November 23, 2011

Nyx Down!

Kula Kains Nyx in a known password pos not orbiting or on approach.

Unprobable Machariels make good bumping ships when retro fitted.

Their intel didn't know a thing. In fact they didn't even know what happened until I posted the mail in local after we had bridged out and left.

It was in local, in addressbook and never logged off.

[09:09:45] kula kain > yeah we logged him off over an hour ago
[09:09:52] kula kain > dunno why he was still sitting there
[09:10:00] kula kain > we could not log back in either
[09:10:07] kula kain > we peitioning

Reality was, he had no clue we were watching (as we have been griefing there for 2 weeks) no clue it was being bumped out and it took 2 min for a report of 60 -A- in 46dp to even hit intel. He figured out he was dead when we bridged out with GF and I posted the mail.

Good news is... Kula Kain's contract was big enough to buy him another Nyx.

[09:19:35] kula kain > no i know vlade gave it to themn
[09:19:39] kula kain > fucking stupid fuck
[09:19:46] kula kain > him and imperian
[09:25:09] Vlade Randal > lol
[09:25:19] Vlade Randal > i dont know your pos passwords noob
[09:26:39] LuceOscura > i bet it was w33d
[09:48:43] Vlade Randal > he thinks i gave away his pos password and disowned me

The password was: superhigh

How did I get it? I guessed

November 11, 2011

Fight in Omist

BR: Got home from work, we wiped out a fleet in 66-. Canaris and Maka FC'd, and basically lost a couple ships for quite a few sub caps killed. Onlined a couple TCU's while killing theirs (they had like 5 or something).

We babysat for hours, killing idiots in 46dp. We reinforced some POS' and some systems around Tenerifis. Getting late, losing USTZ and RUTZ is waking up... we get wind of hostile form up about 1 hr before onlining. With about 35 sub caps, 2 titans and some motherships we readied ourselves. Hostiles had 100ish sub caps and 15 supers. With 66- spiking we finally got cyno on nulli pos and jumped in our supers. It was spooky, but we approached shields and readied to rep the TCU.

Hostiles landed on POS and the fight began. Maka and I were capping titans and we decided balls to the wall and jumped them into the fight hoping for no massive bumps. At this point the hostile supers had already jumped in, and they primaried one of our Nyxs. He made it into pos in half armor, and they continued shooting our sub caps. Guardians did an excellent job and Maka and I went to town on the sub caps with our titans. Whittling down their sub caps, my Avatar was primaried. Casually I tried to re configure and realized the idiot next to me in a Nyx wasn't configured...


Turned out the Nyx duder wasn't even on comms (found that out after the fight). Lucky for me the moment I noticed a ticker up of yellow boxes on that toon I had started approaching shields, and I coasted in at just under half armor. They primaried the TCU and our reps could not keep up. TCU #1 died. We continued fighting, and 2 min later popped a cyno bringing in additional supers to the fight. At this point the enemy FC realized he was in a really bad position due to lack of bubbles, fighting on a hostile pos where primaries can get safe, and the fact his shit was bubbled. We primaried the first Nyx... he jumped out. Second, third and fourth primaries weren't so lucky and stayed bubbled. They died alone, as the rest of the supers jumped out.

TCU #2 onlined, and Nulli now owns the system.

October 23, 2011

Capital Kills

The war in Catch is progressing rapidly. White Noise is finding most of its friends moving on, Raiden to Querious, NC. back north and the other Russian Alliances of the DRF back home.

NYNC's quest for revenge is grinding to a halt much as the German advance did outside of Moscow in WW2.

This week has led to many capital kills, from the dropping of my titan on El Pampa's carrier repping group in Tenerifis to the Nyx kill.

The Nyx kill was especially fun, as we had just lost 3GD6 sov to a titan blob from White Noise, and an unsuccesful bomber run on the White Noise fleet. Intel had reports of a Nyx solo'ing MVN SBUs in Tenerifis, so James Kordent went to check it out. The SBUs were in place from an MVN led offensive on the Irukandji Alliance who had embarked on a land grab a month ago.

The Nyx was indeed in system plinking at SBUs, and spooked by James warped to a safe spot where he was probed out before cloaking. We bridged in and tackled-waiting for a White Noise counter drop from their nearby CTA fleet.

it never came.

Our secondary cyno was put up by me and in came our supercarriers, who ripped apart the Nyx.

Last night I participated in a corp roam, Makalu was a guest and off we went to HED-

White Noise has moved their base of operations to HED- and frankly its a fun place to shoot stupid people. On the way there we snagged a Drake and Arazu camping, and as we neared destination our eyes reported some unusual activity in HED-.

A small Abaddon fleet was formed with some random shiptypes intermixed with what appeared to be triage carriers. Then a dreadnaught warped in to the SV5 gate at range and started shooting a blue... We assumed the Baddon fleet was for us, but were perplexed as we shouldn't have been on the WN "grid" yet.

