August 6, 2010

Lots and lots of EVE Pt 2

After our little tussle with -A-, I clone jumped up to Yong with Easley Thames, Bonecaya and Agro Cathaldus.


Started off with the easy hauler kill. This one was empty, but hey... it was a warm up.

Then my cloaky alt found a Harbinger sitting in a belt... with no rats... at 0... not moving.

Yeah, I thought it too.

But we decided to snag the bait anyways. So in I went with the Onyx... except he was gone.

So I scanned for a good 20 seconds and found him at a different belt. Warped... landed... made the tackle. Harbinger just kinda sat there, local spiked but only with my guys. Harbinger aggresses me (crap damage but his neuts were annoying) and gang lands in belt. Harbinger starts dying really fast, local bumps 2 and his buddies in a Drake and Raven land on field. Drake is at range and GTFOs... Raven is in close and I switch infinipoint to him.

Harbinger dies, Raven warps.


Yeah, Raven warps. Apparently the neuts from the Harbinger capped me out and I didn't notice, so my point cycled once and dropped. Fail.

We poked around Mamet area for a good 10 minutes with no luck, so off we went to Yong. As our gang jumped Biphi, however, a Vexor landed on the Biphi gate. We were already gone, so he didn't see us in front of him and in he jumped. He held cloak for a good 15 seconds and then broke. I immediately locked him (sensor booster + 2 remote sensor boosters FTW) but held the infinipoint until his speed started to accelerate... and then BAM! he stopped dead. Easley was already burning at him and got web + scram. He was screwed at this point and with little trouble his Vexor exploded.

Killed an Itty V shortly after the Vexor popped, then we returned to Yong.

A short while after we returned, an incoming Drake jumped into us in Yong. Same trick.. let him start to warp then drop the point on him. His Drake exploded without much trouble at all, and the fit explains it all. No buffer... ratting fit.

After that Agro logged, apparently his wife needed attention or something. We couldn't figure that one out... but hey :-)

Next to come through was a Cyclone. Same story... and he died really fast. The Cyclones fit was horribad. Always, balancing between resists and buffer is very important. Even active tanks need some amount of buffer to be succesful (unless ratting). At first glance Easley and I though missioning, up until you spot the warp disruptor. Extender rigs may have helped as well.

After the Cyclone died we played around for a bit longer, Bone logged off and we were about to call it a night. A Harbinger and Hurricane were playing around in Yong, but safed up near a planet and due to no probe ships, we couldn't get them. As we were docking up, local dropped the Hurricane...

"Lost a neut... hmm, I'm going to check Biphi"

"You think he went there...? hmm... yeah Shousran and Gemodi show clear"

"Makes sense... yeah hes in here" I said as my alt entered Biphi. The Hurricane was sitting at 0km on the gate. His Harbinger buddy was still floating around Yong.

"I'm gonna bait him with my alt" I said

I warped my Onyx to Biphi gate, and broke the cloak on my alt. Started slowboating back to the gate. Immediate yellow box from the Hurricane, and after about 5 seconds yellow box turned red.

"Aggressed agressed!" I yelled.

I jumped my Onyx in... prayed for a good spawn and sure enough, I was 22km off the Cane. Immediately I spammed approach and locked up the flashy red Hurricane. He didn't burn off... which was really surprising. I figured he would go for it and call his Harbinger buddy from next door. My alt was two volleyed, but waited out her session timer (somehow) and jumped through into Yong. The Hurricane was tanking the gate guns pretty well, but couldn't leave due to the infinipoint on him. Easley jumped in with his Megathron, and it was game over. The Hurricane's buffer evaporated and boom! he was gone.

Best part? No GCC. I glanced at my laptop and noticed his Harbinger buddy was sitting at 0km on the other side of the gate... I hammered my jump button but before my aggression timer expired he warped off. Sad panda... but the Hurricane kill was worth it. Tactics FTW.

We hunted the Harbinger for 5 minutes but got bored... and close to 5am I finally went to bed.

At 9am when I woke up for work I cursed my EVE addiction. Until I drank a large amount of Mountain Dew :)

That is all.

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