December 7, 2010


Got home from work and saw we had action brewing. We had a fleet up and running in GE-, sandwhiched between NCdot in V-3 and a Drake Army by -A- and friends.

NCdot jumped in from V-3 as we were burning off gate, we fought. -A- warped around as did NCDot. It was a good fight, and our heavy Maelstrom count really did a number on both enemy fleets.

NCdot bailed out the back door route, burning through 5-N in a giant loop. We got fleet on titan and plan was to jump to cloaky hic w/cyno but his client failed hard. We ended up bridging to an INIT cyno, catching NCdot by surprise. By last count 2 of their BS made it out alive by logoffski's.

Important Internet Spaceship League was reported en route with 50ish bs heavy as we probed down the last couple of NCdot in EX6. We formed up in GE- on the V-3 gate, and burned gang out to 70 off gate and waited. Dictors were cloaked and waiting below and above the in gate.

IISL entered V-3 and warped GE-. We waited for a couple minutes as they deliberated, and then they jumped in. We fought for several minutes, Cflux calling targets. Aligning  We counted about 26 of their wrecks on gate as their remnants warped out. They were bouncing safes in GE-, so I sent scouts to all gates.

They were reported landing YHN- a couple minutes later. As luck would have it I was in warp to that gate and jumped with most of their leftovers. Bubbled up,and I died, but our gang jumped in and was able to kill more of them, about 10, that got caught in the bubble.

Last count had the remaing 15-20 IISL hiding in a -A- pos in YHN. We held in system for the last 5 minutes of the TCU onlining, and stood fleet down after that.

I took a snipe hac gang out at that point, found a few targets, and burned home when TEST showed up. Their scout spotted us returning, so the only kill we managed was him  (Stabber). The rest ran back home.

It was a great night, we took very few losses and inflicted heavy casualties.

Oh, and it was fun.

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