September 14, 2011


This about sums up the warp thus far:

Perseus Kallistratos: 2011-09-14 19:14:52 Nync is so shit he can't even kill a solo roaming ship without his titan."

Also, its been interesting to see DRF in action, or tbh, not in action. They do a about one day of reinforcing a week and then ask Raiden and NC. to do all the work for them in USTZ.

Raiden and NC., being bitches for DRF, do as they are told and form up. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Also, with the agreement between Goons and DRF, Raiden and NC. have been able to move back south without fear of being hit in the rear by Goons. With their precious CCP Gems (tech moons) secure they continue to serve their masters under the guise of "we just want good PVP"

Raiden, turning down the opportunity to fight Goons to server their masters, has been an example of what not to do in the post-IT Alliance world. Many made fun of Avi for choosing -A-, but look where the political arena has taken us now? Most interesting. At least EVOL joined INIT instead of being someone else's hooker.

MVN is enjoying being a part of -A- and friends, a small coalition that is truly standing against the majority of 0,0 EVE.

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