December 6, 2010

Sunday = Football & EVE

Yesterday was half assed camping in my Sabre combined with some late night fleet action.

We hit a -A- TCU in YHN, I didn't FC as I hate no brainer structure shooting. I did camp the V-3 gate in GE-, however, and snagged cov op kill after cov op kill coming in. Let me tell you, those Covert Ops Cloaks add up quite nicely.

After the fleet action was over, I decided to take a roam out for a little while. We found a True Reign gang, but they dissapeared before we get to them (found out later they went to Curse, but poor scouting couldn't find them). Important Internet Spaceships brought a gang, and we managed to kill a few of them and the rest dissapeared.

We moved into Providence, grabbed a Deimos in X-3... but missed the Tengu Curse and Cynabal on gate. Curse was actually tackled (scrammed) but neuted his only tackler and GTFO'd. My cloaky eyes I had left behind watched the Important Internet Spaceship League gang log back in... smart but I still laughed.

We rolled back to GE- and I was about to stand down when INIT convo'd me for help, as -A- had a 25ish man gang next door of LR BS and BC hitting their TCU. -A- had also onlined their own TCU.

We went in together scattering -A-, and started hitting their TCU. No kills, as INIT had one bubbler and not fast tacklers so the enemy just warped off field. -A- formed more numbers, and due to our horrible turnout in Aussie primetime (often weak, as its between US and EU prime), we weren't able to hold the field. INIT ended up getting hit hard on the -A- warp in (after they bolstered their numbers considerably), we didn't lose anyone but didn't kill anything either. No tacklers or bubbles to keep them on field. I called it after deliberating with the INIT FC.

This Sabre has lasted me 2 days... I think thats a new record.

Oh, and I used Hail yesterday for the first time on a Harbinger we found running the HED- GE- pipe. My Cane was pummeling him for 500-600 a volley... which isn't bad at all. Cheaper than Republic Phased Plasma... I was happy.

That is all.

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