June 18, 2011

J-L Sov Battle

A couple days ago I took out a snipe hac fleet. as luck would have it MM was hitting a ROL system in Delve so we went to assist. After forming up about 45 in fleet with a healthy number of logistics we set out.
I gave the primarily EUTZ fleet members a brief run down on snipe hacs after it became apparent many of them were unfamiliar with the tactics and strategies employed when using this specialized fleet composition.

We hit 2 out from destination when I jumped into K-6 and found a number of RZR in local. Having seen them earlier in reported light ships with a couple of random battleships I scanned and found a ceptor had appeared on directional. My cloak dropped and I sat there, and sure enough an interceptor from RZR landed. Worried he may jump into my waiting gang and spoil the surprise I was relieved when instead he approached and tackled me, settling into a tight orbit. I played AFK and waited patiently as his gang arrived. First a couple of bombers, then a Tempest and Maelstrom and a few others. As their damage finally took my shields to 40% I called the gang in and melted everything. We then proceeded to destination system where 160 or so BRICK and MM had just killed an ROL TCU and were onlining their own.

ROL entered local and we warped in at range with them to the MM tower. Supercapitals were on field, and the fighting was rough as MM had good numbers and were dipping in and out of POS shields. With some secondary FCs providing good warp ins we danced on and off the field looking for good kills and maybe a fight... but MM refused to leave the POS. ROL took a beating and had to disengage-Nulli and FAIL had formed up by this time, however, and were inbound so we continued to harass MM on their pos. At one point I noticed the Leviathan yellow, then red box my Broadsword. Knowing a DD was incoming I warped off field. Upon later discussion with Traderjohn he did indeed confirm he tried to DD me :)

Backup arrived along with a reformed ROL fleet and the POS was reinforced and onlining MM TCU destroyed. We took a few ceptor losses but no hacs or logistics despite being heavily outnumbered on a hostile pos. Logi's did a great job and for a fleet not well versed in snipe hacs they followed orders well enough to keep themselves alive and get some kills.

Fun times.


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