March 6, 2012

Round Table Discussion & C-J

Doink put on the show


huge fight in C-J (which I missed)

So early on before the fight actually started, some random RA guy started yelling at me in local.

The usual insults about me, my terrible corp, my terrible alliance and la di da.

My response was simply "stfu stupid noob, RA doesn't even have an OP for the defense of their capitol"

His response?

"Russians are sleeping"

I can tell you that -a- & CO russians were not sleeping. For this fight, -A- wanted it more. You can stretch that for a few weeks now, but tonight we saw it more than ever.

GFs all around, props to Shadoo and PL for trying something new, Goons for jumping a long ways to die in a fire in a massive fight.

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