April 21, 2011

-A- hits White Noise

So, for anyone who follows null sec politics, its old news now that -A- has opened up a southern front with White Noise. So far as I'm aware there is no "hiring" or "payment" for this action. Its simply repaying an old debt.

Not that I think many in -A- would need any excuse to hit White Noise. There has been a profund sense of bitterness due to the recent PL/DRF steamroll of Atlas and -A- and many were waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

Its fairly clear that the NC in its current state of operation is failing. Apathy is reigning amongst the NC alliances and that combined with poor decision making from mediocre FCs has led to a general drop in overall morale in the NC. Perhaps that would explain the supers a half dozen jumps away shooting low sec Amarr militia pos' instead of fighting DRF/PL.

As a sort of gentlemans agreement (as no official blue standings have been sorted with any NC entity) -A- intitated attacks on White Noise CSAAs and logistics infrastructure two days ago. By all counts and intel 2 baby supercarriers and a baby titan are down. No response as of yet-but this cannot last long before some type of response will be provoked.

The question is, what will the "DC" choose to do at this time? So far they have only participated in a limited fashion, and there have always been rumours of restting the NC proper. At this point they can make or break the conflict raging in the north depending on which side they choose to back. My money is on them (eventually) backing the NC. The Mittani is comfortable on his throne and being part of the biggest NAPfest in EVE history guarantees that ongoing power of supercap production and isk flow.

Word on the street is that Molle is back in some fashion, lurking in Delve. I find it amusing that people still say that IT was burned to the ground and Molle's picking up the pieces. I think a better image is a fortress abandoned and crumbling in disrepair. Not a single system in Delve was taken until after IT fail cascaded.

I would say the Null sec politics are getting interesting again-and as far as NC vs DRF goes, I am always interested in pro longing that conflict :)

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