December 31, 2010

Another night, another roam.

Yesterday I saw Tron. 3D Imax. It was awesome.
Daft punk put together a legit soundtrack... in that theatre the bass reverberated my whole body. I agree with critics on one point: the 3D aspect could have been much more developed. But on an IMAX screen the movie was more than satisfying. As a lover of sci-fi, it kept me more than entertained.

After I got home Cardking and I took out a snipe hac gang. Again. Easley was off for the night after arguing with corp leadership (for me basically) over a new zinger.

Alliance doesn't support snipe hacs. They are not reimbursible and I was told in several varieties (not all friendly) that I wasn't to continue leading them.

So we took out a snipe hac gang as a "corp roam".

Wouldn't you know, we got about 20 or so alliance guys in fleet in addition to the 20-something MVN, even after I told them it wasn't reimbursible. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I don't get our guys killed (often. and tackle doesn't count lol). Or the fact they are hard to counter for the enemy, and when I can barely get 50 in fleet and want to fight 200-300 NC (Goons, Fidelas Constans, Mostly Harmless, Wildly Innapropriate, etc) the only thing that can actually engage without instant annihilation is snipe hacs.

As it was I was told to "just get in bombers if you don't have numbers"

My first few months of FCing thats all I did. All it takes is one idiot and everyone dies. That and we are told to use torps. Let me tell you something, you may find it obvious...

Bombers with torps going toe to toe with any other kind of gang that has any kind of numbers is really really dumb. Bombers with bombs is effective but will not hold the field. Yes, for a gate camp they are okay. You need a Falcon to keep them alive. But thats the random gank, not the fighting.

Snipe HACs fc'd well and piloted well can seriously hurt an enemy gang thats slower and larger.

Ok, I'm done with my rant. On to story time.

So basically we took out our "corp roam" and headed north looking for a fight. We didn't have to wait long for the fight. I jumped with a Blade gang (not with us, numbering about 10) in to XF- from 4-EP. Hostile Drake on gate was aggressed on the Blade interceptor scout. I immediately decloaked and grabbed the Drake. Hostile count in system was about fifteen, all friends of the Drake. Fleet was landing on other side, instructions were to jump on contact.

Blade had already broken cloak and was taking down the Drake when the Wildly Innapropriate gang landed in a bubble on the 4-E gate. Their Drake had already died, and they were looking to kill the Blade gang.

That idea was short lived as my fleet bumped local and immediately broke cloak. Several of their ships were already burning out and immediately warped off.

Eight, however, were stuck in bubbles on a gate with aggression. They died very quickly.

We looted the field and were preparing to move on when a Scorpion from the same gang jumped into XF- from 4-E. Not sure why. He died really really fast. Full Battle Report Here

We moved upwards towrads G8, Blade gang ahead of us. They engaged an NC gang and the convo I had opened with their FC said "30 hostiles in 9-4R come on"

In my head I though "thats a station system, usually has a few hostiles" and I asked for clarification.


I moved quickly into O-BD in time to see local spike with NC, about 20-30 in number. I dropped probes and warped to the 9-4R gate. The NC gang was all 200 above the gate, and before I could move the probes they warped off and pos'd up.

The Blade FC finally responded with something like "why didn't you come in! i told you to we can't take that I couldn't respond I'm dual boxing!"

Cardking simply responded "we are in snipe hacs. without intel we aren't warping blindly anywhere"

I found a Geddon warping to the 9-4R gate in G8... selflessly pointed him and pushed him into the waiting gang. The Armageddon died within seconds. Looking at his fit, you can see why. All resist and no buffer.

A Rote Kapelle gang moved in from FQ9W, armor hac/t3 armor heavy. Very mean, 6-7 Guardians, Loki's Proteus', Phantasms. 20ish in numbers. The kind of gang that we would shred at range and would shred us close. We danced with them for a few minutes before they bailed south towards Fountain and we kep going north into Pure Blind.

In P-2 I found a Mostly Harmless gang, but with hacs 2j behind me, we couldn't get them there in time and they bailed into B-9 and took the JB there to RQH-. I did find a Harbinger and Omen dicking around on P-2 station. I decoaked and grabbed Harbinger... he docked as local filled. I grabbed the Omen who appeared to be off station and gave him a bump to make sure. Fleet landed and down the Omen went. Not very satisfying. We caught a Caracal shortly after, also not too satisfying.

We roamed up towards L-C and O-C... didn't catch anyone. Even the Wayfarer station hugging crew docked up (carriers included!). 50 and 30 in local and nothing.

