July 24, 2011


Earlier in the day, Tenerifis was SBU'd by Controlled Chaos. Possibly in conjunction with SBUing of Providence systems by WN. We nuked SBUs with DNS and Imperial Order in Tenerifis, while skirmishes took out the Controlled Chaos fleet.

WN formed up in Y-MP with (mainly) Artyabaddons, with very few Guardians. They moved to T-RP with about 100 in fleet. We formed up and held on HED- jb. NC. formed up in their Providence system of GN7 and waited on titan. Cascade and -A- jumped into T-R from D-GTMI and warped to 0km on the TCU where WN was shooting the TCU at 0km. As soon as -A- jumped in NC. bridged just under 100 to a cyno 300 off the TCU. They warped to an off grid and back down to the fight at 0km as well.

Fighting was terrible for WN, who only had 3 Guardians, and we expected carriers was the reason for terrible logistics. Eight minutes in the carriers dropped: 2 Thanatos from and 2 Archons. The reps were not enough to keep up and White Noise was decimated. They warped off field leaving NC. to die.

White Noise called for supers but could not muster enough to drop.

Both Archons died but the 1 Thanatos got out. NC. was smarter and actually brought Guardians. They fought well, but left alone on field NC. took a beating and eventually warped out what was left of their fleet.

White Noise sat at 0km with Artillery Abaddons (and one Autocannon Abaddon?) and died terribly. NC. gave a good fight, but after White Noise bailed they were outnumbered.

CVA came in bombers and bombed the middle of the fleet fight, which was mainly our fleet, but they showed up too :)

SBUs died, White Noise POS in T-R reinforced.

Will post fraps later tonight after processing.



Fraps from the fight

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