June 26, 2011


So EVEnews24 ran a story about the horrific battle where my fleet got killed in 1DH (couple articles ago).

I had wto titans on my mail and we fought outnumbered 3-1 (and no, we weren't in bombers lol)


So we had this fight-Easley even posted it to EVENews, Riverini said he would write about it twice....


Tonight we went to support Nulli for a timer, got to system, and one bad warp in we lost half our hacs to bombers. Guessing they were set up for Nullis gang, and we dropped to close to the ihub. They bombed us on jump in-but we didn't lose anyone.

So we limped to a safe and watched Nulli leave local-and I saw in my chat "we're leaving"

So we made it out somehow, with 17 left in gang and a 40 man bc gang with about 40 bombers.

Terrible.I thought I was going to lose the whole fleet.

Wish we could have had a fight of some sort, but instead 4 bombing runs (1 was successful) later we left for home, with only 3 recon kills and a Hurricane kill.

Oh well. I was fighting MM in Delve... what should I have expected?

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