February 14, 2011

MVN's Future

Due to the upheavals in IT, MVN has moved to Curse and been refreshing the mechanics of small gang and solo pvp.

Needless to say, its been rocky. People are realizing that there are competent PVPers out there, who live for the small gang action. This is a stark difference from the fighting we did in Fountain. In Fountain we were fighting TEST and Goons, who are generally not quite as attuned to high end pvp as Curse locals, and small gang action wasn't as important.

After some discussion and debating about where to head, we decided that -MVN- would join -A-
Avi, our CEO, had some contacts within -A- who were in touch with us during the last couple of weeks. We have respect for -A-, who fought hard while getting blasted by multiple entities and took their space back when PL and IT left Catch. Despite some political rifts between IT and -A-, MVN hasn't ever been much for politics, we just shoot things.

-A- has a notoriously weak USTZ. Cascade Imminent has been somewhat of a stopgap measure, but reaching out to -MVN- was a solid effort to bolster that weak link. I personally look forward to working with Manny again-being enemies just didn't seem right.

We aren't burning any bridges directly, but most of the -MVN- directors are happy to leave. I've been pretty straightforward in this blog describing the lack of cohesiveness in the IT leadership, and -MVN- was never really considered in many of the decisions despite our extreme performance and effort. In my talks with -A- USTZ leaders I felt like like we had much more in common and communication was a definite plus.

STK Scientific, who had plans to move in with -MVN- in Curse, were divided as we spoke with their leadership. The corp has many inactives-especially in leadership. Ice3 was one of the main active directors and was exhausted with all the work he had to do just to keep the corp running. Combined with losing their space right after joining-the idea of trying to forge ahead on their own was not a pleasant one.

He proposed the idea of a merger, and was not met with welcome responses. So Ice3 joined us-and many of his active PVPers followed. At this point the STK leadership is looking at various options, but I am happy to see many of the active pvpers that were in -MVN- run gangs now a part of our corp.

As we have gained good members from STK and various other IT corps that are falling off, we have lost some of our less active or pvp oriented members.

Works for me.
-MVN- will NOT be active in the campaign against Querious/Delve/Period Basis as of this time. Part of our conditions of joining were that we will not be deploying to slap our former alliance mates in the face. That being said, if members want to roam or participate they are certainly welcome to. Maybe even catch an RKK ratting carrier :-)
This move will allow us to continue to make money while giving easy access to Curse and Providence for pvp. I'm excited for this new stage in -MVN-, and happy the solid pvpers from STK are along for the ride.


Stephen McMurtry said...

I'm just now joining M.Pire down near -A-. Sounds like plenty of good pews down there.

Anonymous said...

best wishes there bro MVN I am sure, will be missed by it's friends. I wish you much luck with the Russians as they certainly stabbed SYS-K in the back, along with SE/C0ven, never the less I hope for the best. If you see SSE (Silver Snake Enterprises) tell percival that manasi says hi and wishes him well.

best of luck in the future