March 22, 2011

Well Howdy.

Work has been quite extensive the last few months, leaving little time for blogging of any sort. I aim to remedy the situation as best I can starting this week.

Last night was short, but netted a few kills.

I got home from work last night and hopped into a Stiletto. Bipster and Mak were running a gang so I tagged along while working out some alliance stuff on another TS server. TS3 is pretty much amazing.

We rolled into Providence after nailing some awesomely fit guys in Curse. Check out these fits...

We were trying to figure out why this guy didn't burn back to the station, he was only 7km off... well we figured it out.

Shortly after his buddy in a Maelstrom aggressed and Bipster called the gang in.

I think he had enough sensor boosters... barely.

After those kills (and a Falcon kill) we rolled into Providence. At this point I was back on comms for a bit and scouted for the gang.

In T-RPFU I found 19 neutrals... not on scan. Bounced to the outgate @ 100km... yup there they were. Our small gang was standing by one behind as I landed on the 7MD gate amidst the 19 dooders.... except the had hictor bubbles up and I got sucked in. Lucky for me, the hictor was postioned on the gate a little bit too much and a 2 second burn had me at 0km and jumping to safety.


Maka was entering T-RPFU and reported the hostiles now on scan in the other side of the system...


They were running from our 10 man gang! I immediately got back into T-RPFU and our tacklers burned to MH9C gate, enemy jumping out ahead of us. On the in gate I grabbed a Sleipnir which we exploded, and we managed to grab a Rook and Drake on the next gate. The rest of the hostiles docked.

At this point I had to switch comms so I tagged along half assedly for the majority of the Providence roam. As we were approaching D-GTMI again, with word that NC. was forming to drop on us, I switched back. Sure enough, in D-GTMI a Broadsword landed on the FSW- gate. He jumped in, and our gang cross jumped him. Me being in a Stiletto, I played around and watched him hurriedly reapproach the gate. He got through into D-G in time to see us warping off the gate. Following us into F9E, he jumped and immediately bubbled, 20km off a regional gate.

He nipped one Hurricane with his bubble, which promptly burned a few klicks and warped off.

I flitted around the gate, watching him cycle his bubble down finally, after we were dissapearing from local into SV5. Broadsword finally made it into SV5 and warped himself to the HED- gate. The NC. crew with Zealots/Stabber Fleet/Guardians (they were a little skimped on Guardians tbh) was eagerly awaiting the perfect drop... and it never happened. Our gang jumped into HED- while I waited next to the cyno Broadsword. He started to align off so I pointed him for lols.

He kept aligning... 5.... 10.... 15km off the gate.

We brought in the 2 Dramiels and the Curse Maka was in and started to work on him. Neuted to hell the Dramiels started to make their mark and at half shield cyno went up so NC. could jump in and save their Broadsword.

They caught.... 0.

They then proceeded to smack us in local for not taking a fight with 2-1 odds in their favor. Its funny... these guys smack us for taking a 2-1 fight and losing (couple days ago) and they smack us for not. We have also been smacked by the pro-ness that is NC. for hot dropping a small gang with 2-1 odds in our favor. Sad part is.... we kill some of them when we drop(even if its only two)... they didn't get any. I safed up in SV5 in my Stiletto and played some Xbox for the rest of the evening :smug:

-A- has been great to us so far. Sure, there are noobs (especially some of the renters) but there is opportunity to help those dooders learn. Participation is great and the leadership is PVP oriented. As with any space holding alliance there are inactive and more carebear oriented members, but far less than we had with IT. The political bull that was so out of control in IT is also a non issue.

MVN is doing its part for the -A- killboard our first full month and integrating well.

More updates to follow. Oh, and for everyone who hated the "shifting sands speech" and the "H-W fiasco"... thanks for taking



and sinker


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Randunip said...

Good to finally have you back and blogging Pers! Keep giving NC. hell they might learn one day... Emphasis on the might.