June 18, 2011

Fights in Catch, Delve and Querious

I woke up today and signed on to find out we had a "duel" arranged. Hopping into my arty Tempest I joined the fleet and waited, and soaked up the information from the RU FCs of -A-.

Sure enough our opponents arrived and we bridged into V-3 and the fight was on. We had significantly more alpha than they and their Drakes were no match. We also had significant logistics and they did an excellent jump keeping our fleet members alive. Our only fail was lack of bubbles-we could have finished off the majority of their gang towards then end but let them escape.


We then reshipped to fight a small frig gang incoming, and dropped on top of them. Successfully killing their Cynabal and Vaga I sent most of the fleet back to reship to fight an incoming Initiative fleet when out of nowhere a Red Alliance gang came into local.

Uh oh.

Sure enough some 30-40 RA landed on gate next to my cyno Broadsword. I told the few remaining fleet members babysitting me to GTFO and watched astounded as RA jumped the gate. I was told they were re-approaching, however, and was scrambling to get my fleet back on my titan in GE-. A few RA had stayed on this side and tackled me, shooting me  now that they were sure I was alone. I bridged in fleet and my cyno cycle ended immediately after. We approached gate and jumped through as I tired to split them. We reapproached on the other side and waited. Sure enough, RA jumped after us (the ones without aggro). We jumped back through and found the RA fleet members waiting out aggression and started firing on them. Despite having a smaller fleet our battleships held field and knocked down many expensive ships while taking less expensive losses of our own

People were catching up with gang at this point and when RA/SOLAR disengaged we hunted down a few stragglers, but also skewed the initial battle report. Had we taken fight without splitting their fleet it would have been bad.


As we were mopping up Initiative showed up with a large fleet. I re formed in GE- and cyno'd into U-Q local hoping for a fight.

Initiative logged off.

I took fleet home and we took a small break when I got convo'd, reminding me of the timer we had created the day before.

So we started off to J-L, as the MM tower was coming out of reinforce. A couple jumps out Progod confirmed contact with the MM fleet and we changed our heading to reinforce his fleet. Landing on field in D-3 we found triage carriers and on our way to the 319- where MM was de-aggressing we helped pop them. Jumping into 319- we mopped up, effectively sandwiching MM.

D-3 http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=468342

On our way home we knocked down a small RZR bomber/Falcon gang and I called it for the day. Good fights were had. Initiative had a fleet in FAIL space... but again they would not fight-this time we had better numbers so I can't say I blame them.

Progod summed up MM's fight pretty well with this quote:
"I have decided, that MM abaddon fleets should now be referred to as snow flake fleet, as people literally just fit them in their own special way . I look forward to seeing the fits from today's fight."

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