February 8, 2011

The Beginning of the End is the Beginning

IT Alliance is pretty much done-as it stands today.

Most of the old school corps (regardless of actual participation) have left.

The corps still actively fighting are under no illusions that we have lost. I wish we could say we lost in glorious battle but instead I have to concede that we lost to infighting and backstabbing combined with inactive leadership.

-A- at least put up a fight for their home space-we fought for Fountain and had people bail out instead of fighting. I think X13 and Finfleet leaving was a horrible idea given their ideals and what they wanted. Had they not demanded things from RKK I would even have sided with them. I think the biggest blow was when BNC decided to bail on everyone else. The "leader" of ITs FCs up and bailed creating a new corporation. I say leader with some amount of disdain as comparisons to Bobby Atlas could be made during the final months; loggin on and chewing people out and then going inactive for a day or two before rinse repeat.

I'll never forget his last words "well mate you got what you wanted mate now you can be supreme commander". I simply responded that I never wanted nor want to run all the forces. I believe that needs to be a crossover between CEO and FC-definately not me. But we needed someone more active and more realistic, and never got it.

After telling INIT to come help us, as they are moving their assets-the person who made that decision and was in channels with our allies bails. Its funny because this story was repeated for months. Old timers in positions bailing out and no one allowed to replace them. So in one last act of snubbing, we shafted our best allies in INIT and for that I feel terrible. This, after not helping Null Secunda to defend their space in Querious aside from one fleet I led which was outmanned and outgunned with the same corps helping as every other night.

Now we have rumours of CEOs trying to sell space, etc. and I ask myself, what the hell? What happened to going down with a fight? The only people I have seen active in USTZ aside from MVN is STK, NEXE BPINC and some random EVOL members who won't join other people's gangs. SUITS was flying with us frequently up until we lost all their space due to apathy at the alliance level. Last nights gang someone said "we're missing Isabella" :( Anzac has been shooting lots of stuff in low sec and I get one sometimes two people to join fleets.

Will be interesting to see how the land rush goes.

After my last post which wasn't 100% pro-IT I got some serious flack. Easley Thames recently wrote this post on his blog http://couldhavetakenitsolo.wordpress.com/ and the forums erupted with critics and fans alike as well.

MVN will be fine-we always have different plans, but it feels pretty lame going out like this.


Anonymous said...

PK, I've flown with you regularly since joining IT. You've always had a good attitude and are an extremely competent FC.

I just hope we can fly alongside each other again in the future.

Blind Philip [SUITS]

Anonymous said...

Hey bro shit happens sometimes no matter what is done to try and take control of the shit storm. Certainly is not a reflection on you or MVN. I am sorry I did not get a chance to fly with you more in some great defense of Delve campaign...none the less I wish you the best. If your in Iceland for FF2011 look me up first beer is on me :)

Man_Dog said...

-MVN- Should join -A- as they have close to no USTZ corps/people.

GL bro fly safe.

Steve said...

Dude, come join us in Molden Heath. Rebuild wallets, have Isabella in fleets again, and have fun.


Unknown said...

"So in one last act of snubbing, we shafted our best allies in INIT and for that I feel terrible."

Don't worry about it man, we're having some great roams in Fountain. No harm done.