November 22, 2010

Saturday Night's Fight in 68FT

Hopped on EVE Saturday night. Roads were terribad due to snow, so I figured I would stay inside for the evening.

Joined comms and found an active gang in 68FT- Burned from 5-C to 49- and waited for a travel fleet which "would be there shortly"

45 minutes later the travel fleet arrived. The FC couldn't find the equilibrium between getting reinforcements to the front and grabbing those last few stragglers and so I sat, next to a titan that would bridge me to the front.

When travel fleet arrived it was told "no titan available, manually jump 26 jumps to 68FT".


So we rolled onwards, and held 1 out from destination. After a couple minutes of deliberation, we jumped into 68FT.

Took me 5 minutes to load system, once I did local was at 750 or so. Fighting on station was horribly laggy, and being in a Rapier I went back to our in gate to try and snag traffic.

I ended up killing one (1) Manticore from Dirt Nap Squad. Manually cycling guns it took about 5 minutes to kill him. That was my reward for 2 hours of Eve time. Needless to say I logged off shortly after and played some CoD Black Ops.

Not much of an action report, but to be honest its been a boring Fountain Campaign.

On a bright note, my supercarrier is on the way :-)

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