June 14, 2011

Yong Baby

Deciding to take a break from 0.0 for a couple days, Easley and I took some of the crew to Yong, our low sec playground. I hoped for some actual small gang warfare, as Curse is a joke with Sedition (thanks for the titan kill btw) and Darkside (wrong TZ).

So with me in a Machariel and Easley in a Maelstrom we roamed up towards CVA in Mamet. Not getting fights from anything and wanting to avoid the Provi-blob we headed towards Kheram. In Rephirab I jumped into 16 in local-which is very odd for that system.

I inspected each character and found a hodge podge of everything-only 2 sets of same corp characters. Confused by this I warped to Kheram gate at 100 and there they were... camping the gate in every ship you can think of! I saw Raven, Sleipnir, Tengu, Abaddon, Drakes, Myrmidons, Brutix, Harbinger, Hyperion, and some others I can't even remember.

Raven immediately GCC'd on me and started spitting cruise missiles. Sleipnir and Tengu were burning me out... I thought about going for a quick gank and decided against it, as Easley was 2j away and fit more for brawl not kite and fight.

We rolled back to Yong, re shipped and grabbed 2 more Mavs. 2x Geddon 1x Dominix and 1x Tempest, a small RRBS gang. Easley and I agreed if they took the fight and weren't as terrible as I hoped we would lose.

Off we went, jumping into Rephirab and straight to Kheram gate. Off gate was a GCC'd BC, we jumped on contact. I broke cloak first as I had only 1 rep and watched as 2 of them warped off to a group safed up 200km off.

I couldn't believe it... they wouldn't take the fight!

We tackled Abaddon and Huginn-Huginn instapopped with guns and us and Abaddon went down slowly but surely. CVA even laughed in local at our anti-pirate work. Fits were... interesting.

After some smack talk and approval from CVA for our excellent anti-pirate work we headed back to Yong. We tried to kill a Raven in Biphi but 2x points weren't enough for what was probably a full rack of warp core stabs. Saddened and about to go to bed I sent one of my alts to high sec to park.

Tabbing over to warp the toon to a station I noticed an Obelisk at 0 on the gate to low-sec.


Quickly cycling to low-sec I noticed same corp toon in local-scan showed a self named Buzzard. Yelling to Easley I got gang on the gate from Yong to Gemodi. Easley went in in his Arazu, which was at half armor. Fearing gate guns would kill him, I had him dock to rep. As he docked... Obelisk jumped in.


We jumped in and warped Hibi but it was too late... freighter was off. After some choice words we decided to try something else in the hopes he was not too bright.

Logging off all ships on Gemodi undock we kept neut eyes online and waited... Gemodi is a kickout station and we might get lucky.

Time passed by... and a few minutes later he undocked.

"Log in gogogogogogogogogogo"

Easley called first point with his trusty Arazu, and out battleships landed on grid a moment later, positioned above the freighter-perfect. MWDs on and a few bumps later freighter was drifting down and away, hopelessly out of docking range.

Two minutes later... Obelisk down.

I logged off smiling

Yellow boxes appeared and I aligned towards sun. Raven GCC'd at 100+ KM and started tanking gate guns, Sleipnir and Tengu started burning me out.

Debating on whether to try and knock down the Tengu I de

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