April 7, 2011

Carebearing. Necessary Evil...

To pay for my new toy I've had to resort to extreme carebearing. Passive market income is enough to pay for the occasional PVP loss but doesn't provide the billions upon billions of isk needed for supercapitals.

That being said, I've still managed to get bits of PVP in.

Last night we bridged onto a CVA gang reinforcing an EVOKE pos in R3- in Providence, only netting the Dominix that was pointed as all other targets on field were aligned off.

A BUSA gang found an aggressing carrier last night-dropped the hammer and watched as the DD started and the carrier warped off.


Apparently the tackling Cane got neuted and no secondary points allowed for him to warp to a planet where he was promtly tackled but self destructed at 15% armor.


So, for the next few weeks you can find PK carebearing in a system near you!

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