We headed back home and caught a Drake in Cloud Ring.

In QXW- PG and I found a Mercenary Coalition gang waiting on our in gate. Gang was two jumps behind... and the Mercenary Coalition Scout in a Sabre followed us through. As soon as he left, we jumped gang in and got them to the QXW- gate. I broke claok (PG in his Sabre had already burned back and jumped through). Their gang landed right on top of me. Vaga's Falcon Rapier... fast and survivable gang. Which is why I was surprised they all aggressed me whilst sitting in PGs bubble at 0 on the gate. I (barely) managed to make it back to gate and get out in low shield :)

I jumped tackle in, then full fleet 2 seconds later. They started running. That gang composition is highly survivable. They all could have survived had they not been in the bubble. As it was we got their Falcon and two Vagabonds (battle report here). We lost a Muninn in that engagement... who yelled for reps on comms instead of broadcasting... which means he died.

We moved one more jump and ran into the remnants of the Rote Kapelle gang from earlier. We managed to kill their Stiletto scout first, then drop a Phantasm and lastly a Guardian.

From then on it was smooth sailing home. A very productive evening.. losing one dictor (in the initial engagement with WI) and a Muninn (who shouldn't have died) for lots of kills.

That is all.

December 29, 2010


As I logged into blogger today I realized that my last post was over 2 weeks ago.

Pretty sad I know.

Finals kicked my ass. Christmas fed it.

I'm back now, and will try and post like I used to.

The past few nights involved snipe hac gangs for the most part. Alliance participation early USTZ has been piss poor, as such we haven't been able to match NC numbers in Fountain for timers. Last night J5A and PNQ TCU timers came out... and I got crap numbers in fleet. I disbanded after an hour of begging for pilots, and sent them to fly with a bomber gang that was up. Goons had around 250, WI had 50 and I wasn't going to suicide on them.

Later that evening Cardking and I took out our posted snipe hac op. Easley barely made it, but together he and I scouted and grabbed targets on our way up through Cloud Ring and into Pure Blind. We got our CEO, Avicenna, to join fleet. It was an historic occasion (Avi hasn't been on a roam with us for months). We got him to pod to 6VDT and shit fit a Vengeance to fly with us. Market in 6VDT is horribad... his Vengeance had point no guns... and not tank... FIT HERE

First kills came on a jump in to a bubble camp in J5A, on our in gate. They had no scout on the gate they were camping. They were lucky we only snagged this Hurricane and Stabber-the rest managed to bail out.

We moved on into Cloud Ring. Our scout died one jump ahead of us in a drag bubble to a cloaky Goon camp. The Goons were extremely proud of their interceptor kill and spammed local from their cloaky safe spots. We congratulated them on their great success.

In 9-4RP2 Easley found a Drake sitting on station. He aggressed... Drake aggressed back! In jumped the HACs and the Drake went pop! Either his buddies next door didn't report us or he wasn't watching intel.

I moved gang to the G8 gate, I was scouting the system already (I missed out on the majority of these kills... such is the life of a scout and/or FC). Bubbled up station with dictors and brought gang in. As gang started jumping a Drake landed on the G8 gate. Card immediately started yelling "push him through push him through". He got pushed and jumped in. So did the majority of the gang.

Drake held session timer... broke cloak and died.

Gang warped to station with close range ammo and speed scripts. I wasn't planning on camping long-the previous night a Dramiel undocked and broke session timer early. He insta popped. I figured we might get lucky tonight.

After 3 minutes I sent scouts to out gate and aligned gang. As I was about to give the command to warp...

"ishkur undocked" Cardking announced.

"kill it" I said.

Ishkur broke session change and died.

Nothing else wanted to play so we moved on into Pure Blind. On the out gate in 7D- a Nemesis jumped into the gang (I saw it as I jumped into Y-C). Gang managed decloak and one Nemesis down.

We moved up into Fade area, to O-C. I followed an Iteron V into O-C, holding gang back 1 jump as scouts were in VRH- (neighboring system). I grabbed Itty and started pounding it, hoping he would call for help.

He did.

I had brought tacklers into VRH- the moment Itty broke cloak. They were landing on O-C gate about the same time an Abso, Vexor, Cane, Dramiel and other assorted ships were landing on me.

"All fleet jump jump VRH- warp to O-C" I yelled. "Tacklers into O-C, grab everything!"

