August 9, 2010

Pirating, and anti-Pirating

Did some roaming yesterday through low sec. We snagged some fun kills, and some really dumb ones.

Easley took a couple of us out from Yong to find some targets. First was this Harbinger, who we tackled in a belt ratting. He convo'd Easley, asking for ransom... but started trying to burn out of range. Ishkur had no problem keeping him tackled but our Geddons were struggling to keep up. Figuring it was bullshit since he was running, we blew him up.

Next we found this Harbinger, sitting, afk on the high sec gate inside Rammi. Looked like he jumped Rammi and went afk. We jumped in and tackled him... and at about half armor he woke up and tried to make it back to gate. We overheated and sicked Ogres on him, and were able to pop his ship before he was able to jump high sec.

We roamed around for another 20 or so minutes before Easley found a small camp in Daran. They were camping our out gate. Easley was in an Ishkur, so as we got in position in Ami on the Daran gate, he warped to the Pananan gate and started burning off. The camp consisted of Drake, Armageddon and Gila (at this point). The Drake peeled off and gave chase, getting suckered further and further off. I wanted the Gila, however, and since Easley's kinetic resists were sky high we had him tank the Drake and tackle it 80km off gate.

The Gila started coming out to assist the Drake, and at that point I jumped myself in, holding Titus so as to not cause too much alarm. I warped to Easley, landing right on the Drake. As I was in warp the Gila reached Easley and Easley switched his scram/web combo to the Gila. We primaried the Drake, but he started burning off and I wasn't able to catch up to him in my Armageddon and Easley wasn't going to switch off the Gila, given that that kill was much more worthwhile.

Titus jumped in and joined the fight and the Gila started to go down. The Drake was burning off, but a second Drake landed on field. Neither Drake stuck around for long, which made it all the more odd when the Geddon warped out and back in right on top of us. It made sense when Easley's scram/web combo dissapeared and he hollered on comms "I'm getting neuted to hell by this Geddon, you guys have secondary points?"

"yeah" both Titus and I had it covered.

It was then that I realized my capacitor was dangerously low, as I was being neuted as well. A little puzzled, as the neuting power to cap out a battleship is pretty high, but I started injecting cap charges and cycling my guns to maintain point. As Gila started into armor I switched point to Geddon.

The Gila popped, as Titus wasn't being neuted at all and Easley cycled his cap boosters enough to keep it from burning away. Geddon was next, and he took a decent amount of time to die. Looking at his killmail, you can see why, with the 4x 1600MM Rolled Tungsten Plates. You can also see why he was neuting me so badly... a full rack of neuts in the highs. No guns, just neuts. Damn.

We offered good fights in local and moved on. I ended up logging in the first high sec system we entered to head out for fun times. Not a bad day for the life of a pirate, and that last tussle we didn't even have to GCC on since they tried to kill Easley. Anti-pirating FTW.

Easley's account:

Heading back towards Domain, we finally encountered another gang. Their composition was Drake, Gila and Armageddon. After attempting to get them to aggress me on-gate, I warped off and back to 70km where I defiantly aligned to a celestial that was slightly aligned to the gate. As I closed a few kilometers to the gate, I got the reaction I wanted: the drake was moving for me with his propulsion mod active!

Keeping my head about me, I waited for the drake to point me before doing anything hostile. As the drake went flashy, gate guns began to zap him and I finally made my move. I set a close orbit, activated my afterburner to reduce missile damage and scrambled the battle-cruiser. I launched drones and began chipping away at his shields with my blasters. Whenever he launched light drones, I would primary them immediately and he would recall them. I managed to pop 3 drones before he gave up on using them. At this stage my tank was holding easily and the drake was down to half-shields.

Then I got what I really wanted, the Gila. He had caught up to the drake and I immediately switched my tackle over to the faction cruiser. My backup was called-in at this point (2 close range BS and 1 Drake) and I only had to last a limited amount of time at this point to ensure some quality kills.

The Gila’s dps was a concern for me. Damage-boosted light drones could cause me serious harm (especially if the drake also deployed his remaining drones) and the potential missile damage was not easy to overlook.

However, this Gila made the WORST possible choices in this engagement. At less than 3km range from me, he deployed Wardens, the longest-range sentry drone with horrible tracking in close quarters. These are also kinetic-based (being Caldari) and my Gallente AF has excellent kinetic resists. That’s to say nothing of the radial velocity issues at that range with sentries firing upon an AB-fit AF.

With my gang landing, the drake was pointed and we primaried the Gila, who could not last long against our combined DPS. By this point, we were very comfortable. The Geddon who joined the fight late brought a full rack of heavy neuts, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from being tackled. There were simply too many of us and most of us had cap-injectors fit. The Drake warped off-field shortly after the Geddon went down."

That is all.

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