March 27, 2012

We Love Yulai Federation

[20:46:28] Asbjrn > nice coincidence that somone turned of cyno jam in 1-1 today and this just happened to happen?? thoughts
[20:46:49] cavalier7 > bastards!?
[20:46:50] Codo Yagari > Codo is a spy?
[20:46:54] Tiny'tux > What happend?
[20:47:02] Tiny'tux > Codo is always a spai
[20:47:06] Codo Yagari > \o/
[20:47:13] Cosmo Cookie > guys, it's a serious matter
[20:47:16] Cosmo Cookie > no kiddy fun here

[20:56:22] juifferson > 1-1 remote armor  need more oneiros guardian
[20:56:55] Codo Yagari > Please join  1-1 remote armor with Guardian or Oneiros, we need to rep the cyno jammer in 1-1
[21:00:00] Codo Yagari > AAA came, AAA saw, AAA griefed
[21:00:49] Jaxiar > Any reason theyve been doing this all day?
[21:00:55] Jaxiar > just for fun, practice.. ?
[21:00:58] T'aun > got my carrier in zt-
[21:01:04] Tiny'tux > Fun I should imagine
[21:01:21] JerleShannara > [20:29:22] Hurley > we are not going to do anything serious we are just playing around
[21:01:27] JerleShannara > [20:29:32] Hurley > you have to understand we have been raping the DRF for 3 months
[21:01:49] JerleShannara > thats from 1-1 local
[21:01:58] Tiny'tux > Is DRF collapsing or not?
[21:01:58] Codo Yagari > Its easy. Piracy leads to lack of proper life values. Lack of proper life values lead to boredom, boredom leads to agressiveness, voila we have AAA

[21:02:21] juifferson > 1-1 remote armor  no body want help for remote cynojammer in  1-1I53 Solar System ?
[21:02:24] JerleShannara > lol nice saying there codo
[21:02:47] Jaxiar > Them "raping" DRF for 3 months has what to do invading our space in superior numbers with extremely superior force? Sorry but I just dont see the connection lol :P
[21:02:51] Codo Yagari > theyre just a bunch of improperly raised kids. ITs sad
[21:03:21] Tiny'tux > They are just pissing around. They are essentially our unruley neighbour....
[21:03:56] Tiny'tux > It's a shame I am sure if they were more focused they wouldn't be such intense fail....
[21:04:01] Jaxiar > I know that and its cool, but its been going on for hours lol, SC hotdrops in the afternoon and titans in the evening
[21:04:03] Codo Yagari > its like the bully at school. exactly the same thing. If they can ruin something for you they will, because it makes them happy. If youre sad, theyre glad. And vice versa
[21:04:12] Deathwish Drang > wish i was rich enuf to piss around in a titan :)
[21:04:13] Codo Yagari > its trademark of chaos and evil actually ^^
[21:05:01] JerleShannara > yeah we are in chaos and they are just plain evil lol

They offlined their jammer in their home carebear system and we saw the cyno on map-so we went to check it out.

With 1 minute left onlining we dropped some shinies to incap it for fun. Code is bitter because he is sitting in a Guardian repping the cyno jammer.

Armor Repping Drake


Kalaratiri said...

Codo Yogari is frankly amazing to talk to. He genuinly believes that people who are not NRDS are morally bankrupt, and are all cruel heartless bastards. Its hilarious

Alezka said...

LOL, codo is a heretic of eve, and a dying breed, he can not see past his own lurking shadow.

We wish to collect all his tears, so keep these posts coming, thoughts ?

Alezka said...

Lol, codo is a dead breed who thinks nothing past his shadow is as intellectual and sophisticated as he

Codo said...

Haha, thankyou for the admiration Kalaratiri. Yes, I do believe that people who do not follow NRDS are morally bankrupt, and are all cruel heartless bastards (at least when they play EVE). BUT, here is the good thing, I also believe they can change! : )

Also, I wasn't at all bitter sitting there repping in my Guardian, but feeling quite content actually. ^^