October 6, 2010


As many of the other bloggers on the blog pak have stated... I first learned of the blog pak through the Capsuleer program for iPhone.

Without Capsuleer I would never have started writing about the Eve experience. I also would be much more lost as to my skill que and market playing.

The fact that CCP is letting Capsuleer go is... not too intelligent. "Mobile experience" hmmm....

Then again, I am never astounded at CCP's lack of foresight these days. This latest expansion is a perfect example... with not one but 2 emergency patches!

I lost quite a few solo kills in my Sabre due to the new patch blowing ass and not being able to decloak, bubble and approach like I used to. Instead my grouping of buttons would keep coming up...


So, there are some petitions and stuff going on, although my confidence in the power of petition is pretty weak. But maybe someone with a half brain that can actually make decisions at CCP would open their eyes and see what every business likes to see.




A successful mobile platform, whether free to the player or not, is an opportunity for sponsorships, advertisements, etc. Maybe a one time fee? Monthly fee would be a bit steep... but you would still have some people bite on it. Equilibrium would probably be a one time download fee. iPhone OS, Android, maybe even BBY or Windows Mobile. It would be so pro...

But instead CCP is being... CCP. It will probably take some time of 20/20 hindsight for them to pull their collective head out of the giant ass its in.

That is all.


Kellirku said...

It it trully another sad day in the life of CCP I found this blog and many others like it through Capsuleer and hope that there is still time for someone to see sence.

Keep up the great work

Mat Westhorpe said...

I don't think CCP are entirely to blame in this case. After all, it wasn't CCP that made the decision to withdraw Capsuleer.