August 17, 2010

Super Dooper Long Roam.

Today I took control of a gang that was camping a nullsec entrance to Derelik. Lots of random ships, double and triple sensor boosted killmail whores. Told em to reship and get ready for a roam.

As we were reshipping... my alt happened upon two wartargets in local next door to our staging system. Turns out they were on the Arnola gate... I got gang on the Arnola gate in an adjacent system. Hostile was reported in Arnola... third member of their gang in a Scorpion. He jumped into another high sec system. I had two Canes jump into Arnola (since they were the best tanked ships currently in gang). Both went to the gate the Scorpion had jumped through. Since my alt was out of corp the wartargets had no idea we had them scouted. I had one Cane jump in and the other hold the gate. Sure enough, Scorpion aggressed the Cane that went through, and I had him reapproach. Second wartarget entered local... the Tempest! He warped straight to the gate my Cane was waiting at. At this point I was cloaked off the gate in a Falcon. He saw the Cane sitting there and opened up. By this time the Cane with the hostile Scorpion had reapproached and jumped back in. The Tempest was aggressed, the third neut in an Abaddon had entered local and was reported in warp to our gate, so I decloaked and jammed the Tempest.

Well at least thats the idea. But those damn dice rolls screwed me and all 4 racials and my 1 multi spec failed to jam him. This was made all the worse when he locked me up and my 10k distance from him seemed within touching distance. Yet... his point stayed on General Yurizan in his Hurricane, as did his drones. Curious, as he could have killed or forced me off field.

My second try jammed him with the Minmitar racial... and Yurizan's cries of impending death seemed to disappear. I called the gang in at this point, and in they came. Abaddon landed about the same time, and was off gate (he may have warped to the Tempest). I tried to jam up the Abaddon, but failed, so I instead focused on the Tempest. At this point the Scorpion jumped in, but he reapproached. My first try jammed him up... and he wisely stayed unaggressed and re-approached. He jumped back out and left his comrades to die. Tempest popped... but so did my Cane pilot!

"How the hell did you die!!" I yelled...

"I was pointed"

"Bullshit! I've gotten off 5 or so jam cycles on that Tempest, you should have been hammering warp!" I responded.

But now was not the time for a lecture, as we dropped the Tempest and started to work on the Abbadon... who made no efforts to reapproach. Finally he popped... in total I got off ONE jam cycle on his ass. Looking at his mail, however, and you can see why A. he didn't reapproach B. He lasted so long and C. why I couldn't jam him up.

Loot went to our downed Cane pilot, but I was happy we got two battleship kills. Would have liked the Scorpion... but 2/3 is good. Too many times FC's will go for the one kill... but with some patience and brains you can usually get a bit more.

After we finished reshipping, we left on our roam, heading to N-RAEL. We got there... nothing to kill. I was scouting in a Sabre and the closest we got to action was a Red Alliance Sacrilege who logged mid warp to the out gate. Unfortunately I wasn't there (3 gate system) and he dissapeared from scans. A few minutes later his alt shows up in local and despite a logon trap we aren't able to get him to bite. Oh, how did I know his alt was in local? It said in the guys bio "alt of thisguy".

So on we moved, heading back to Derelik so that a couple of the guys could logoff. One of the -MVN- guys was burning well ahead of the gang (I guess he really needed to get home) and reported a 3 man gang, Vaga Rapier and Heretic. They were traveling along the same pipe, heading towards us.

I had gang hold 2j out from their position when they left local with out "advance scout". I got ready to lay a trap when new neut came into local... same corp has this gang. Falcon decloaked... unexpected scout for their gang! I bubbled and burned right at his last known location before he cloaked. Sure enough, he was burning straight out of the bubble and I got him. Then he got one volleyed by a Cane in gang (who was more than likely sensor boosted to hell, despite his protests to the contrary). So, scratch one Falcon, but the rest of his gang bailed out.

