November 2, 2010

Me and DOOM corp.

Apparently my post a week or so ago upset people in DOOM.

Now, many of those people can kiss my ass, ass I don't know you and don't care what you have to say.

However, there are some friends in that corp that I do respect/admire and miss flying with.

Soho Torres, skilled pilot pro girly screamer and lover of all things Dramiel. Haven't seen him much.

Vince, despite his trolling (which only idiots in alliance respond too). Never failed to make me laugh.

Wicked, whos giggles I miss. Local chat just doesn't compare.

Quesa, who is and always will be an ass but cool none the less.

Glitterbomb. A never ending fountain of emo rage. It was better when we trolled together.

No, this isn't back pedaling. You guys still fly the same shit every day and as a result you're good at it. You only have top end pilots, as you kick anyone less than excellent as a result you don't bring more than 40 to a fight. Props for that, but even had to form to bring numbers to the game. Part of being a space holding alliance is that we have all aspects of EVE, from PVP to carebear. /me shrugs. To each their own.

DOOM has set up shop in Fountain Core and is farming the residents endlessly. Our alliance continues to send shield bc gangs against them and takes losses every time in the USTZ. I don't even bother trying to lead those gangs anymore. Until I'm allowed to lead snipe hac gangs against them, I don't feel its worth it. Even if I can get the alliance into snipe hacs, the Fountain residents don't usually fly them, don't understand the tactics and don't have the skill training done necessary to fly them effectively (a generalization with some exceptions I'm sure).

Sunday was a notable example, as MVN (Psyco Groupie) was asked to lead a last minute gang to help BLAST. Scimi/Shield BC was called for, yet I saw all kinds of random stuff from the Fountain residents. He asked me to lead the actual fleet engagement, which I had reservations about given the circumstances. But I burned down from Pure Blind to take over gang.

A different FC, however, was moving the fleet from staging system in Y-2. I had eyes in YZ-LQL and saw the formup of Saw them plant dictors on the 75FA gate. Saw their prober in position. Saw their ceptors making snipe points.

The other FC, however, didn't hand off gang. He jumped it into YZ-LQL. I yelled on channel commander "I would reapproach right now".

His response?

"I disagree" and he instructed fleet to align towards Serp Prime (where the station was that was coming out of reinforcement".

Snipe HACS warped in at range, fleet was bubbled and we held our alignment for almost 2 minutes until fleet "cleared the hostile bubbles"

When the order to warp off was given I counted 13 wrecks on field. With about 150 in fleet, we lost 7.5% of our capability before hitting target system. We didn't kill anything either.

"We just lost 13 guys on gate, without a kill. Horrible ration" I said. His response? "I don't care about k/d ratio"

Well maybe we should. Not necessarily for "statistics"... but you just lost almost 10% of your firepower for no reason.

Had we reapproached gate, they would have warped in, giving away their postion. Maybe shoot the dictor and deaggress, jumping when aggro was up (thats a big maybe). Force them to jump into us. I know they would, with their SNIPE hac fits they have decent buffer and can burn out of range rather quickly. Rather than 13 deaths 0 kills it would be a bit more even.

I was pretty emo at this point. I had burned 20jumps to take fleet, and was kicked out by somebody I'de never heard of. He basically told me to screw off on channel commander and it just wasn't smart.


Fleet hit Serp Prime and started hitting station. I finally got in after the DOOM gang, and provided a warp out (I was asked to).

Then I was asked to provide warp ins... I told him to make up his mind. I was in a probing Rapier, so I got a couple warp ins on the hostile gang, but as I have explained time and time again...

a warp in on a snipe hac gang is good for 10 seconds, tops.

A Goonswarm fleet joined the fight, putting nails into the coffin of our fleet. We managed to pop lots of tackle on the DOOM gang, but the Goons had that covered when they arrived. I later asked where Goons came from and why there were no reports until they were on top of us... never did figure that out.

After HEAVY losses... I "suggested" over cc that we gtfo. "I agree" was the response. Well gee whiz, thats a first.

I also suggested that we fleet warp to gate, as spies were an assurity on comms. The FC had been fleet warping all day, I figured it would be a shoe in. I personally disagree with fleet warps... for scouts in fleet (dual boxing) it can screw you. But in this case it worked, and was late getting to the gate.

We made it to J-R jumpbridge with only a few slow people getting caught. Vince's Broadsword died on the jump bridge POS.

All in all, a pretty one sided fight. IT kb doesn't really show it, as Blast losses were excessively high. I always right realistically on this blog, whether its good or bad. In this case, it was bad. At least long range BC would have had a chance to make a few kills... but short range with mixed other crap.... I mean I saw a damn Domi (he warped to me at 0 like a noob) and sure enough, it was blue. Unbelievable.

Alliance considers me a "loose cannon" of sorts. I don't hesitate to speak my mind (which gets me into trouble) and I think psychologically. This is against the mentality of many of the old guard, who find change a very hard thing. Perhaps I could be more tactful when being confronted in FC channels... but it often feels like a caste system... USTZ and -MVN- (-MVN- not being an old BOB corp) means we start with a handicap in many scenarios. Given our top tier performance (especially relative to other corp's current performance) it seems a bit odd. -MVN- in the past 6 months has become a pretty mean pvp machine. Given, we still have an indy wing... but with excessive deadweight kicked and performance evaluations ongoing... yeah.

So being challenged on every call I make, from people who aren't in fleet over even on comms.. frustrating. We recently promoted Hom3 to co-director of PVP, due to his cap fleet experience and his soothing relationship with alliance. Hopefully that will help. :)

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Being a loose cannon and a gadfly has been the tradition in -MVN- ever since I started FCing. You've reached the same conclusions I did long ago regarding large alliance group-think, and you're making a stir in your own way.

Men like you and I just don't see the point of pretending we don't see huge problems around us in order to get along with every single buffoon in a position of "power" in our little online spaceship game. I don't apologize for that and neither should you.

What bothers me is that -MVN- sacrifices quite a bit in the way of target selection and convenience of PvP by being a part of this alliance. Speaking honestly, the pilots in NCdot are more like our core players (and more like the two of us) than the typical IT member.

That's why it's so frustrating to have to fight against people we like and identify, on the side of a group that won't or can't play on their level or approve the proper fittings to attempt to do so.

At least we're growing into the role as active U.S. tz leaders and Home should be able to expand that even further. Perhaps we can even go so far as to post U.S. timezone ship fits and fly completely different gang styles than our prime-time gangs.

Titus Loken said...

^^ This, ET has hit the nail on the head.

Anyway, good blog about a bad incident. I am glad I bailed out before you left to get to the starting system. I hate people trying to take control, especially when they have little or no idea about the situation or how to deal with it.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering wtf was going on and who that FC was. I was flying a Scimi and ships were popping before I could get a lock, much less reps going. Seemed like we were always in the wrong place at the wrong time, right down to getting bumped around while hiding in the JB pos. Made me have flashbacks to being a noob in BRUCE:(

Soulxlight said...

I like your blog and have been reading it like crazy since discovering it. I don't have as much experience as you in 0.0 and I suck at FCing because of my natural personality but I was a pirate for awhile and pirating in a small core group of people develop your individual skills. I wish IT would require more from the players than they do. I like this alliance and hope it develops more but we seriously need to turn over a new leaf. Our tactics are stuck in a groove and that isn't a good thing in Eve. It's depressing really.