January 22, 2012

Fight with CVA today!

Most people agree that having more than one fc in fleet all working on important pieces of the fleet composition means that you have a great chance at a successful outing in a fight.

Today we took on a CVA gang running through stain. James Kordent was running intel, I was running dictor/scout and Makalu was calling the field.

We knew when they were coming and hid next door to their outgate-cloaked dictor and waited. James fed us play by play, and their scout landed on outgate with me. Perhaps suspicious, I decloaked and bubbled him, forcing him next system (worried he might scout us).

As if on cue (or maybe they wanted my Sabre dead :) <3 CVA ) they spiked local and started warping to my gate. I MWD'd up and cloaked, and Maka brought in the fleet. Their warp was significantly longer than ours, and we both landed on the edge of my bubble. The crucial point was when instead of burning to the gate and jumping they turned around (although in all fairness we had a dictor on the other side too).

I decloaked as they started aligning off and dropped a secondary on their fleet, as did our other dictors. Logistics did a good job and we duked it out.


With lots of the strategic fighting winding down, I will hopefully be running more roams and less CTA fleets, which I hesitate to blog about due to the sensitive nature of the material.


Rixx Javix said...

Makalu, now there is a name I haven't heard in awhile. Good times and anyone that blows up CVA real good is doing something special.

As for the sensitive nature, you might want to do what I used to and that is wait a week or so and then post it once the details don't matter as much. Or take some artistic licsense with some of the more telling details.

Roman said...

Looking forward to reading about 'em.