April 9, 2011

What the hell do we do now?

With PL up north on contract Delve is suddenly very... empty.

No more giant Drake massacres-no more sov warfare. What will we do for ~good fights~ now?

For the moment there are no plans for anything big-roams will continue to be run and maybe some small corp deployments. Options are being explored for a larger scale deployment but where to go, what to do?

For now I'm going to keep rolling my gangs to a system near you for some pew. CCP killed the system I was running Sanctums in (screw you CCP) but I was getting pretty exasperated with the carebearing anyways.

So hopefully some more battlereports!


Randunip said...

Woop! No battle reports have made me a sad panda work's depressing when you dont have some good fights to read about! So get back out there and blow more stuff up ;)

<3 Rand

Anonymous said...

Good fight in 5-6QW7 this evening. I called your nasty little Falcon primary. I knew what you had on the other side of that cyno. lol! :-)