December 2, 2010

1 Day 2 Losses

Couple days ago I took a snipe HAC gang out heading north. I jump out of Fountain we snagged a Fatal Ascension Muninn, all by his lonesome self. Heading North, I received intel that Wildly Innapropriate had a 50 man hac gang incoming. Given our numbers of 25 (including dictors/tacklers) I figured it would be a bad idea to engage.

Behind us was a smaller PL gang made up of mainly light stuff. We formed up at snipe position off the gate they would come in through, and watched as their scout bumped local in a Dramiel. He waited session timer and reapproached, but mis-timed his jump and bounced way off the gate. Within a couple seconds the Dramiel popped. As I was cloaked I didn't get to whore on the mail :-(

Dramiel pilot wasn't happy, as local chat lit up. But we had no time to chat. PL had turned around and was burning away, and WI was very close to catching us. We started burning on the tails of PL, local bumping behind us.

I had dictor leave FU bubbles behing for several jumps until we got clear. Instead of Pure Blind we headed to Syndicate. No targets to be found, until I jumped into FD-...

I entered FD- local with snipe hac gang 1j behind. 11 neuts, scan showed clear. I broke cloak and started aligning off gate with the intention to drop probes (usually there is a gate camp in that system, with off gate warp points). As soon as I dropped cloak all hell broke loose...

3x Sabre decloaked as well as a bomber and a Falcon. I immediately started reapproach, but was webbed by at least 4 webs. Falcon got a jam cycle off immediately. I called gang into next door system; they were landing when I popped.

Whelp... I had been slapped in the face by the infamous Zhoul. The Sabres dealt the majority of the damage, and being a probe fit Rapier I didn't have much in the way of DPS (Rapiers usually don't anyways). Not that it would have mattered, I was permajammed until I died. Pro camp and it got me.

I had King Kurt FC the fleet home, as I was in a fresh clone in 5-C. I went out with Easley on a Vaga + Rupture roam (I have a new found love for the ruppy). For some odd reason, my MWD was bugged. I noticed it in our first fight in Curse. I needed to reapproach to get back into a system I had left to help Easley. I hit MWD and got the "due to external bla bla bla you cannot MWD" message, the one that usually means you're scrammed. Except I was the only person in local and wasn't scrammed. This continued to be an issue, and about 15 min later it killed me.

I jumped into a gate camp, with a ceptor on gate. The rest of his gang was camping a drag bubble 50km off the gate. I saw why when an Initiative bomber landed in the bubble and the pounced on it. Figuring this was a good time to try and make it back in my 1600mm plated triple trimarked Rupture of pwn... I broke cloak and spanked MWD.

Except the MWD spat out that error message again and my glorious reapproach turned into a crawl back to gate.

All was well until that lone ceptor on gate noticed and tackled me. I held onto hope as his point was not followed up by a web.

I continued crawling to gate... but my hopes were dashed when DPS from the bubble campers started impacting. But... my tank was holding!

Then I saw the webs ensnare my ship... and my crawl turned into a really slow crawl. 5km off the gate I died.

Seems to be my theme lately, killed on reapproach. I filed a petition, not that the Rupture was that expensive. It was more the fact that CCP failed and I now have a lossmail I shouldn't. Playing with a Russian Goonswarm gang, cynabal and Maelstrom that evening with Easley and a gate camp that shouldn't have gotten me got me. Damn the new patch and its fail.

Ideally I would have reapproached and jumped through, the campers all agressed except for one lone ceptor that had jumped through in case I made it. That ceptor would have died or warped off.

Oh well.

Until next time...

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