August 27, 2010

Thanks CCP

Tonight CardKing took a roam to Providence. I was scout.

After 2 hrs of roaming with no fights or kills, we found a bs gang.

I jumped through into them, (They were at 0, aligning off), waited session timer and reapproached.

Lag (with 14 in system) didnt' allow me to A. Drop bubble B. Jump through C. Warp my pod out after dying(no bubbles were present)

I love spending 2 hrs to lose my ship and miss the fight.

My internet, you say?

Fiber optic. 30 mbps down, 10 up.

Thanks CCP, I love you to.


Anonymous said...

That really, really sucked man.

Here's the result of the fight for those who are curious:

Perseus was the only loss, and that one should never have even occurred.

We were mad the hostile Widow didn't cloak, we wanted to kill that guy the most. About 1/3 to 1/2 of the gang got away, but we pulled a win for 0 losses other than the disconnected saber.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I wrote a short blog post on the roam:

I was only there for this fight onwards.