February 11, 2011

Moving Out

A couple days ago MVN moved out from NJU constellation in Delve. There just wasn't any point in staying. We are still in IT alliance and plan on shooting the future residents of Delve whenever the NC get around to invading.

I hear lots of splurging from NC grunts about how PL hasn't done anything and the glorious victory. I suppose its good for them, but the bottom line is IT self destructed and the process had already started before the first system (J5A) fell.

In reality the PL presence in Pure Blind was noticeable-less opposition and fewer large gangs as moving inbetween regions (even with the ridiculous JB network the NC has) hurts participation. We knew this from experience during the end of the Catch campaign when the NC had started invading Fountain.

Internal politics in IT had been very complex for quite some time-during the Catch campaign the shift of power for deployments fell more onto the CEOs rather than the actual FCs. A mistake in my opinion, and that opinion was shared by X13 and Finfleet. The reason? They had a high quantity of FCs in the alliance and this shifted the powerbase away from them and also started the confusion of where the powerbase in IT truly lay.

In real world politics we see the same kind of dischord-Washington DC vs the actual military forces on the ground. In IT it meant that the actual get er doners were no longer making a lot of the calls and this was a mistake.

X13 and Finfleet stood on one side while RKK and BNC stood on the other. Most of the USTZ corps assumed no side and instead stayed neutral. This lasted for several months up until X13/Finfleet split off from IT. During those few months X13 and Finfleet refused to deploy to help Fountain, which in turn alienated the SUITS corp who lived in Fountain. The departure of DARK also had somewhat to do with the refusal of IT to come help along with some internal drama that had been ongoing for far longer than the X13 and Finfleet variety.

Before Finfleet and X13 left they made a list of demands that were quite exceptional, MVN was in full agreement with many of them. The gist was that the decisions during wartime should be made by the FCs and that corps needed to stop mass recruiting garbage into the alliance. MVN had already been following these principles. The only demand that made the whole list fruitless was that Argentina step down from CEO of RKK. The corp of RKK is the only entity that should decide their CEO and this demand was unreasonable no matter how much head butting they had done in the CEO forums.

So IT sided with RKK and off went X13 and Finfleet and many guys that I had flown with. RKK was still around and sort of helping with fleets. But it was the wrong decision to let x123/Finfleet go and not look to evolve as an alliance. As soon as X13 and Finfleet left DICE immediately recalled everyone to Delve in what was originally thought to be a knee-jerk reaction. MVN got all capital and supercapital assets out of Delve at this time but maintained sub capitals to continue the fight. STK and SUITS along with NEXE and the null sec piece of Anzac stayed with us to fight. BPINC joined IT at this time and also fought hard during the outnumbered USTZ.

Turns out DICE went back home to cover for their last titan build with intentions to screw off and leave IT. No one suspected it but when the news hit it wasn't too surprising. The real blow was when BNC decided to bail and leave IT for NCdot. Sad considering the whole alliance showed up to help DICE with their CSAA in C3N and half the corps couldn't be bothered to save SUITS whole home constellation. Selfish and self interested to the end-the way an alliance should work... right?

Funny story-the day that BNC had a giant (more people than we had seen in a long time) meeting on TS we got a feed of it and found out all about BNCs intentions to leave and form a new corp. As the meeting adjourned and the cynos were lit and BNC started moving to Yong we spammed alliance chat with "bye BNC". Bitzan (a director in MVN) and other officers (including me) were furious that BNC would bail like they did. Bitzan suggested we hot drop their main ts channel-so we did. We all dropped in and said our goodbyes. This prompted Sort Dragon to start banning from TS. His excuse? "We were moving titans". Maybe its just MVN but we generally move supercaps in a password protected op channel not our main ts lol.

With everyone leaving MVN and the other remaining USTZ corps did what we did best. Kill things. But sov warfare went out the window in Fountain and hit and run engagements are all that we could manage.

Then the word came out that IT would cease to function as a cohesive unit on the 10th. We discussed our intentions with other corps and decided we were going to make Delve difficult to move around in, with cloaky hit and run gangs.

But the invasion never came, and still hasn't. To be honest I should have expected this. With a barely functioning alliance in IT it still took the NC forever to grind through Fountain. Only now when no one gives a shit are they actually rolling Fountain. After months of sov warfare I doubt they are that excited to roll Delve as well even though the gates are wide open. Yesterday the first SBU in our old constellation was dropped by Wrecking shots, a corp that used to be a pet of MVN and then went to Mostly Harmless. We laughed in command and thats about it. Its only a matter of time before the land grab begins but in the mean time MVN is moving out to go find pew pew elsewhere. We have our options and we have our plans, and I wish all my friends in IT regardless of their corp goodwill. We are allies until the IT ticker drops.

That is all.

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Mord Fiddle said...

Wow, great post.

You shed a lot of light on the in-house politics and maneuverings at IT Alliance over the last while in a very detailed account.

Well done.