October 26, 2010

Bubble Art

From Easley's Blog


Roman said...

I am still reading! Never used Capsuleer though.
Spent the last few weeks catching up from the very beginning of your blog to now. Fantastic reads. Your's is my favorite blog by far. Your writing style makes it very easy to follow on your roams, etc. You've taught me a whole lot about 0.0 small gang and fleet tactics.
I will continue to read until you stop blogging.
And yes, please continue to give proper ship fits, tactics lessons and reasoning for your decisions.

P.S. Especially enjoyed when you took down Garst Tyrell of No Mercy earlier in the year!
Had some run-in's with him and his corp down in Lower Derelik.


Marnem said...

Been reading for a while on Capsuleer and it's demise has led me to actually commenting! Shame it's on a giant bubble penis...

I hope other corps will create even larger e-peens so as not to be outdone by MVN. That ones what, 100km long? Pfft.