We were prepping our attack from 2j out when local spiked with a blue fleet... Black Aces and trainee's. This was what the WN fleet had been formed for! We found their fleet on our comms and had them fleet up. At this point the oddball Abaddon fleet had jumped into SV5 and the dreadnaught was back on station... but the game wasn't over. I sent in the original Black Aces gang members (as my fleet was unscouted) and had them warp to HED- gate at 0, and sit point blank on the hostile fleet. I jumped in as well to guide the engagement from my cloaked Falcon. The hostiles sat... who would blink first?

I sent the Black Aces Broadsword through into HED- and had him bubbled up, then told everyone to manually point. WN sat there... not moving.

I then jumped in my gang, showing my Aces High hand. They started to align off, but were pointed. I jumped my fleet through into HED- and had them reapporach....

Finally WN blinked and engaged. My fleet jumped in and with the huge Scimitar composition due to MVN being pro at logi, we held the field and hostiles were taking losses.

Much to my astonishment a White Noise cyno went up.

Ok, so no surprise there.

In came at first one, then 2 then 3 hostile carriers.


We continued beating the hell out of their support, then when they started deaggressing and jumping back into HED- it was party time. We started on the Chimera, worked him into low shield when me and maka finally agreed that no, this was not some kind of elaborate trap and yes, these guys were simply really bad at EVE.

I popped my cyno, we dropped supers and finished them off.

From local:

[04:40:52 ] jabbastunog > tbh
[04:40:55 ] jabbastunog > I'm laughing
[04:41:23 ] jabbastunog > natural selection
[04:57:45 ] Makalu Zarya > also one little point
[04:57:51 ] Makalu Zarya > arties can't hit a broad side of a barn at 0
[04:57:58 ] Makalu Zarya > when the barn is bc size and smaller
[04:58:27 ] Makalu Zarya > u guys should really try putting AMARR guns on AMARR ships
[04:58:48 ] Count Atreides > who are you again?
[04:59:00 ] Makalu Zarya > someone far smarter than you
[04:59:25 ] Count Atreides > ROFL.. yeah thats why I am on the winning side.. with real FC
[05:06:10 ] jabbastunog > ty for teaching nub a valuable lesson

October 18, 2011

NYNC Caught on Film

It was tough, but -A- managed to grab a photo of the infamous NYNC, leader of WN

October 5, 2011

News for Eve?

Very little chatter on 2 nights in a row fights in C3. 21 billion killed 4.5 billion lost.

Oh and a RA pet titan down too...

Kugus has had a little chatter but delve is obviously a hot spot.

Eve News hasn't commented on it at all, and they are hard up for any stories they can get.... which raises suspicions on a DRF payout for "propaganda" reasons.

If true.... lol

Another possible fight tonight, with a dead alliance vs the bLob coalition.

October 3, 2011

Fight in C3

C3 Ihub came out tonight. 3 hrs before timer we dropped sbus in CZK, killed a bunch of jagged alliance ships and then formed for C3. With 1 Avatar 1 Erebus and 1 Leviathan (if you count the Levi) along with a handful of supercarriers, we set up shop in jammer pos.

30 min before timer on ihub first few RA start popping into system. Dictor and a Damnation warped to one of our titans and sat there for a 10 seconds. Lossmail later showed cyno on damnation-I'm sure he was trying to light cyno for the RA supers/titans that had just mass logged in. Ooops. Then they warped off, and local bumped 80ish RA. They came in on our pos and died. Lots died. Then they left local for 20ish min. Raiden fell for the decoys set out and was in position to help out the jagged alliance pets in CZK, and were out of position for the initial fight in C3.

Our subcap fleet finally showed up, all 40 of them in alpha shield fleet.

Jagged and Raiden moved over and along with the ra pets controlled chaos and RA reshipped they came back. Fights happened in system on ihub/gate/pos, with our 2 titans (levi didn't count) and our small subcap gang against a hostile fleet size of 150-180 depending on the time. Total fight lasted around 3 hrs, and after one bad warp in we lost most of the what was left of our subcap fleet and decided to call it. Battle was pretty fun, fun to think what would have happened if we had more titans.

To the hostiles-now you know why we don't fight you when you have 10 titans on field.... its just ridiculous how overpowered titans are on battleships at this point.

After almost 4 hours of fighting (and 10 billion in losses), the DRF/pets fleet finally reinforced the ihub.



September 20, 2011

September 14, 2011


This about sums up the warp thus far:

Perseus Kallistratos: 2011-09-14 19:14:52 Nync is so shit he can't even kill a solo roaming ship without his titan."

Also, its been interesting to see DRF in action, or tbh, not in action. They do a about one day of reinforcing a week and then ask Raiden and NC. to do all the work for them in USTZ.