The spike in O-C wasn't unnoticed... as all the Wayfarer guys started running. I was just out of range of the Absolution and had no MWD cooking as I was taking damage and didn't want to amplify that at all. I grabbed the Dramiel but the double webs weren't enough, and the Vexor was the only thing I was able to hold...


Oh and the Hurricane... he never aggressed. He cross jumped the initial tackle and safed up in VRH-

Sad day, but chalk a T1 cruiser kill. We warped to station, where the locals had undocked 2 carriers (scary!). As we landed, all the sub caps docked without hesitation. I was going to have snipe hacs move above station and bump off the one carrier left (the other docked), as the minmitar station has a small undock radius... but then he docked too. 40 in local and no fights. no station games.


We moved next door to L-C... same story. We landed on station, the one Drake there docked up. Then two carriers undocked followed by a Vaga...

"Spam lock on Vaga spam lock! If he breaks undock early melt him!" I said.

He broke early.

We hit him hard... and he may have gotten one cycle of reps from the Chimera before his Vaga went pop. It was pretty funny, not gonna lie.

After messing around that constellation for a few more minutes we headed towards ROIR- and EC-. EC- had one Drake on Torrinos, who warped before Easley or I could tackle him. Time to head home.

We started burning towards P-2 when I hit a dictor bubble set up on the out gate. Only a few hostiles in local... no dictor to be seen.


Nothing on scan, Easley poking around the center of system. Time to move on. I jumped fleet into B-9 and warped them to the P-2 gate. I jumped into P-2.

I started aligning out when Cardking started yelling.

"Local spike local spike out of bubble align sun go go spank MWDS!" followed shortly by "Domi is primary get out of bubbles go go".

Apparently that cloaky dictor had bubbled the P-2 gate. Fatal used a jump bridge and warped to the gate we were landing on. Dominix landed first, whether by design or happenstance. Snipe HACs were safely at range when the mainstay of the hostile gang landed. I had jumped back into B-9 at this point and helped with primaries. We switched off the Dominix to hit a Basi that landed... he popped quick. Back to the Dominix, he popped. We melted the tackle that burned at us with not transversal. Rifter down, Worm down. Only one, a Malediction, actual kept his transversal up and managed to warp out before he died. Second Basilisk primaried... down Then a Tengu landed... Cardking immediately got a hard on: "Tengu primary Tengu primary take him down now now now!"

Tengu was going down slowly (2 Basi still alive propped him up) when a Cane started burning out closer and closer to our gang. We switched primary to the Cane, who died. Then right back to the Tengu, which Avi still had hero tackled. Tengu finally died, I warped gang off to a celestial. Hostile gang warped to a pos... leaving the tackle I had left (we lost 2 dictors and Avi's Vengeance) with a Basi and an Ishtar...

I had fleet warp to me asap, landing 60km off of the 2 hostiles on field. Tacklers grabbed them as fleet was landing and we added a third Basilisk and the Ishtar to the tally. Final battle report here. We lost a Hound in that fight... which I was perplexed with. Bombers should very rarely die... you never engage (decloak) unless you can safely warp out. In hot situations you should already be aligned lobbing torps from 50km away and hovering over the warp button when you get yellow boxed.

We gave them a GF in local, looted the field and headed home. 7D- had one red in it as I was scouting. I hit scan.. nothing. About to warp when the red landed in his Manticore on the in gate. I prepped fleet for decloak and locked him up. I dropped point/webs/guns on him to push him on when... he started burning off and red boxed me?

I laughed as my 425s 2 volleyed him. I hated his fit.

A forward scout (he had been heading home) reported a Drake camping a drag bubble in QXW-. No eyes next door (fail) so we positioned gang up on the gate. Easley jumped in... and Drake warped off. Talk about touchy! I had Easley leave local and we waited....

After a couple minutes I said forget and had fleet jump. As we were initiating warp... the Drake landed in his bubble! So this guy freaks with one and warps back, probably half way to his drag bubble when we spiked. Poor guy melted, and his name "Deadtired" didn't help him in local.

We moved on, picking off another Drake and Brutix on the way.

The joke was we couldn't get home with all the kills being thrown at us.

Finally we made it to 6VDT and we called it a night. Good times.

That is all.

December 14, 2010


Just finished first final today, figured I would post some of the screenshots from the last few weeks. I burnt out my old graphics card last week and got an Nvidea 460 GTX. Its pretty sweet.


December 7, 2010


Got home from work and saw we had action brewing. We had a fleet up and running in GE-, sandwhiched between NCdot in V-3 and a Drake Army by -A- and friends.

