November 23, 2011

Nyx Down!

Kula Kains Nyx in a known password pos not orbiting or on approach.

Unprobable Machariels make good bumping ships when retro fitted.

Their intel didn't know a thing. In fact they didn't even know what happened until I posted the mail in local after we had bridged out and left.

It was in local, in addressbook and never logged off.

[09:09:45] kula kain > yeah we logged him off over an hour ago
[09:09:52] kula kain > dunno why he was still sitting there
[09:10:00] kula kain > we could not log back in either
[09:10:07] kula kain > we peitioning

Reality was, he had no clue we were watching (as we have been griefing there for 2 weeks) no clue it was being bumped out and it took 2 min for a report of 60 -A- in 46dp to even hit intel. He figured out he was dead when we bridged out with GF and I posted the mail.

Good news is... Kula Kain's contract was big enough to buy him another Nyx.

[09:19:35] kula kain > no i know vlade gave it to themn
[09:19:39] kula kain > fucking stupid fuck
[09:19:46] kula kain > him and imperian
[09:25:09] Vlade Randal > lol
[09:25:19] Vlade Randal > i dont know your pos passwords noob
[09:26:39] LuceOscura > i bet it was w33d
[09:48:43] Vlade Randal > he thinks i gave away his pos password and disowned me

The password was: superhigh

How did I get it? I guessed


James said...

Keep up the blogging...I've been reading your blog for what seems like ever especially when traveling and can't play. - Morsus Mihi grunt

Man_Dog said...

Seems as if the DRF are bringing in more muscle, considering that they gave PL a station in Catch.

Clearly RA paid PL and now PL will blackmail WN for more isk for blue settings and they will just do the same shite NCdot did and grief -A-. The game truly has turned into a anti-blob coalition turned into the same blob it was supposed to of killed.
Hang in there -A-, till some of these so called anti-blob alliances grows some balls or dies due to the current state, the game will continue to be a big gay circle jerk.