January 29, 2012

Curb Stomped

The last day and half has seen RA get pounded several times.

first was by Nulli and -A-, which saws some carriers die (and some get out). I FC'd this at 4:30am... but managed to get up in time to run a fleet with Maka.

This fleet saw Controlled Chaos embarassed-and RA embarassed even more. Fight started in 46dp on a jump in by -A- and ROL into RA and WTF waiting.

A few tengus died on jump in-but once we got at range.... the rape began. Eventually RA bailed and WTF quickly followed suit.

The fight continued in 77s-where RA desperately dropped titans and supers to try and compensate for their piss poor performance. Eventually WTF figured out what the hell was going on and undocked from 46dp and jumped into 77s to join the fight.

None of that mattered. In fact we concentraded fire on RA because Controlled Chaos was shambles-they had terrible back up target callers and Fuufa was constantly dead (he was killed 5 times). Most other RA pets re shipped at least 3 times.

Eventually the selective targeting of RA paid off-RA bailed first-after getting their supers off field, leaving Controlled Chaos and other pets to fend for themselves.

This video of both 46dp and 77s is brought to you by Nashau-many thanks. And dub-step is awesome-don't hate.

(notice the titans repeatedly trying to shoot the tengus-and missing)

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