August 20, 2010

Hot Drops Gate Camps and Roams

The past few days have seen quite a bit of action. Unfortunately for me, I have been on vacation... which leaves me with a tethered iPhone and a laptop. This internet connection is decent... but leaves me with unexpected disconnects and lag... costing me a Dramiel this morning.

So, to pick up where I left off... On the 18th, we hot dropped a pos repping operation in Great Wildlands. R-ESG0. Battle report here. Basically, we popped a cyno right in the middle of their repping operation and tackled what we could. We had one Thanatos get away in low armor.. but the two Nids got popped and several battleships and other support went down. Eventually they got smart and got inside the POS shields as we reinforced it. After POS was reinforced, caps jumped out and we went home.

A couple days ago we relocated our PVP wing to Curse for pew pew. So far its been a mixed experience. I just started fly Sabres and have lost 2 in the last 4 days... not a great record. First one was suicide bubbling for a gang jumping into a gate camp... except the gay was recons and bombers and got owned. I couldn't figure out why they thought they could take that fight. Second was lack of situational awareness. I got a shuttle in a drag bubble in RMOC-, bubbled and killed. A Rupture that had been trying to kill me for the past hour, however, warped in on me at the same time and this time he fit a scram instead of a normal point. Without my MWD and stuck in my own bubble my Sabre went kaboom.

Then there was the gang that failed...

Last night I took a shield bc gang out with Scimmies. We went around Curse and into Catch. In GE- I warped to station with Jack Rockwell and killed a Manticore undocking. For some reason he didn't wait session timer and dock. He yellow boxed me, so I killed him with my Dramiel. I brought gang in, and they popped a Crow who moved early on undock. Other than that... pretty tame. we went through En Garde's constellation without a peep... and started towards Jamunda when I noticed local spiking in ZXIC-. I was in my Dramiel... and 20/20 hindsight says that with larger gangs I should be in cloaky with gang (following my own advice).

Anyways, about 10 En Garde are in local, appearing all around the gate. I called dictors in and had them initiate warp to the gate with instructions to bubble jump. I get put into low armor with a one volley from one of the Zealots and jump through in low armor.

Thats when I saw the rest of their gang, another 8 in F4R2. Still doable, but a tougher fight. With logistics I figure, hey, we can do this. Especially with some of those guys in F4R2 shooting at me, which means they would be unable to join the fight.

"Jump jump jump, warp to F4R2 gate, someone call primaries".

I was still drawing fire from some of their gang members... and would keep doing so to keep them split. But no one responded on comms. They started landing on the En Garde gang, and I raised my voice.

"Someone call targets dammit, NOW!"

Homegrown responded immediately... called a Harbinger primary. That lasted all of 3 seconds and then "I'm dead, someone else call".

So somebody (I honestly don't know who) called targets. Problem was, they switched to a different Harbinger.

Epic Fail.

So the entire gang has to lock up a new target and start from scratch. So at this point we have wasted time while someone got the balls to call targets. Then we have the idiocracy that is calling a new primary when the first isn't dead (and that Harbinger didn't die, either).

I get back in local to see a mess. The Rook that should have been primary was jamming away. A Falcon had decloaked and was not being forced off field. The battlecruisers left were sitting... not moving. This was ridiculous, because I specifically instructed the battlecruisers to be moving/orbiting. Sure, its not a huge difference, but it does help.

As for the Scimitars? Well, apparently one DC'D. He failed to speak up, until he logged back in on the gate and died.


The other one had a cloak fitted. He was genuinely surprised that it gave him a targeting delay when we told him so.


We had even numbers. They had no logistics. Had we had Rook primary, Zealot/Muninns secondary and when Falcon decloaked instaprimary... and functioning logistics with no delay in a target callers voice... we would have won the isk war and more than likely smashed the gang.

Didn't happen.

Props to En Garde for bringing the fight. Wish it could have been better played on our part.

I took the remants of our gang back to Curse the long way around. I ran over the bad things that had just happened with the gang, hoping that they would remember the experience and not let it happen again.

On our way back we found the CEO of an ex-Gentleman's Club corp running through Curse in a Hurricane. We narrowly missed him jumping into RMOC- from Hemen... and waited for him. He left local, but not through our gate, nor did he log. Obvious was YKE4 to K-Q. So into K-Q we went, and waited on the YKE4 gate.

Instruction was for Bonecaya to bubble up in his Broadsword, and no one was to aggro in case he reapproached, which I assumed he would given we were all fast movers.

