December 7, 2012


-A- has once again lost all of its space. This years Catch bash has more guests than ever before-with HBC and NC.'s coalitions leading the charge. -A- is quite flattered at all the attention received this year to grind the correctly labeled "shittiest space in EVE". PVP is abundant and we are having a blast being one of the few neutrals left in the fight.

Curse is a much better home than LGK ever was, (in fact during the DRF war I proposed staging from Curse) with constant PVP and small gang action. Lee Chanka's  PL contract is amusing to say the least. Certainly his numbers look decent if considered from fleet fight PVP standpoint, but when you consider he warps at range with Nado's and ganks all day long the numbers are much less impressive. He has taken heavy losses for a concept that should take little to none-but we all remember him when he was in -A- as an FC who consistently took heavy losses.

We have shown up for many fights against both HBC and the NC. coalition. With increasing frequency we are seeing these two coalitions working together-Nulli supers and HBC shooting stations in Catch together or showing up at each other's fights to turn a fun fight into a rout. Considering PL still have NC. +5 and NC. have PL +10 no one should be surprised. PL are blue to every major powerbloc in EVE in their attempt to milk the technetium and to engage in risk-free supercapital warfare wherever they want. Gone are the days of outnumbered fights with superior skill in piloting and FCing in PL.

Many of the HBC have complained about lack of fights versus -A-, despite some of the ferocious fighting in the past few weeks. To that I say-such is the consequence of being blue to so many and hostile to so few. Perhaps if -A- wasn't the only alliance left to pew you would have more luck with fights. "Make believe neutrals" where you are allowed to engage only under certain circumstances and with permission to make sure you aren't violating some condition tramples NBSI in the traditional sense. Unfortunately precious moon goo or the fear of actual threat to sovereignty has led to many so called "NAPs" in which the neutral is maintained on paper but in which real warfare isn't condoned.

-A- is not going to fail cascade or die, but if we did, what major 0.0 entity would be left to fight? After the PL backlash against a simple Thorn Alliance Roam last month (how dare they put PL tech at risk, how dare they) or the skirmishes on jump bridge pos' in Fountain-one can not realistically find anywhere in EVE where risk free pull out all the stops PVP could be conducted for these players. The aptly named "big blue donut" is nearing completion-Solar being the only major entity left that isn't engaged in rampant non-aggression pacts.

As this is EVE and change is part of the game-this political landscape could change overnight. Unfortunately, until bloc leaders in EVE realize that their isk or sovereignty are a means to an end and not the end itself, the blue donut will persist. For now -A- and some of the other non-affiliated southern entities will continue to take the fights we can and rack up the kills.

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