June 22, 2011

Fight in Delve

Today I was looking for a fight in Delve-and waited for almost an hour before we bridged into 1DH with 65 in an alpha fleet.

MM gave us our fight, as they had 150 in MM fleet alone, then had another 30-40 with Brick Squad as well as supers they warped onto field. Needless to say we killed quite a few but my fleet died of course. Feeling around fleet was "good fight". We had fun despite going into a situation that probably meant most would die.

Delve is starting to look less and less promising. Support from allies in the area is feeble, Nulli are walking on sunshine after beating up on test over and over again (as are MM) and coordination is pretty terrible. MM won't fight without NC mindset numbers (3-1 Odds or more, no troll). Taking a fight with even numbers is out of the question. We reinforced their staging pos 2 days ago with 60 and with 150 in local they wouldn't form or fight... and last night we went to fight their gang repping pos and we only had 25... we took the fight, broke about even on kills and left. They refused to fight off their pos and supers/carrier reps. That mentality of lets have fun and get a fight is overshadowed by "I'm afraid to lose my ship" and their FC mentality of "I refuse to engage without 3x numbers"

This kind of warfare is so typical of EVE these days, very few people will jump their gangs into superior numbers to have fun or rely on skills to come out ahead. My hat goes off to PL, who up until recently did do this time and time again.

At least Traderjohn, whom I speak with often, admits his alliance is still stuck in this mentality. The average MM grunt however, still thinks he is pro at pvp.

Ignorance is bliss.

I suppose the funniest part of this was Collective convoing me and telling me I was causing a diplomatic incident, as they have MM blue. They told me without exact words if I didn't stand down they would shoot me. Due to the fact that their MM and Brick brethren had over 200 on field with me allowed them to not carry through with their threat, although they dropped a parting shot of "well we had 50 on titan waiting"...

gratz on the formup I guess :)

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