May 28, 2011


The move was not fun-towing my car whilst driving a large truck with my motorcycle inside over the Rocky Mountains is a pain-the wind just wants to push you off the road and the truck and trailer aren't exactly low-profiile.

But, I made it to destination and have been fairly active the last couple weeks with EVE.

-A- made a push in Tenerifis and Feythabolis to ease pressure of the Northern Coalition (I have mixed feelings on that) and to more importantly prevent the rise of a Hegemon with mixed morals.

I've gotten plenty of good fights around the area during USTZ. Yesterday we took a fight with Jagged Alliance, and due to Scimitars on our side being awesome and Scimitars on their side being terrible, we managed to annihilate their gang with less numbers.

Basically Easley jumped into Hemin from RMOC- in a Drake, while I held in a Tempest in RMOC-. Gang was held 2 away in K-Q as their were neutral eyes in RMOC, which we assumed were Mikes Cleanup Crew (~irony~).

He was scouting them out as I jumped into RMOC- and reapproached. I noticed an Arazu on the gate at 0, who must have arrived after Easley warped to station. I locked him up and... he pointed me?

Easley was in warp back to me when local bumped- lots. Easleys calculation (he keeps a careful watch on local counts) was 28. We had about 20.

He lands and we blow up the Arazu as their gang lands. I counted 3-4 Scimitars on their side, and had called gang into RMOC- the moment local bumped. About 5 seconds after the Jagged gang had landed ours bumped local and the fight was one.

I was immediate primary but got great reps from Scimitars. I instructed all ECM drones on one Scimi, neuted the second and primaried the third. First Scimi down, then we primaried Tengu. He was getting good reps so we cycled on command back to second scimi. He dropped fast and back to Tengu, who went down.

Reps were given out very well, they had a Falcon and some other ships get away (ones that seemed to never aggress, and instead jumped straight into RMOC-) but battle report is here

Almost got their Falcon, and the battle report is a bit misleading as they only killed 2 of our ships, so a good portion of their fleet never made it :)

Mikes cleanup crew warped in with battlestars in the middle of the fight, but instead of taking advantage of either party they warped off and hid in their POS in Hemin.


I'm honestly tired of those guys-they quote blob when we bring 15 interceptors for their 10 battlecruisers-or when we have even numbers its still a blob. The only time its a ~good fight~ is when they have overwhelming numbers...

Jagged on the other hand-good fight dudes. I remember as the gang landed and the fight started Easley said "dude we have to get out of here". We were in it thick already and I just said "no we're taking this fight".

A few minutes later the fleet was ecstatic as we had mopped up what could have been a disaster.

In hindsight the Scimitars made a difference-huge difference-for both sides. But the few scared pilots on the Jagged side who chose to never aggress and retain the option to jump the gate into RMOC- also made a difference. That extra firepower was sorely needed, and the pilots on our side had no such misgivings, instead trusting the FC to lead them to victory. You MUST have that attitude in a fight or you will screw your side royally.

We ran into Garmins alt (one of the top killers ever) and he took us for an Onyx and Stiletto that tried to lock his Machariel down... but I guess if you're gonna get killed it might as well be from someone great and not someone terrible.

CVA has been pretty active-I logged off in Yong yesterday morning and upon leaving got ganked by gate campers in X-R3. Unfortunate but it was only a Hurricane, and we've been farming them pretty heavily.

I was recently called out on Kugu-which made me laugh as the two faggots who did were terrible anyways, bitter test and bitter ex MVN turned CVA pet. Dunn Idaho used to be an officer in MVN and tried to scoop a ship that was ejected from in Yong with someones jump freighter.

Yes I know-you can't scoop ships from space into a jump freighter... but he didn't know. So it got tackled and died and instead of taking a temporary demotion for being an idiot Dunn Idaho emo rage quit and eventually joined Amarr militia corp CORIM so he could be a pet to the very people he jeered at in local while in MVN.

~Irony Overload~

So now he hates MVN-oh well

Props to CVA for the 3 supercarrier kills-too bad they don't have the firepower (yet) to take them down solo but having friends nearby is always a good idea for any coalition. I'm sure given another few months we will see CVA rise again, and that should be fun!


Securitas Protector said...

I'm honestly tired of those guys-they quote blob when we bring 15 interceptors for their 10 battlecruisers-or when we have even numbers its still a blob. The only time its a ~good fight~ is when they have overwhelming numbers...

I hope you're not talking about us here dude. I would have engaged, but your gang just had too much DPS and logi for 14-15 T1 cruisers, as usual. ;) My guys do like to smalktalk though (considering we just won a fight right before vs TFA it was probably ok though.)

Sherry said...

lil c!! i've been wondering where you've been...

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Talking about Clean Up Crew Securitas, not you :)

Sup Sherrrrrdizzle