Short break for the crew and we tried to bait some pirates a few jumps away... giant waste of time. Then we tried to engage some more wartargets near Rens... but due to miscommunication we lost a Gila Kill. So after wasting almost an hour on high sec shenanigans (once again, I hate high sec warfare... neutral alts for repping and eyes and all that crap) we headed to Curse.

Curse proved pretty empty, but we picked up some NEXE guys in Hemen and moved on into Catch. We went to go play with En Garde in GJO- but nobody wanted to play. So we went to GE- and caught this Typhoon jumping into us. I was scouting, jumped into Ge- in  time to see him cross jump me. I prayed that the fast movers in gang would be landing quickly enough to point him... they were. He melted insanely fast, before I could even reapproach and get on the mail. PVP fit, but with 425 IIs.

Unfortunately that was it for GE-, so we went to HED-. In SV5 there was a ship, that, looking at Battleclinic, was in a stealth bomber and had just popped a ship recently with a gang. Assuming eyes for a gang in HED-, I jumped my Drakes only into SV5... and there were 8 Drakes, a bit more than I thought but oh well. I warped them to the HED- gate as I jumped in with my Dramiel. Loaded system and...


Mixed gang on the gate at 0. I held cloak, and had Drakes hold. I ordered my two Scimmies in, anticipating a fight... but the moment the Scimmies jumped into SV5 the enemy gang started aligning.

"Jump jump Drakes in tackle what you can!" I yelled.

I had Scimmies jump on contact and as soon as the enemy gang was committed I jumped the reset of the fleet into SV5 and had them get into HED-. The warp from gate to gate in SV5 is very very short, so gang was there quickly. Most of the enemy gang managed to get away, but we scratched off a Myrm, another Myrm, Blackbird, Onyx, and 5k away from my cloaked Dramiel (from the gate jump) was a Nemesis. As soon as the shooting started I broke cloak and tackled/solo'd the Nemesis.

Please note the Nemesis killmail.... and never fly a bomber fit like that. EVER. Small nosferatu... 2x blasters... with 2x Ballistic Control units for... not sure. Combined with his double sensor boosters with point... he was fit to fight? The cherry on top was the improved cloaking device II. Don't know about you guys but I enjoy warping while cloaked while in a bomber... but whatever.

We camped HED- for a few minutes and moved into Providence. Thats when we ran into a -A- snipe HAC gang.

We danced with the -A- gang for a bit, but neither would engage. There was a couple pucker moments but I decided to bail based on the lack of intel in the area and the fact that a smart -A- fc could jump into us, take some losses but burn off rather quickly and start raining hell down on us if we were bubbled. We ended up at 0 with them on a gate a couple times, but both times they smartly jumped through and none of their guys lemming aggro'd us. Since they wouldn't play my game, I said eff it and off we burned.

Unfortunately we lost 2 Drakes and a Zealot on the warping around... all 3 which could have been avoided with better communication ("Help I'm tackled") or following orders.

We tussled with a few of the Providence locals but couldn't get anything solid... so back home we headed. I had to pack for the flight to visit home/family (I'm currently writing this from an airport) and we had been roaming for a few hours.

Gotta love the fights around Derelik though... shout out to Darthdeaconrage in his home region :) Except for the really lame pansy pirates in Ubtes who won't engage anything. And thanks to Snatch Victory, our high sec wardeccers... for the battleship kills and this Tengu we bagged yesterday. I bet he cried.

That is all.


Unknown said...

o/ *waves* from Derelik :)


Anonymous said...

get rid of that stupidly annoying backround

Georgeon said...

Perseus -

You should take one of your roams up to Cobalt Edge. There has been 100s of NC dudes pushing in on us and taking Sov at the Tenal border. Not that we suck, they just get pushed back and then call for like 2x numbers. Oh yeah and I love your Blog. Reading it has made me start to write on mine again.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Make me a new background and I will change it :)