July 27, 2011

CCP Wins Again

The past few days we received reports WN intended to drop a station in T-R. Since CVA was dumb enough to TCU but not ihub the system it wasn't hard for WN to kill TCU and drop their own.

We killed 3 TCUs and WN onlined another.

This one made it and they dropped ihub. Last night we reinforced ihub and our sbus went invuln. According to what we had been told, you couldn't drop a station in a system with online sbus, and ours were invulnerable so we were good, right?

Apparently not. WN dropped station, our sbus are still invulnerable. So, thanks ccp, for one more fail mechanic-stacked on top of the little gems you dispersed only up north which allow for an endless supply of isk.

Funny as that isk stream is, WN has so far gone cheap and hired their pet NC. only. Sort of like outsourcing to Chinese sweat shop workers-their quality is shit but they do make it for cheaper.

We'll see what happens-Solar and XXdeathXX are joining the part now too, as WN and pets can't do it alone :)

July 24, 2011


Earlier in the day, Tenerifis was SBU'd by Controlled Chaos. Possibly in conjunction with SBUing of Providence systems by WN. We nuked SBUs with DNS and Imperial Order in Tenerifis, while skirmishes took out the Controlled Chaos fleet.

WN formed up in Y-MP with (mainly) Artyabaddons, with very few Guardians. They moved to T-RP with about 100 in fleet. We formed up and held on HED- jb. NC. formed up in their Providence system of GN7 and waited on titan. Cascade and -A- jumped into T-R from D-GTMI and warped to 0km on the TCU where WN was shooting the TCU at 0km. As soon as -A- jumped in NC. bridged just under 100 to a cyno 300 off the TCU. They warped to an off grid and back down to the fight at 0km as well.

Fighting was terrible for WN, who only had 3 Guardians, and we expected carriers was the reason for terrible logistics. Eight minutes in the carriers dropped: 2 Thanatos from and 2 Archons. The reps were not enough to keep up and White Noise was decimated. They warped off field leaving NC. to die.

White Noise called for supers but could not muster enough to drop.

Both Archons died but the 1 Thanatos got out. NC. was smarter and actually brought Guardians. They fought well, but left alone on field NC. took a beating and eventually warped out what was left of their fleet.

White Noise sat at 0km with Artillery Abaddons (and one Autocannon Abaddon?) and died terribly. NC. gave a good fight, but after White Noise bailed they were outnumbered.

CVA came in bombers and bombed the middle of the fleet fight, which was mainly our fleet, but they showed up too :)

SBUs died, White Noise POS in T-R reinforced.

Will post fraps later tonight after processing.



Fraps from the fight

July 10, 2011

CCP wtf for real

In the middle of an op and what?

Server crashes.

Log in a gain.

Server crashes.

Nothing like leaving 150 guys hanging in the middle of nowhere.

CCP please stop failing at almost everything.

But hey-at least we can walk in a small room now... right...

oh wait I checked the disable box too

July 8, 2011

Aborted :)

Small Gang = Fun Times

Last night we took a small gang into Derelikt. It ended with my triple rep Myrmidon dying 15 minutes into its inaugural voyage.


We reformed into a 5 man gang... Sabre Cyna Cane Vengeance and Falcon. Off we went into Curse.

First kill was easy, and made me smile. I'm cloaked in Utopia on Litom gate while Easley is picking fights with Sedition in Hemin. Of course, Sedition aren't playing, but +2 in Utopia (probably from Doril) and a couple familiar names warp in on gate. Drake and Tempest.

Drake jumps into gang, while Tempest sits. I break cloak and let him know I'm here, and ready to drop bubble the moment his velocity increases.

It doesn't, he jumps, so I bubble and jump. Easley starts on his way from Hemin as we all wait in Litom for their decloaks.

