July 27, 2011

CCP Wins Again

The past few days we received reports WN intended to drop a station in T-R. Since CVA was dumb enough to TCU but not ihub the system it wasn't hard for WN to kill TCU and drop their own.

We killed 3 TCUs and WN onlined another.

This one made it and they dropped ihub. Last night we reinforced ihub and our sbus went invuln. According to what we had been told, you couldn't drop a station in a system with online sbus, and ours were invulnerable so we were good, right?

Apparently not. WN dropped station, our sbus are still invulnerable. So, thanks ccp, for one more fail mechanic-stacked on top of the little gems you dispersed only up north which allow for an endless supply of isk.

Funny as that isk stream is, WN has so far gone cheap and hired their pet NC. only. Sort of like outsourcing to Chinese sweat shop workers-their quality is shit but they do make it for cheaper.

We'll see what happens-Solar and XXdeathXX are joining the part now too, as WN and pets can't do it alone :)

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