Sure enough, in comes the Hurricane. Almost instantly he breaks cloak and starts burning out. Bad call, as his Cane got 15km before scram/web slapped on and he stopped moving. He popped drones and killed a Keres of ours (not even sure what good that ship is, but hey, its only a frig), but his Hurricane melted.
Best part was that this CEO was smacking in local the day before. His corp had just hot dropped some random people with carriers and I was snooping around in my Falcon, debating on a counter drop. DarthDeaconRage, the chill guy who makes propoganda posters and signature banners is part of the same corp. So naturally I was surprised when the attempted smack in local kicks in, and me being no stranger to the local chat window, was forced to respond.

 [ 2010.08.19 04:33:33 ] Garst Tyrell > im gonna remember to keep a super on standby if I see an It cloaked off our cyno :)
[ 2010.08.19 04:33:50 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we have moar supers :)
[ 2010.08.19 04:34:02 ] Sailith > how much those missles cost?
[ 2010.08.19 04:34:07 ] DieZir > U used 2 be in fw..
[ 2010.08.19 04:34:12 ] DieZir > i remeber u..

[ 2010.08.19 04:34:53 ] Perseus Kallistratos > warping archons to gates with an IT falcon in local
[ 2010.08.19 04:34:59 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and I do have a cyno fitted :)
[ 2010.08.19 04:35:03 ] Garst Tyrell > dont think too highly of yourself no :)
[ 2010.08.19 04:35:11 ] Perseus Kallistratos > ditto
[ 2010.08.19 04:35:29 ] Garst Tyrell > im not the one smacking in local :)
[ 2010.08.19 04:35:34 ] Perseus Kallistratos > am I smacking?
[ 2010.08.19 04:35:38 ] Perseus Kallistratos > I thought I was sharing intel
[ 2010.08.19 04:35:54 ] Garst Tyrell > no youre just boring me, thank god deac isnt here or youd be having some faggy RP convo with him in local atm
[ 2010.08.19 04:35:59 ] Darinaaz Miles > I guess we didn't get the memo that all of eve should cower in fear and immediately dock if an IT dude is in local

I was laughing so hard when I was accused of faction warfare. I almost cried when DarthDeacon and I were accused of having "faggy rp conversations".

I blog. He does computer art stuff. At no time have I ever done faction warfare. Oh well. So having had that conversation the day before made killing Tyrell's unscouted Hurricane all the more fun.

Dirt Nap squad dropped us twice, and I almost threw my computer each time. The first time we knew it was his alt coming into us in an Arazu. I specifically instructed all larger ships to sit on gate at 0km and NOT to aggress. All small ships were to burn off if cyno was lit.

Guess what?

Yeah he lit cyno. All small ships got away just fine, all big ships jumped through gate... except one. I lost a Zealot who was off gate, but not very far. He died.

Then, 20 minutes later, same Arazu jumps into our gate camp in Hemen. I instruct fleet to scatter... which they do. We all come back to the gate at various off gate points. Instructions were to full speed align to station, As we figure that the Arazu will be working on a warp in.

Guess what?

Yeah he decloaked off one of my Drakes... who didn't warp and died. He blames lag. Regardless, he had a couple second window of targeting delay to get out and it didn't happen. So DNS Black grabbed another kill for no effort, and I flew off the handle. Losing a gang fight that shouldn't have been lost, losing a Zealot, and now a Drake due to carelessness. I emo logged.

Didn't last long. I logged back on 30 min later and took the Dramiel out. Found a Geddon in Utopia, pointed it, he popped Warrior IIs. I started shooting those and he pulled em. Put out EC-600s. Got one of them, but then they jammed me. He warped to Doril gate. I followed, got a point on him after he aggressed. Then my Dramiel got hung up on the gate and combined with the sluggish response time of my tethered iPhone connection... instapop went my Dramiel. Hurricane and Megathron arrived to kill said Geddon, but were too late. To add insult, Geddon got tackled by Easley and Bonecaya... but must have have been an out of corp alt for Outbreak, as they brought 2 Geddons and a Dominix to help it out, and it got out in structure, while Bone's Megathron got popped.

So.... one failure after another mounted up to the point that I am now on my way back to Delve for the next day or two. Need to make some isk to make up for the losses, and take a break from PVP to clear my head. That and I won't be home until Saturday night... and I don't want to risk any more ships on this unreliable tethering.

That is all.

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