February 17, 2011

Roaming Fountain

Last night I was able to get home from work a bit early and join up with a -A- roam.

First time with the alliance, and not as an FC. It was interesting to just sit back and relax without any responsibility.

That lasted all of about 15 minutes, until we hit Delve. At that point I made a friendly suggestion in fleet chat. "Hey FC, I am somewhat familiar with area, can I scout?"

I was in a Vagabond and got the go ahead, and off we went. Delve was pretty much empty, just some PL SBUs onlining in NOL-. We headed through the old -MVN- constellation, which was a ghost town. Into Fountain we went, and didn't see much action until we headed down the pipe to 6VDT. As the gang was trying to nail a ratter (TEST had tons of them out in cloaky Tengus) I jumped into JGOW- about 4 jumps in front of the gang. I warped to the out gate, trying to find any of the 4 neutrals (TEST) in local. One was a confirmed Rifter who was using bounce points, the others were ratters. I was about to try narrowing down the ratters when I had gate fire. So I waited...

After only a few seconds an Armageddon decloaks. I instantly locked and grabbed point, setting up a 15km orbit (with MWD it was about 21-22). Barrage was doing decent damage but my face turned into a smile when his yellow box went red.

No drones came out, so I turned off MWD and dropped orbit to 2.5k switching to Republic Fleet Fusion and started bringing the pain.

Gate fire... shit

Drake decloaked and my heart raced... until he warped off?

"Guys Drake inbound" I announced on comms. The fleet had started a speed run the moment I tackled the geddon and light tackle was about to hit the gate the Drake warped too.

Gate fire... now 5 neuts in system... Loki!

Uh oh.

Except he cloaked and dissapeared too. Man, these guys were hanging this guy out to dry.

Another gate fire... anothe Rifter. Guess what? Yeah he warped off too. I glanced to my tactical box and was surprised to see the Geddon dipping into structure. His fit explains it all.

Fleet popped the Drake and I moved ahead. I jumped into AL8, several neuts in local. Landing on the outgate with a Hurricane and Dramiel I sat there and waited.

Both immediately aggressed and I was webbed and scrammed by... the Dramiel? Cane was hitting me and my speed was pretty low but I was tanking it. I kept the Cane pointed, as the Dramiel (should have) would be able to burn away at a moments notice. I threw my Warrior IIs on the Dramiel and opened up on the Hurricane. At half shield and getting a little nervous, the first we tacklers jumped in from JGOW-. 1/4 shield and tacklers landed, bubbles up. Falcon jammed up the Cane and Scimitars bumped my shields back up. <3

Dramiel had been orbiting at 3.5k and continued to do so up until dying... oops. My Warrior IIs had been eating him away and he just stayed on field for too long. Hurricane died shortly after the Dramiel.. Both fits were amazing... ....

I continued down the pipe into B170. Several neuts in system, Deimos on scan. I held cloak and waited for about 10 seconds before, sure enough, a Deimos landed on gate. I broke cloak and pointed him, the gang was landing on the other side.

To my surprise, he started burning off and opened up. "guys hes aggressed" I announced. Fleet jumped in but only some got on the mail before the Deimos popped. At this point some of the guys were a little perturbed but I told them "Hey, I pointed him expecting him to be a smart pilot and jump through. Not my fault TEST aren't as smart as the average 0.0 pilot".

We moved into 6VDT and bubble rushed the system. Dictors in, bubbled ingress points and then we bounced local. About 2 minutes late an Abaddon warped into the waiting gang. Abaddon down.

Gang started moving down the 7BX pipe and I started out of the pipe towards APM-. In OW-TP0 I was sitting on the in gate, waiting for the gang to finish snooping around when I got gate fire.

I waited...

and waited....

and finally another Drake broke cloak. I slammed into him, giving him quite a bounce as my guns switched to phased plasma and I started to line up for another bump.

He made it easy for me and launced a missile volley at me.

"Drake aggressed guys, this is gonna take a while to kill, come get him" I said.

I turned off MWD to alleviate some of the damage his missiles were doing and settled into a close orbit. His red box went yellow and I announced him deaggressing... until he started shooting my Warrior IIs. Bastard got one of them before I pulled them in.

Gang started jumping into local and the Drake melted quickly with the extra DPS. I probably held onto him for a good five minutes :)

In AL8, same story this time with a Rifter. Jumped in, he was 15km off. Immediately went for tackle, somehow got it and he aggressed. Hard to hit with the transversal, I got a wrecking shot on him and he went from healthy to dead in a flash. Boom.

On the way home we found a TEST gang, which ran as fast as they could and docked up in Y-2. I only managed to snag this slow Scimitar, while one of our Dramiels tried to solo tackle a Vagabond and got popped.

Great first alliance roam, and it was fun to be the happy-go-loving scout for once. I finally felt that "Could Have Taken It Solo" mentality Easley is always talking about. That Geddon did the trick for me.

Talked a lot with the -A- guys and got some good vibes, look forward to doing it again.

That is all.


Davou said...

Hey man! Glad to see you're having a good time with us. I really cant wait to get out on one of your snipe gangs, and if possible take you out in one of my halfway fail "I'm learning to FC" hurricane gangs!

Theodore Geisel

Roman said...

After all the political and other crap you guys have been through it's good to hear you're actually having fun with AAA.
Like Davou, I'm also looking forward to learning from and flying with you and the rest of the Mavericks.
Welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

These kinds of posts are what represent this blog at its best.
Pure PvP action.
<3 it.

- Ghostwritten

Unknown said...

And then on your second (third?) roam into the same area you refused to engage even an inferior gang.

Not your fault, I guess, it probably wasn't your call to make.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Wasn't FCing on my latest venture into Fountain.

I did help the FC bail out when we were boxed in by 110 guys though. The TEST FC talking about getting warp ins by having all the frigs warp to the gate at 100 from different places was pretty funny though.