October 3, 2011

Fight in C3

C3 Ihub came out tonight. 3 hrs before timer we dropped sbus in CZK, killed a bunch of jagged alliance ships and then formed for C3. With 1 Avatar 1 Erebus and 1 Leviathan (if you count the Levi) along with a handful of supercarriers, we set up shop in jammer pos.

30 min before timer on ihub first few RA start popping into system. Dictor and a Damnation warped to one of our titans and sat there for a 10 seconds. Lossmail later showed cyno on damnation-I'm sure he was trying to light cyno for the RA supers/titans that had just mass logged in. Ooops. Then they warped off, and local bumped 80ish RA. They came in on our pos and died. Lots died. Then they left local for 20ish min. Raiden fell for the decoys set out and was in position to help out the jagged alliance pets in CZK, and were out of position for the initial fight in C3.

Our subcap fleet finally showed up, all 40 of them in alpha shield fleet.

Jagged and Raiden moved over and along with the ra pets controlled chaos and RA reshipped they came back. Fights happened in system on ihub/gate/pos, with our 2 titans (levi didn't count) and our small subcap gang against a hostile fleet size of 150-180 depending on the time. Total fight lasted around 3 hrs, and after one bad warp in we lost most of the what was left of our subcap fleet and decided to call it. Battle was pretty fun, fun to think what would have happened if we had more titans.

To the hostiles-now you know why we don't fight you when you have 10 titans on field.... its just ridiculous how overpowered titans are on battleships at this point.

After almost 4 hours of fighting (and 10 billion in losses), the DRF/pets fleet finally reinforced the ihub.



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