that know PG in real life, you all probably find that part the most comical of all of this (he does well in real life).

While we fully support CCP's efforts against RMTing, in his unholy rage a potentially biased Senior GM overshot his target.  We are glad that a thorough investigation by the appeals process has fully reinstated all accounts of PG and has provided substantial PLEX compensation as well as an apology.

It is unfortunate that reckless behavior of single Senior GM can affect an alliance in-game for weeks and mar CCP reputation for impartial customer service process. At this time we eagerly anticipate results of the internal affairs review being conducted by CCP into activities of said GM.

We will keep everyone updated as situation continues to evolve."

August 23, 2012

Montolio Damage Control

Montolio is pretty good at propaganda... but not as good as he thinks. He recently wrote this response to the EVE News 24 article concerning his alliance's financial situation:

I'm not going to link the article because I'd prefer they not get advertising ISK to funnel into gold watches for -A- leadership, but I would like to address the claims.

Yeah because -A- leadership has serious stakes in EVENEWS24. We actually bought all our shares of this publically traded company when they were trashing us during the DRF war.

For starters, the article insinuates that Goonswarm Federation has loaned TEST ISK. This is false, we've had a line of credit with them but it's been untouched. We have a few notable loans from individuals / organizations.

30b ISK - Pandemic Legion

60b ISK - Karab Gerlinger
37b ISK - Leetcheese

Our various squads and individual members have donated a shitload of ISK as well. Our financial difficulties come from two main sources right now: 1) Expansion into new space (high capital investment and time costs) 2) Technetium speculation and CCP patches. The first is simply something that will go away with time, we've instituted an alliance wide 5% ratting tax for two months to help smooth out the costs associated with that. The second is something out of our control, technetium prices have bounced back up since the patch has gone live but the few weeks of wild speculation damaged revenues. We are working some alternative income sources to alleviate any technetium dependency issues our alliance has, my next State of the Alliance will cover that in more detail.


I think they would try renting out that new found space, except that no one in their right mind would rent right next door to -A- and get dumped on constantly.

Darkos Nightmare, our main money wizard has been working on making the
accounting spreadsheet more informative and has started tracking historical data and charting that as well. We don't have the historical data publicly accessible yet, but it will be.

The article is an attempt to poke at our financial data much like we've done with OWN Alliance in the past, the exception here is that we are a transparent organization and we welcome honest scrutiny.

 Irony overload. Karma is a bitch isn't it.

 I don't know who Danny Centauri is - his industrial knowledge may be sound but I question his experience with the scale of large organizations and reading investigative abilities. He doesn't mention in his article that our sheet doesn't cover capital expenditures, its too hard to account for those, it only covers recurring expenses and most of it is estimation. We are actually doing reactions like he suggests, but they take time and effort to make profitable. In ~real spaceship life~ things don't work like spreadsheets. Logistics is messy at this scale.

Our community is strong, donations pour in when we need them. We won't be flattened by ISK woes like some alliances. I've been investigating Against All Authorities finances in the meantime, an alliance with which the EN24 owner Riverini sympathizes heavily.

 Yeah Riverini seems to sympathize with us constantly. Man, I should pull up some of the old articles from as recently as 6 months ago. Montolio should know better than to fling around accusations like that. But then I consider his audience and figure they will buy it. Maybe he should even sponsor an EVENEWS24 boycott. It can be his "burn Jita" campaign. lol

 Against All Authorities has used the 'we are poor because no technetium' line for ages, but this is not the case. Against All Authorities runs a vast renter network filled with botters.

 Last time I checked the botters were most numerious in Deklein. But sure, play the botting card. I've used it, DRF used it, CFC uses it, everyone does. A bit of a pubby play for someone as "in" as Montolio but its ok, I am no longer surprised by his bullshit. I choose to grab some popcorn and enjoy the show these days.

 Renters with -A- have to hand over a phone number when you sign up, this is so that they can call and harass you if you miss a rental payment. 

 Man that sounds almost realistic! We don't need phone numbers though... if someone doesn't pay they just get kicked. Besides, can you imagine the long distance phone charges?

They don't reimburse subcapitals at 100%, but they reimburse (or claim to) supercapitals < 2 weeks. 

 And you can't even reimburse 2/3 of your fleets anymore. Don't throw stones in a glass house bud. Also-supers are reimbursed, fits are reimbursed and bitch, we don't even have tech.


Rumors are abound about -A- paying FCs ~real life~ money in order to stick with them - I have no proof of this last claim, but the fact that the rumor exists just points to the corrupt culture and elitism going on with Against All Authorities.

Well man! If rumors existing point to real corrupt culture and elitism.... I should start making more rumors immediately!!

I sure wish I made money for FCing. Then I wouldn't have to work and could go to school full time for my degrees. But alas, the only gift I get from FCing is posts like this, and the occasional teary eyed jabber ping from TEST leadership.

You should also not call anyone else elitist when you are in bed with PL. But I suppose it doesn't matter, TEST and the CFC in general call anyone who isn't in their band of blues elitist. It creates a nice persona that helps build the "you aren't us" mentality.

TEST doesn't need to pay people to work with us, we don't need to fine people to fight for our cause, we have fun. 

