April 21, 2011

Who wants to kill an Aeon?

So if you follow "I Could Have Taken It Solo" you may already know this story-its a week and a half old now but as I mentioned RL is beating me senseless. I'm in fact moving back to Minneapolis next week, should be interesting.

So, for a couple weeks -MVN- moved into Tash Murkon/Domain low-sec area for some pirating and low sec fun. We were roaming and had even brought some large toys up for possible drops.

A corp named Benovelence had moved into Yong-they were GCCing carriers on station, smacking the hell out of local and forming up 5-6 man gangs. Easley and I played around but due to lack of numbers we didn't go toe-to-toe.

I continued playing the lone pirate role in preperation for some drops when one night Easley and I jumped into Yong from a venture in Kor-Azor and saw two supercarriers on scan in Yong.


Only one NC. in local (they use Yong as a transit point), Puppet Masters, who had been rumoured to be leaving NC.

Local count showed the typical 4-5 Benovelence and... 2 Macabre Votum.


We had scouted the POS's in system earlier, including one coming out of reinforce in a few hours. A quick scan showed the supers location and in I went with a cloaked Rapier whilst pinging for supercarriers.

Sure enough, they were hitting another POS in system, aligned fully to a celestial. They were hitting it along with Benovolence, with quite a bit of banter going on in local as if no one else would be reading. Checking history's, Benovelence was ex-Looney Toons. One of their members had Macabre history as well. So that was the link, and I guess the fight for Geminate/Vale was just not enough excitement for the supercaps (?) and here they were in Providence low sec.

I snuggled up 10k above the Wyvern, who was leading the Aeon by about 5km on their align point. We had caught them as the POS' was entering reinforce, and they were currently incapping the mods. Time was running short and the active supers were low or in 49-.

Last mod was incapped and off the supers went, to a Benovelence pos in system. They stayed online until aggro timers were up and logged off. On a hunch I told everyone to plan on being online in 2 hours when the small pos in system came out of reinforce-but Maka and Bip went on some rant about potential spies and a counter drop.

Not feeling like arguing I said eff it and stood down.

2 hours later I checked in and guess what? Both supers logged in and shooting said pos.


The next morning POS came out and Nihilist (CVA roleplayers) came and repped it with a small skirmish resulting in a dead Navy Geddon from Benovelence (that I whored on!). No supers.

For 3 more days I afk'd in system and stalked the supercarrier pilots. On the third day I said eff it, lets take off the gloves and start hot dropping people-I had up to that point kept our big toys off the radar in the hope of a drop.

So here I was, trolling around with a cyno ready to go on my Geddon when I see both supers log in.


With a decent fleet sitting on my tit, including 2 hictors, I humped back to Yong and switched out to Rapier. Herc was on and was beating the hell out of alliance to drum up supers-midpoints were arranged from Querious and more supers were on the way.

I was in space watching the supers and arranging travel arrangements with Maka and Herc when the supercarriers dissapeared from local.


But wait... they were still online! They had cyno'd out of local-and were going to come back inevitably, as they had been parking in the Benovelence pos for days.

Supers were now ready to go, I had probes ready to go and Benovolence online in local. We now had 4 hictors ready to go on the titan along with a sizeable RRBS fleet.

I was figuring on a 1-2 hour wait, assuming they were hitting a pos somewhere else in the region when cyno went up in local.

I had moved cursor, right clicked on cyno icon when the two super pilots appeared in local.

Go time.

I initiated warp whilst screaming "we are committing!". I landed right next to both supers, just moving up from 0 speed towards a celestial. I dropped cloak popped cyno opened bridge.

"take bridge take bridge supers jump jump jump primary wyvern primary wyvern call focus points hictors!"

I looked back at my Rapier screen expecting to be dead/dying and was astounded to see me just sitting there while local popped and my grid filled with my fleet. Wyvern started going down, points were called and things seemed to be going well when...

wtf? Wyvern warped off. Logs later showed Wafer with a point on him, then him going invulnerable 1 minute later and warping. Still no answer from CCP.

Aeon was called primary and after 2 minutes he logged off. Smarties still running along with hardeners. Carriers dropped with neuts, and we slowly whittled it down.

About 6 minutes before his 15 minute timer was up the Aeon went boom. I was excited about the kill, rather sad the Wyvern got away.

Word was the pilot was selling his Avatar to buy a new Aeon and then quitting the game.

I think Herc best summed it up:

herculetz: 2011-04-13 04:39:52

Question is. wtf is he doing here?

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