October 10, 2010

A Decisive Engagement

Last night was pretty sweet.

I can't go into huge detail on the prep, but the synopsis is as follows:

Convo'd by someone as soon as I logged on. I had just slept for 8 hours (sick) and wasn't really in the mood to do anything, but there were reports of LAA Alliance capitals on a CVA pos.

CVA wanted help, and were willing to help us, help them.


Got more info, and arranged some stuff with CVA leadership while getting a fleet up. We formed up capitals and support.

Looked as if the LAA caps would leave any moment... so we bridged in 40 support inititally, using a CVA cyno. All the LAA caps were warping, but two were caught by CVA in bubbles.

My idea was to keep LAA interested and to "show our hand".

What happened was just funny.

We killed their two carriers.

As the second carrier was dying, the LAA support fleet numbering 60ish landed on the POS. I told fleet to warp out towards sun, we lost one Phobos and one Scimitar.

We safed in system as second half of the fleet finished forming. After 10 min or so, LAA got cocky,

They brought in more caps.

We had cyno set up... and warped the 40 I had, along with another 40 bridging in. We kept caps on standby, due to the number of enemy support in local. And after all was said and done... we didn't need caps at all. :)

CVA bubbled all the caps, we started the fight. I was sucking at target calling, as I was in a nano cane trying to sort macro movements.

Hom3grown took over and executed it perfectly. We engaged their subcaps whilst holding their caps down.

It was a massacre. We lost 2 more ships. One was a Cane that we killed, overview glitch showed him as neut. Second was some idiot who lost a Manticore to one of the enemy carrier's smartbombs.

We killed approximately 83 of their ships. Including 7 carriers and a dread. A second dread self destructed before we could knock him down.

Battle report here.

Due to the smartbombs the "sides" of the battle report are a bit messed.

Hom3 was awesome at the target calling, and I arranged the chess pieces to make it happen. a one-two punch.

Lots of people would say IT is full of carebears etc. Yes, there are many carebears. But there are quite a few killers in the alliance, and MVN is unorthodox and good at its job.

I got quite a bit of flack from other alliance leadership afterwards, because they didn't fully understand the situation and I didn't have time to spoon feed them details as events were unfolding. But, we had things under control (MVN leaders, scouts, etc) and it went EXTREMELY well.

Interesting to work with CVA, even if it was a temporary situation. Thanks for the kills.

That is all.


VonBargenJL said...

TLDR; you hot dropped a fleet already engaging 2 other fleets and a POS. epic 'skillz' worthy of goonswarm praise. i used to want to join BoB too.

Chelsea Greenwald said...

I was there on the LAA side, lost my ship to that epic smackdown. VERY well executed by IT and CVA. Was one hell of a fight.

Anonymous said...

It's worth noting that we had equal numbers and took almost no losses, despite the fact that the target had 16 capitals on field (of which 10 actually died)and we were purely sub-caps.

86 kills for 4 losses.

Cap kills were:
8 Carriers Killed
1 Dread Killed
1 Dread Self-destructed
1 Dread logged off successfully but will re-appear at armed CVA pos (might still die).

My post on the fight is here: http://couldhavetakenitsolo.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/it-surprise-visit-to-providence/

Includes some screen shots and more of a play-by-play.

Unknown said...


You made the news bro.


Perseus Kallistratos said...


U mad?

I know the 8 CVA hiding in their POS were tough...

that 40 man Agony Training Fleet (which was annihilated within 2 minutes) was even harder, right?