February 16, 2011

The Shifting Politics

EVE has never been a game of constants, day to day and month to month alliance boundaries change and empires rise and are destroyed. Like sands in a desert, the shapes of the dunes can change in the blink of an eye.

IT has fallen-Delve is empty. PL is dropping targets of opportunity with no intention of holding sov. The NC "Incursion" has fallen short of Delve as momentum fails and the Geminate campaign was blasted wide open yesterday by bad decision making by NC FCs that resulted in a new record of titan deaths.

As groundbreaking as this supercap battle was, perhaps the biggest surprise was the apathy of Goonswarm towards the whole affair. For an alliance that had NC supers form the backbone of almost every major conflict in the Fountain Campaign, the "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" fell a bit short yesterday as NC supers jumped into the unknown, finding themselves in low sec instead of 0.0 and outmatched by supercarriers from Raiiden and DRF.

The one constant in the shifting sands in our EVE has been the NC. Due to a Wal Mart style expansionist policy, what they lack in participation, experience and FCing they make up for with massive numbers. This cohesion has been fractured at times as smaller entities fall away, but the large alliances have maintained their allegiance and show no signs of letting up.

This changed when NC let a wolf in.

Goonswarm, fractured and broken after a miserable loss of sov and suffering from the dog eat dog mentality of Syndicate, found safe haven in Deklein under the tender care of Mostly Harmless.

That didn't last long.

Goonswarm grew exponentially, taking in their own apprentice, TEST. Together they gained the allegiance of other alliances in the region, noticeably Fatal Ascension and Wildly Innapropriate. They dubbed themselves the "Deklein Coalition" and started their campaign southwards. With infighting in IT alliance and inactive leadership the DC found themselves in a position to steamroll. With huge numbers and help from their friends in the NC fielding supercaps they routed the fractured remnants of IT.

Then we get to yesterday-a planned, Haargoth like drop of sov by Rebellion and the ensuing DRF offensive. A routine clearing of towers in Uemon by the NC turned into a massive battle as NC capitals were dropped by a supercarrier heavy DRF fleet. Reinforcements were rushed in, unaware they were jumping into low-sec. Lossmails show DDs and bridges fitted.

(7:07:57 PM) rawr-mv-traderjohn: where is goons?
(7:08:04 PM) ctlq-qsuc-junior-svk: goons laughing on us atm
(7:08:06 PM) condi-magel-bring-stabity: why would we be there?
(7:08:10 PM) rawr-hirr-kula-kain: i was trying to tell u guys yesterday not to wallop into here with supers etc and u ran right into low sec with them into a system based right between both thier main highways into geminate..
(7:08:14 PM) rawr-mv-traderjohn: oooooooooooooooook
(7:08:15 PM) rawr-hirr-kula-kain: goons not coming m8
(7:08:19 PM) wi-sh0k-ironwulf: WTS Erebus and some nyxes
(7:08:19 PM) rawr-hirr-kula-kain: we asked like 20 times
(7:08:23 PM) rawr-mv-traderjohn: i guess we wont be helping goons again
(7:08:33 PM) sma-expcs-1337fknthor: holly shit I loaded grid
(7:08:36 PM) wi-sh0k-gataga: goons bff with ruskies and friends
(7:08:46 PM) condi-magel-bring-stabity: we don't go near nync
(7:09:15 PM) hoo-gnaarzuk: *cough* rage reset gewns nauu *cough*

This rift between the NC and the so called Deklein Coalition breakaway, already stressed, will certainly come into question after the events of yesterday.

The real question is whether or not the biggest NAP in EVE really want to liven things up. Or if Goons feel strong enough to pull away from the teat that suckled them back to health.

Personally, I wouldn't bank on it.


Anonymous said...

Very one sided view to things this side.
I am sorry, but this right here is a bad post.

Also the jabber log is pure trolling. :)

Aside from that, good luck in AAA. I honestly was surprised to see you guys join the CAAASEROL block and -A- in particular. Not because it would be a bad choice, but because it seemed unnatural. Anyway, after thinking about it more, it seems like a great move.

I have a lot of love for South russians abd I cannot wait to hear your battlereports from hothot South. :)

Take care and keep em posts coming.
- Ghostwritten

jesse.berger said...

Would like to clarify, Fidelas Constans is not associated to Deklein Coalition in any way. They are Northern Coalition, and support the primary NC entities, not Goons.

Parasoja said...

I, too, wouldn't bank on it. Mittens being real life friends with uaxdeath is old news. Goons have never fought DRF before and I don't think anybody was expecting them to start now.

Kula kain doesn't count. He's... special.

It will be interesting to see if DC come in on our side if DRF start making serious inroads; and if DC don't and DRF do, it will be extra-interesting to see if supercarriers get nerfed in a suspicious timeframe.

But whatever happens, it's guaranteed to be spectacular.

Numtini said...

Just a note, Goons went into Deklein at the invitation of the Tau Ceti Federation, not Mostly Harmless. TCF then gave Goonswarm their space and disbanded. As I understand it, TCF did so largely because were a shell of an alliance, the same shape as IT was, but they wanted to disband with dignity rather than failcascade and become a laughing stock. Like, well, what happened to IT. I know we still have a bunch of people who were TCF in a corp or two in GSF.

In terms of DK (or NC) not heading into Delve, here's possibly the worst news for IT of the whole campaign. Fountain was for the lolz. I'm sure TEST is glad to have the space, but I don't think anyone was ever expecting to take Fountain, much less Delve. We just wanted to poke another stick in Molle's eye. I think NC tossed some resources in for the same reason--just to finish getting even for last summer.

No idea if there's any plans to go over to Geminate. But none that I know of and I doubt it, which makes me sad as I like fleet warfare. It's still hard to tell whether it's a skirmish over one region or a real war anyway.

Unknown said...

NC wont reset Goons, both heavily depend on each other and use each other when is necessary.

HOWEVER you are right that if Goons dont join in NC will burn, the supercap loss was a huge demoralising hit for NC which has just resulted in more alliances getting involved in the disassembly.

Goons have a tough choice, either stick with Fountain (which you know they will lose) either to PL or perhaps whats left of IT.

This invasion is ONLY 50% underway and based on the mechanics of 0.0, NC are already dead, DRF have made it clear they are not bothered about using supers, something NC are not keen on using anymore.

You will see all the other alliances be part of this soon enough, what NC failed to overlook when they invaded Fountain was old IT corps wanted a FRESH start, however Goons for some reason were convinced if IT were killed so would the old corps, in a way you can thank Goons for starting this invasion, because every corp, alliance and member part of IT has left to fight NC.

NC are fucked, expect more supercap losses (assuming NC bother to use them anymore lol), more territory losses and for the first time, expect mass resets.

NC are going down!

Panthe Tek said...

Entertaining post!
Makes it one of the first feed updates to check in the morning with good reason.

Naive question here though, is that jabber server/channel public or spy-vs-spy?
If it's public I wouldn't mind the connect info.
If it's spy stuff, keep 'em logs coming, troll or not :)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ First Comment. "You mad, bro?"

Imperion (The NC FC) made a good call jumping in the NC SC fleet to gank a Nyx on the DRF tower. He did NOT make a good call sitting on grid for 20 minutes while he tried to pull his head out of his ass. These 20 minutes of apathy gave DRF time to form a counter-offensive and light cyno right in the middle of the NC super fleet.

The Titan pilots were told to jump in alongwith the next of the SuperCarriers...into low-sec.

It was generally good FC'ing on the NC side with a few critical mistakes.

Kudos to the DRF FC... you, sir... have too many supercarriers. :-)