November 2, 2010

A Weekend of Fun

Logged on way late after staying up till DT with Dezzy and Sabre6 on Sunday night. Day off from work meant homework + EVE.

First ran some logistics. Brought some ships down to Delve to sell :)
We will be bringing general membership down later this month (possibly). I need all of you to become pro in the area and be able to lead gangs when they do.

WI was hot in 0-N, with supers and other ships. Never did figure out what was going on. We scouted L-T gate, found it was clear and gtfo'd. Headed towards P-2. Camped in B-9 (next door to P-2), killed some random ships (Taranis, shuttles, etc).

A neut gang (with blue elements funny enough) was reported in F-N (thanks Null for being pro eyes). We had 2x Falcon at this point, so even with our small numbers I felt good. Arazu jumped into us, I was the only non cloaky ship (Vaga). I started locking... he locked back and aggressed. I was pointed... but not scrammed! Kiting him at 20 I rained down hellfire while Falcon decloaked for jams and Arazu kept him pointed. Sabre and I dropped him dead while his gang started jumping in. I burned off while Zealot and Phantasm jumped in. It was at this point we figured out half their gang was blue. Had I known earlier I would have dropped the Zealot ASAP (while he would have been jammed) and then killed the Phantasm. But... better safe than sorry and we watched them for a minute before deciding to engage. Unfortunately, they had all reapproached and were humping the gate, and they jumped out.

A red gang of random NC composition came into local shortly after and trolled local for 20 minutes before shooting our bubbles and leaving. With about 20 ships, from Brutix to Drake to Dominix and everything inbetween (with one scimi) I decided to just let them chestbeat. To honestly believe we would engage with 4 recons and a Vaga is funny.

We moved back to L-T and encountered another hostile gang who smacked us in local for not fighting. These guys had about 35-40. TEST alliance is worse than Goons. Goons have original material and make me laugh in local. Test just ctrl-c and ctrl-vs random gibberish. Like Goons in potty training.

They jumped into X-7, and a Sabre I had been watching on the 0-N gate was still sitting there. I had eyes next door in O-N and it was visibly clear.


I warped down from my 400 off spot of the 0-N gate and hit MWD/approach. I had gang landing around me, with PG's triple web "Cloaky Loki". Bumped the shit out of the Sabre, who was either afk set on approach or just not smart. He allowed himself to be bumped 20km off gate and then webbed and scrammed. Sabre = tin can and he popped. Anticipating a bump in local as his buddies would come save him... nothing. We looted and off to low sec we went. Apparently that gang actually did start chasing us, but they were just a little late.
We then made a low sec run up to Nonni.
We caught a Drake in Aunenen. He jumped into us from the high sec island system and just died. Didn't even try to reapproach. TEST wins again...

We rolled back towards null sec, me scouting when Hom3 reported an Onyx on the out gate jumping with him. He tried to tackle on other side and missed. I was one ahead, so I reapproached gate. I had no MWD (low sec Drake) so I was pretty slow and he jumped in while I was 10km off... so I was nervous. He held session timer, however, and Titus jumped in in a Cynabal which sealed the deal.

Finally he broke cloak and yup, he reapproached. I held the rest of gang on the other side. 1st mistake... he was opposite me on the gate so far as spawning distance goes. Had he A. Burned off or B. Just warped, he would have had a chance to live (especially if he warped to station).

Yet, he jumped back through and bam, tackled by our Onyx. I had gang hold fire as he reapproached. This allowed whole gang except Onyx to jump in with him. This time we got a small bump and heavy fire on him... but he made it back, albeit with almost no shield.

Time to think...

Our Onyx was by itself. Bad guy was holding cloak. Do I keep gang this side or jump them in...?

Based on his previous actions I chose to keep gang on this side, crossed my fingers. Sure enough, he broke cloak and didn't burn away.

Instead he aggressed!

Jumped whole gang in, he wasn't even reapproaching. He died.

That was his 3rd mistake. Had he burned off gate, he may have escaped our Onyx. Not an assured thing, but a good chance thing.
Instead he died.

We moved back to null sec halfway there the server crashed. We were pretty pissed, as no one was safe and we had no warning.

Sure enough, server comes back up. EC- is dead, Torrinos is dead. Decide to camp Torrinos Ec- gate. Had a Myrmidon jump in, but no webs available and he made it back to gate. Caught a hauler hauling a crap ton of T1 Loot... and then made it to safe spots in time for the early down time.

CCP fail for making us lose valuable hunting time.

That is all.

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