Funnily enough, Tempest breaks first so we primary him. Easley swears he will tackle the Drake, who finally breaks and starts crashing the gate. Tempest first burns away and then towards the gate and dies. I wrote "karma bitch" in local, as these were 2 of the 3 man gang who killed me in low sec. Easley lands in a fat ugly Domi and isn't able to point the Drake before he warps out of my bubble on the other side.

We jumped Utopia and see cyno up, warp to station cyno and theres a nice ol Rapier. Jams on carrier, Rapier goes pop. We post up on Hemin gate and another cyno goes up, Arazu, and several carriers jump in. None of the carriers will aggress of course, and some ex We Form Voltron starts spewing in local about how terrible we are and pages up chat 2x before we finally answer. He was pissed about the Rapier methinks.

Moving on we killed an Imperial Navy Slicer that was moving on our route. In K-Q we reapproached in-gate, and I cloaked. In he came, as soon as he broke cloak I dropped mine and bubbled. Perfect delay bubble and he sat there and died without moving. http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=473312

As we are looting the wreck some dude in a Falcon jumps in, who has a Dramiel still in RMOC-. We go for decloak but he was either outside or on the edge of the bubble, and he gets away. Smack ensues in local.

[ 2011.07.08 08:03:01 ] EVE System > Channel changed to K-QWHE Local Channel
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:10 ] Visanoline > noobs
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:15 ] Perseus Kallistratos > wow
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:18 ] Perseus Kallistratos > took you awhile
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:24 ] Perseus Kallistratos > clean the shit out of your pants?
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:28 ] Arnao > he shit himself and had to clean up thats why
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:29 ] Arnao > ha
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:41 ] Perseus Kallistratos > too bad bubble was up from the navy slicer...

So down the pipe we go into VOL-, and reapproach 8G gate. I'm sure the Falcon/Dram combo will be around shortly so we set up shop. Easley solo's a Thrasher who aggresses his Vengeance (yes, he took it solo) and we wait. Sure enough, Dram jumps in. on reaaproach he bounces off the gate in decloaks me hiding above it.


So we play for a minutes and I put him in low shield and he jumps. We set up again, and sure enough in he comms. This time, of all the places he spawns on gate-his re approach vector is right through me.

I decloak again.

Thinking his Falcon is probably on other side I jump. Yup, there they were... warping 150 off gate. So I burn for 10 seconds, calling in Darkside in his Cynabal and at 105 I cloak and drift. Dark warps off, then too sun, then to me at 100... landing 15 off the little gang of Guardian (wtf?) Falcon and Dramiel. Falcon burns away, tries to jam Darkside but fails and Falcon/Dram warps.leaving the pointed Guardian.

[ 2011.07.08 08:43:02 ] Perseus Kallistratos > Visanoline sup

Gang is now over 150km off VOL- and my gang jumping in warps right to Dark and gets secondary points. I motor over in my Sabre and drop a bubble and WHOOOO my shields go down 40%?

Dramiel back on field, Falcon too. Maybe my smack brought them back, maybe the fact that we are noobs brough him back. Regardless, Falcon is stuck in bubble but motoring away so we all drop points on Guardian, who is in low armor and stuck in middle of bubble and kill Falcon. Static keeps jams on Dramiel, whos drones are slowly eating me but I am doing ok. Falcon pops, Dramiel insta-dies and we finish off the Guardian.


[ 2011.07.08 08:44:58 ] Arnao > lol
[ 2011.07.08 08:45:02 ] Easley Thames > gf
[ 2011.07.08 08:45:05 ] Easley Thames > nice gang comp
[ 2011.07.08 08:56:04 ] EVE System > Channel changed to VOL-MI Local Channel

I jumped into VOL to catch the last pod, who had warped to the gate twice at 50 (yeah I know..)

[ 2011.07.08 08:56:24 ] Visanoline > Perseus Kallistratos noob
[ 2011.07.08 08:56:31 ] Perseus Kallistratos > thanks for the fish

Smacking until the bitter end :)

As it was 4am for me we headed back to the barn and called it a good night. My unhappiness with a Myrmidon loss was more than made up for.