January 29, 2012


The patch scene at CCP was looking up recently.

T3 battlecruisers, beautiful backdrops, aligned stargates and many other small fixes that had players saying "well they finally got it right".

Then last week CCP bent us over and took our money yet again.

Currently I can't take a fleet roaming without losing 1-2 people each gate due to server-side issues that cause your client to crash.

From what I've heard its a handoff error of sorts-possibly due to time dilation. Combined with glitches of all sorts including the covert bridge glitch (if you covert bridge the game thinks your bridge is up eternally until you clear your damn cache).

All these issues have made this the worst patch since Dominion hands down. Currently -A- is running tengu fleets, which means we are absorbing 1-2 bill in lost tengus during a fight simply due to disconnections.

I don't know what the hell is going on in Iceland but I would love isk, some free ships and maybe some game time for all the bullshit we are putting up with currently.

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Sard Caid said...

Sounds like a decent way to nerf T3 fleets.