NCdot jumped in from V-3 as we were burning off gate, we fought. -A- warped around as did NCDot. It was a good fight, and our heavy Maelstrom count really did a number on both enemy fleets.

NCdot bailed out the back door route, burning through 5-N in a giant loop. We got fleet on titan and plan was to jump to cloaky hic w/cyno but his client failed hard. We ended up bridging to an INIT cyno, catching NCdot by surprise. By last count 2 of their BS made it out alive by logoffski's.

Important Internet Spaceship League was reported en route with 50ish bs heavy as we probed down the last couple of NCdot in EX6. We formed up in GE- on the V-3 gate, and burned gang out to 70 off gate and waited. Dictors were cloaked and waiting below and above the in gate.

IISL entered V-3 and warped GE-. We waited for a couple minutes as they deliberated, and then they jumped in. We fought for several minutes, Cflux calling targets. Aligning  We counted about 26 of their wrecks on gate as their remnants warped out. They were bouncing safes in GE-, so I sent scouts to all gates.

They were reported landing YHN- a couple minutes later. As luck would have it I was in warp to that gate and jumped with most of their leftovers. Bubbled up,and I died, but our gang jumped in and was able to kill more of them, about 10, that got caught in the bubble.

Last count had the remaing 15-20 IISL hiding in a -A- pos in YHN. We held in system for the last 5 minutes of the TCU onlining, and stood fleet down after that.

I took a snipe hac gang out at that point, found a few targets, and burned home when TEST showed up. Their scout spotted us returning, so the only kill we managed was him  (Stabber). The rest ran back home.

It was a great night, we took very few losses and inflicted heavy casualties.

Oh, and it was fun.

December 6, 2010

Sunday = Football & EVE

Yesterday was half assed camping in my Sabre combined with some late night fleet action.

We hit a -A- TCU in YHN, I didn't FC as I hate no brainer structure shooting. I did camp the V-3 gate in GE-, however, and snagged cov op kill after cov op kill coming in. Let me tell you, those Covert Ops Cloaks add up quite nicely.

After the fleet action was over, I decided to take a roam out for a little while. We found a True Reign gang, but they dissapeared before we get to them (found out later they went to Curse, but poor scouting couldn't find them). Important Internet Spaceships brought a gang, and we managed to kill a few of them and the rest dissapeared.

We moved into Providence, grabbed a Deimos in X-3... but missed the Tengu Curse and Cynabal on gate. Curse was actually tackled (scrammed) but neuted his only tackler and GTFO'd. My cloaky eyes I had left behind watched the Important Internet Spaceship League gang log back in... smart but I still laughed.

We rolled back to GE- and I was about to stand down when INIT convo'd me for help, as -A- had a 25ish man gang next door of LR BS and BC hitting their TCU. -A- had also onlined their own TCU.

We went in together scattering -A-, and started hitting their TCU. No kills, as INIT had one bubbler and not fast tacklers so the enemy just warped off field. -A- formed more numbers, and due to our horrible turnout in Aussie primetime (often weak, as its between US and EU prime), we weren't able to hold the field. INIT ended up getting hit hard on the -A- warp in (after they bolstered their numbers considerably), we didn't lose anyone but didn't kill anything either. No tacklers or bubbles to keep them on field. I called it after deliberating with the INIT FC.

This Sabre has lasted me 2 days... I think thats a new record.

Oh, and I used Hail yesterday for the first time on a Harbinger we found running the HED- GE- pipe. My Cane was pummeling him for 500-600 a volley... which isn't bad at all. Cheaper than Republic Phased Plasma... I was happy.

That is all.

December 3, 2010

Back in the Sabre

Yesterday I headed to Catch. I picked up a Sabre in Agil (I lost my last one weeks ago) and headed through HED-.

Convo'd by some INIT renters who were camping the SV5 gate. They were interested in sorting standings, so I got some important diplo types involved and let them run with it.

In the mean time, these neut guys were camping with Cane, Drake X2 and Flycatcher. They also had Cynabal running around the system somewhere. Psyco and King Curt were there shortly after I arrived, and together we moved into SV5. Flycatcher tried to catch me, but I had already broken cloak and recloaked in my Sabre before he even loaded grid.

We moved to WD- gate, and Castlekin joined us. Castlekin is an industrialist (miner) who got thirsty for blood and is PVPing more than half the "PVP"ers in corp at this point.

The Flycatcher had jumped in twice in the past couple minutes, bubbling both times for stuff (but not catching it). So we set up on HED- gate and sure enough, red bumped local and in comes the Flycatcher. Loki decloaks and cloaks (if I was bubbler I wouldn't have even tried, 9/10 times in null sec hes nullifier fit). Yet the Flycatcher bubbled way late... game time.

