November 8, 2010


I have lost two Vagabonds the past week... not too happy.

I may just run with hollowed out Canes for the time being. Almost as fast, slightly better buffer slightly worse resists, comparable damage and 2x Medium neuts instead of one.

The first I lost to a Black Ops hot drop. Camping in Pure Blind I noticed a Rapier decloak 30 off of me. Suspicious, but with eyes in the next door system and a 40 AU warp to the other gates I decided to go for it. When he aggressed first, however, warning bells went off.

I had him in very low shield when local bumped. Time to get out!

Except they were all on field, and I sighed as my Vagabond, immobilized by 3 Rapiers and jammed by 2 Falcons died to one volley of torps from about a dozen bombers.

The second was on Saturday. Easley and I were roaming around Deklein, when I decided to warp straight to an out bound gate with 30 or so TEST in local. Perhaps a bit cocky/confident after just raping Goons and TEST face the past 3 systems, including a Stabber Fleet Issue I burned out my guns on.

So when I landed in a catch bubble put up by a HIC amongst 4-5 bombers and a few assault frigs... I couldn't even instapop any of them before I died.

So, I think for the next little roam I will just bring a Hurricane... hurts less when you die.

Oh, and check out this Falcon we killed. Wafer had pro bubble and I had pro decloak. Our Falcon kept him jammed.. wasn't sure why he didn't get any of his own jams off. We also wondered how he was living for so freaking long. When he died we check out his fit and found this

Whelp :)

That is all.

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