April 4, 2011


Yesterday started off with a hot drop of a gang that wanted to roam through Catch. Death or Glory was in a mixed bag of shield stuff with Drakes Scimitars and everything inbetween (and a few Tempests).

I formed up a small Hellcat fleet (30ish) with intentions to drop them when an FC running an alpha fleet convo'd me, as he was going had similar intentions. The gang was SV5 jumping HED-, so I told the Alpha fleet I would engage at 0 with them and get in a brawl and call him in.

So in we went, and warped to station (where they were reported). We landed and the last 2 were warping off.


Oh, yeah, thats why. The alpha fleet jumped too, spiking local almost 70. Derp.

We danced safespots in system for a couple minutes until they warped to the SV5 gate at 0 and jumped.

In we went, bubbles up. They immediately started burning away, we took down several before they were out of range. I pinged the fleet up and warped them down to a wreck at the front of their group, snagging a few more before they all warped off and started bouncing safes.

Alpha fleet took some losses-we lost a ceptor.


We switched into Snipe HACs afterwards, with intentions to roam. Those were cut short when another gang jumped into HED-, which we promptly engaged. Results were so-so... many of the pilots in my fleet had never been in a snipe hac gang before. The majority of the gang did quite well-although I some idiots careen of towards the enemy fleet, no doubt due to CTRL-CLICK spamming to lock primaries. 2x Snipe HACs down (one admitted to not managing range) and one Falcon who was alpha'e (he had no buffer... none)


http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=451470 = HED
http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=451511 = SV5

Lessons learned, etc etc.

Not too long after that... Initiative was reported inbound with 50+ in Hellcat formation. We re shipped to match and sent out a bait battleship.

Our bait battleship found Initiative in HY- and got them aggressed on gate. He popped cyno and.... they all warped. Literally everyone... except one Abaddon whom Perci got point on http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=451488

We chased them several jumps towards Curse and snagged a few more battleships but the majority of Initiative got out. Quite disheartening-we had an even fight coming (we honestly had about 5 less in fleet than they did).

We went up to Fountain through a wormhole leading to Aridia. Just outside Hophib I found Nulli was engaged in 6VDT area and got in convo with Pro, who gave my fleet a short ride to 6VDT area. We cyno'd in 200km above the 6VDT gate in NDH-... a field littered with countless wrecks. Apparently 180ish TEST engaged 140ish AHACs from Nulli and Godfathers and got curb stomped. Godfathers had dropped SBUs and TEST tried to defend.


Numbers are skewed given that TEST were unable to kill much at all.

We danced around with Nulli but there were no kills to be had, as TEST were all docked up. I had eyes in their fleet and comms and it was comedy hour for sure. They all kept screaming for Huginns and some guy was going on about his laser Drake.

Eventually we left after Progod was told by Manny that the NAP agreement he had with TEST prohibited from SBUs or something. We were just there for the fights-Godfathers were there to make the local residents angry. I got a convo from Montolio but I just ignored it :-)

We rolled out and parted ways with Nulli, took the long way to Y-2. TEST felt good enough to venture out when Nulli left and came after us with 130 (they had 180 in fleet but there were lots of inactives apparently). Knowing they were coming I burned to KVN- and asked fleet if they wanted to bail or take the fight. The vote was to take the fight (we had just under 30 people at this point) despite the fact it would be bloody.

So we took the fight-through Y-2, ZXB and our old home 5-C. Jumping in, burning off and shooting the tacklers that came after us gate by gate. We lost almost half the fleet, including 4 or 5 after TEST turned around to head back and we turned around to kill some more of them :-)

Lessons were learned-I yelled at a few people for dying stupidly and others already knew they screwed up. But it was overall very fun to keep charging into the blob and getting out.

Good times.

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PK, I miss your pwn. :(