I broke cloak and immediately warped in the Flycatcher's bubble aggressing him. Decloak delay meant it took 10 seconds to lock his ass, but he sat in the bubble not moving. I aggressed him again as the 3x bombers decloaked and lit him up. He started to realize the problems facing him at this point, and tried to burn off. I was able to lock him at this point, however, and a scram/web combo kept him still.

His buddy in a Drake came through, which I expected (I had eyes on the other side), but his DPS was minimal. The Flycatchers tank was starting to break at this point.

Then I noticed blue drones hitting me. Hard. wtf???

I knew that INIT had these guys blue and that tomorrow they would probably be blue... but for now, they were neut. I switched overview and a blue INIT Myrmidon was beating the hell out of me.

I started burning off, fast, outranging the Hobgoblins that were eating me alive. Flycatcher popped, I was in low armor. Volley of heavies slammed into my Sabre, sending me into structure. I kept burning, overheating MWD. Align and warp was impossible; I would get volleyed. I saw a flight of heavies coming towards me... slowly. I held my breath, in the hopes I would outrange the bastards. Closing every so slowly, distance approaching 70km from Drake... my mail flashed.


The most annoying shit in this game is the insurance mail appearing before your ship even "dies".

So I warped my pod off, while dropping a wtf in local to the INIT Myrmidon. Without his dumbass, that would have been a clean kill. Looking at the lossmail (Sabre) he dealt 57% of the damage. In my calculations I hadn't planned for a blue Myrmidon to shoot me. Standings issues in 0.0 are always a concern, but I stick with NBSI 100%. Even in gangs where some of the guys aren't blue, I will say "Hey, if hes neut to you, we hold back go have fun". Gentleman's law.

That guy screwed up, and after some discussions he realized the grave error. He mentioned alcohol, but the simple fact was that I was still blue. So I got a new Sabre and fittings... which was nice... but the thing I disliked the most was a lossmail that shouldn't have been on my record. Oh well...

Shortly after I snagged a Manticore that came into 9KOE-. He was smart in burning off when he saw Sabre, but he burned straight up with no transversal, so I ran him down and decloaked him.

While we were messing around with the wreck, we got a new neut. Ares on scan... he landed. I jumped through before he landed and cloaked up. Sure enough, he came right on through. I decloaked and bubbled... bam. He stopped moving completely. I burned him out, spamming lock waiting for my decloak delay to finish.

Still wasn't moving.

Finally he started reapproaching but it was too late, as scram/web ensnared him. Gang was jumping through, but his died instantly. His Ares was carrying some random goodies of goodness, which we snagged on got safe.

Another new neut in system... Everyone cloaked up except for my cov ops alt. Sabre on scan... interesting. He landed on gate with my decloaked cov ops, but jumped through. So I jumped the cov ops too.

On the other side he was a bit more ballsy. He reapproached the gate, pre cursor to a decloak attempt. I broke cloak with my alt and started moving... he bubbled. Funny part was, the bubble was 8km short of even catching me. Yet he tried to burn me out anyways, but I was already moving away from his trajectory. He kept burning and aligned to the outgate.

As he was burning off I jumped my Sabre in. As I bumped local he warped off, and I called gang in while spamming warp in my cov ops alt to aggress him.

"everyone to the out gate, everyone go go go"

My Sabre landed on the outgate and sure enough, there he was at 0. I immediately bubbled and he was trapped. I tried to warp my alt again for good measure and dropped web/scram on the Sabre.

"light him up!"

We did.

After what seemed like an eternity his Sabre popped. I was excited... the little maneuvering had worked and due to his incompetence (sitting on a gate when you have aggression is dumb. the gate, to you, is basically a locked door). My enthusiasm was dampened when I found out PG had died. He had landed at 0 on the Sabre and tried to burn off. Next time he will know that in that situation he needs to align off, spank mwd and cloak. Once at safe range (15+km) he could have decloaked and started firing, as he would have been out of the range of the Sabre, and since the Sabre was scram/webbed he wouldn't have been able to pursue.

The Sabre was double MSE fit, which explained why he took so long to go down. Bomber for a Sabre was an okay trade... but I would have rather we had no losses.

Next door an Important Internet Spaceship League black ops gang was on scan, but not really doing anything.

We reset and waited. Then a familiar name popped into local... Dark Templari. Nothing on scan...