Well with no recruitment standards of course you don't need to pay anyone. With 75% of your organization ratting away they pay for themselves :)

 I would like to thank Montolio for this awesome post, and look forward to more gems in the future.

March 31, 2012


There are many who talk of various improvements to the game. As much as I hate the current sov-system, it works.

Not well, mind you, but it works.

Low-sec, on the other hand, is broken. Severely.

What incentives are there for the life of low sec? For most low sec is simply a place you wave to as you pass it by en route to your real destination. For carebears its too risky, and for pirates its the only place you can go.

As a result-its pretty empty. The life of a pirate is fun but gives no real benefits. 15 minutes of GCC after any kill, penalties for negative security status and the inability to reap any benefits for that plunge.

The first thing I would love to see are gates for pirates. Travel incentives for those -5 or more, usable only by them. They would be "flash points" for warfare and skirmishes between pirates or anti-pirates. Although I don't care about faction warfare much, that same idea could be used as a basis for faction warfare groups as well (fight for control of the gate). The benefit would be an INCENTIVE for being a pirate, instead of penalizing them only.

Also, missions for pirates. Instead of warping to a site or some shit that involves shooting NPCs... Make it a blood sport. "go to X system or constellation and kill 5 people within the next day (not in your corp/alliance". Accomplishment gives you some good isk and encourages pvp not only for pirates to kill bears, but to kill other pirates. On the flip-side, give some anti pirates missions to kill pirates. It gives the newbs an introduction to EVE PVP through the PVE path.

Obviously these are just some quick ideas, and one can poke holes in some of the theorycrafting (like killing your noob ship alt to accomplish the achievement). But you can use it as a basis to try and find some reason for people to LEAVE EMPIRE and for the life of the pirate to have some relevance other than YO BRO I AM -10 I AM COOL.

CCP needs to bridge that gap between PVE and PVP or risk polarizing the community even more between null and empire dwellers.

Also, to those who want 1 kill to make you -5 and one pirate kill to pop you to good standings...

you are literally retarded. quit the game and play wow you piece of shit.

March 27, 2012

We Love Yulai Federation

[20:46:28] Asbjrn > nice coincidence that somone turned of cyno jam in 1-1 today and this just happened to happen?? thoughts
[20:46:49] cavalier7 > bastards!?
[20:46:50] Codo Yagari > Codo is a spy?
[20:46:54] Tiny'tux > What happend?
[20:47:02] Tiny'tux > Codo is always a spai
[20:47:06] Codo Yagari > \o/
[20:47:13] Cosmo Cookie > guys, it's a serious matter
[20:47:16] Cosmo Cookie > no kiddy fun here

[20:56:22] juifferson > 1-1 remote armor  need more oneiros guardian
[20:56:55] Codo Yagari > Please join  1-1 remote armor with Guardian or Oneiros, we need to rep the cyno jammer in 1-1
[21:00:00] Codo Yagari > AAA came, AAA saw, AAA griefed
[21:00:49] Jaxiar > Any reason theyve been doing this all day?
[21:00:55] Jaxiar > just for fun, practice.. ?
[21:00:58] T'aun > got my carrier in zt-
[21:01:04] Tiny'tux > Fun I should imagine
[21:01:21] JerleShannara > [20:29:22] Hurley > we are not going to do anything serious we are just playing around
[21:01:27] JerleShannara > [20:29:32] Hurley > you have to understand we have been raping the DRF for 3 months
[21:01:49] JerleShannara > thats from 1-1 local
[21:01:58] Tiny'tux > Is DRF collapsing or not?
[21:01:58] Codo Yagari > Its easy. Piracy leads to lack of proper life values. Lack of proper life values lead to boredom, boredom leads to agressiveness, voila we have AAA

[21:02:21] juifferson > 1-1 remote armor  no body want help for remote cynojammer in  1-1I53 Solar System ?
[21:02:24] JerleShannara > lol nice saying there codo
[21:02:47] Jaxiar > Them "raping" DRF for 3 months has what to do invading our space in superior numbers with extremely superior force? Sorry but I just dont see the connection lol :P
[21:02:51] Codo Yagari > theyre just a bunch of improperly raised kids. ITs sad
[21:03:21] Tiny'tux > They are just pissing around. They are essentially our unruley neighbour....
[21:03:56] Tiny'tux > It's a shame I am sure if they were more focused they wouldn't be such intense fail....
[21:04:01] Jaxiar > I know that and its cool, but its been going on for hours lol, SC hotdrops in the afternoon and titans in the evening
[21:04:03] Codo Yagari > its like the bully at school. exactly the same thing. If they can ruin something for you they will, because it makes them happy. If youre sad, theyre glad. And vice versa
[21:04:12] Deathwish Drang > wish i was rich enuf to piss around in a titan :)
[21:04:13] Codo Yagari > its trademark of chaos and evil actually ^^
[21:05:01] JerleShannara > yeah we are in chaos and they are just plain evil lol

They offlined their jammer in their home carebear system and we saw the cyno on map-so we went to check it out.

With 1 minute left onlining we dropped some shinies to incap it for fun. Code is bitter because he is sitting in a Guardian repping the cyno jammer.

Armor Repping Drake

March 14, 2012