We waited... and waited...

Prorator on gate. I decloaked and jumped with him. Loading grid the Prorator decloaked... 5km off of me! I saw where he started burning to and decloaked aligning the same direction. 1...2.....3 seconds went buy and BAM got him! I overshot and he started reapproaching. He managed to cloak back up but I decloaked him a second time, and this time one of the bombers got a lock on him too. As we were sitting in system with 11 hostile IISL (black ops gang) I instructed everyone to overheat to take the Prorator down. After what seemed like forever the cloaky transport popped.

"Cloak cloak cloak everyone off cloak!" I instructed, assuming the neuts in system would be on the way. I popped the pod in my Sabre and burned off the gate.

The neuts never even came to check it out.

Prorator was empty, sad day. Those things are pretty hard to snag too. Managed to snage one more bomber before gang was getting sleepy, and then I popped a pod too. Eyes getting droopy, I logged off for the evening as well.

Heres to more kills in Catch :-)

December 2, 2010

1 Day 2 Losses

Couple days ago I took a snipe HAC gang out heading north. I jump out of Fountain we snagged a Fatal Ascension Muninn, all by his lonesome self. Heading North, I received intel that Wildly Innapropriate had a 50 man hac gang incoming. Given our numbers of 25 (including dictors/tacklers) I figured it would be a bad idea to engage.

Behind us was a smaller PL gang made up of mainly light stuff. We formed up at snipe position off the gate they would come in through, and watched as their scout bumped local in a Dramiel. He waited session timer and reapproached, but mis-timed his jump and bounced way off the gate. Within a couple seconds the Dramiel popped. As I was cloaked I didn't get to whore on the mail :-(

Dramiel pilot wasn't happy, as local chat lit up. But we had no time to chat. PL had turned around and was burning away, and WI was very close to catching us. We started burning on the tails of PL, local bumping behind us.

I had dictor leave FU bubbles behing for several jumps until we got clear. Instead of Pure Blind we headed to Syndicate. No targets to be found, until I jumped into FD-...

I entered FD- local with snipe hac gang 1j behind. 11 neuts, scan showed clear. I broke cloak and started aligning off gate with the intention to drop probes (usually there is a gate camp in that system, with off gate warp points). As soon as I dropped cloak all hell broke loose...

3x Sabre decloaked as well as a bomber and a Falcon. I immediately started reapproach, but was webbed by at least 4 webs. Falcon got a jam cycle off immediately. I called gang into next door system; they were landing when I popped.

Whelp... I had been slapped in the face by the infamous Zhoul. The Sabres dealt the majority of the damage, and being a probe fit Rapier I didn't have much in the way of DPS (Rapiers usually don't anyways). Not that it would have mattered, I was permajammed until I died. Pro camp and it got me.

I had King Kurt FC the fleet home, as I was in a fresh clone in 5-C. I went out with Easley on a Vaga + Rupture roam (I have a new found love for the ruppy). For some odd reason, my MWD was bugged. I noticed it in our first fight in Curse. I needed to reapproach to get back into a system I had left to help Easley. I hit MWD and got the "due to external bla bla bla you cannot MWD" message, the one that usually means you're scrammed. Except I was the only person in local and wasn't scrammed. This continued to be an issue, and about 15 min later it killed me.

I jumped into a gate camp, with a ceptor on gate. The rest of his gang was camping a drag bubble 50km off the gate. I saw why when an Initiative bomber landed in the bubble and the pounced on it. Figuring this was a good time to try and make it back in my 1600mm plated triple trimarked Rupture of pwn... I broke cloak and spanked MWD.

Except the MWD spat out that error message again and my glorious reapproach turned into a crawl back to gate.

All was well until that lone ceptor on gate noticed and tackled me. I held onto hope as his point was not followed up by a web.

I continued crawling to gate... but my hopes were dashed when DPS from the bubble campers started impacting. But... my tank was holding!

Then I saw the webs ensnare my ship... and my crawl turned into a really slow crawl. 5km off the gate I died.

Seems to be my theme lately, killed on reapproach. I filed a petition, not that the Rupture was that expensive. It was more the fact that CCP failed and I now have a lossmail I shouldn't. Playing with a Russian Goonswarm gang, cynabal and Maelstrom that evening with Easley and a gate camp that shouldn't have gotten me got me. Damn the new patch and its fail.

Ideally I would have reapproached and jumped through, the campers all agressed except for one lone ceptor that had jumped through in case I made it. That ceptor would have died or warped off.

Oh well.

Until next time...