Raiden and NC., being bitches for DRF, do as they are told and form up. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Also, with the agreement between Goons and DRF, Raiden and NC. have been able to move back south without fear of being hit in the rear by Goons. With their precious CCP Gems (tech moons) secure they continue to serve their masters under the guise of "we just want good PVP"

Raiden, turning down the opportunity to fight Goons to server their masters, has been an example of what not to do in the post-IT Alliance world. Many made fun of Avi for choosing -A-, but look where the political arena has taken us now? Most interesting. At least EVOL joined INIT instead of being someone else's hooker.

MVN is enjoying being a part of -A- and friends, a small coalition that is truly standing against the majority of 0,0 EVE.

September 2, 2011


As EVE has been very busy for me lately I haven't had much time to post. The war has been going in a direction we didn't think it would, namely we aren't getting steam rolled and our coalition is holding fast and having fun.

I will try to post more updates while mainting OPSEC. Its a tough balance.

Fly safe 0/

July 27, 2011

CCP Wins Again

The past few days we received reports WN intended to drop a station in T-R. Since CVA was dumb enough to TCU but not ihub the system it wasn't hard for WN to kill TCU and drop their own.

We killed 3 TCUs and WN onlined another.

This one made it and they dropped ihub. Last night we reinforced ihub and our sbus went invuln. According to what we had been told, you couldn't drop a station in a system with online sbus, and ours were invulnerable so we were good, right?

Apparently not. WN dropped station, our sbus are still invulnerable. So, thanks ccp, for one more fail mechanic-stacked on top of the little gems you dispersed only up north which allow for an endless supply of isk.

Funny as that isk stream is, WN has so far gone cheap and hired their pet NC. only. Sort of like outsourcing to Chinese sweat shop workers-their quality is shit but they do make it for cheaper.

We'll see what happens-Solar and XXdeathXX are joining the part now too, as WN and pets can't do it alone :)

July 24, 2011


Earlier in the day, Tenerifis was SBU'd by Controlled Chaos. Possibly in conjunction with SBUing of Providence systems by WN. We nuked SBUs with DNS and Imperial Order in Tenerifis, while skirmishes took out the Controlled Chaos fleet.

WN formed up in Y-MP with (mainly) Artyabaddons, with very few Guardians. They moved to T-RP with about 100 in fleet. We formed up and held on HED- jb. NC. formed up in their Providence system of GN7 and waited on titan. Cascade and -A- jumped into T-R from D-GTMI and warped to 0km on the TCU where WN was shooting the TCU at 0km. As soon as -A- jumped in NC. bridged just under 100 to a cyno 300 off the TCU. They warped to an off grid and back down to the fight at 0km as well.

Fighting was terrible for WN, who only had 3 Guardians, and we expected carriers was the reason for terrible logistics. Eight minutes in the carriers dropped: 2 Thanatos from and 2 Archons. The reps were not enough to keep up and White Noise was decimated. They warped off field leaving NC. to die.

White Noise called for supers but could not muster enough to drop.

Both Archons died but the 1 Thanatos got out. NC. was smarter and actually brought Guardians. They fought well, but left alone on field NC. took a beating and eventually warped out what was left of their fleet.

White Noise sat at 0km with Artillery Abaddons (and one Autocannon Abaddon?) and died terribly. NC. gave a good fight, but after White Noise bailed they were outnumbered.

CVA came in bombers and bombed the middle of the fleet fight, which was mainly our fleet, but they showed up too :)

SBUs died, White Noise POS in T-R reinforced.

Will post fraps later tonight after processing.

Fraps from the fight

July 10, 2011

CCP wtf for real

In the middle of an op and what?

Server crashes.

Log in a gain.

Server crashes.

Nothing like leaving 150 guys hanging in the middle of nowhere.

CCP please stop failing at almost everything.

But hey-at least we can walk in a small room now... right...

oh wait I checked the disable box too

July 8, 2011

Aborted :)

Small Gang = Fun Times

Last night we took a small gang into Derelikt. It ended with my triple rep Myrmidon dying 15 minutes into its inaugural voyage.


We reformed into a 5 man gang... Sabre Cyna Cane Vengeance and Falcon. Off we went into Curse.

First kill was easy, and made me smile. I'm cloaked in Utopia on Litom gate while Easley is picking fights with Sedition in Hemin. Of course, Sedition aren't playing, but +2 in Utopia (probably from Doril) and a couple familiar names warp in on gate. Drake and Tempest.

Drake jumps into gang, while Tempest sits. I break cloak and let him know I'm here, and ready to drop bubble the moment his velocity increases.

It doesn't, he jumps, so I bubble and jump. Easley starts on his way from Hemin as we all wait in Litom for their decloaks.

Funnily enough, Tempest breaks first so we primary him. Easley swears he will tackle the Drake, who finally breaks and starts crashing the gate. Tempest first burns away and then towards the gate and dies. I wrote "karma bitch" in local, as these were 2 of the 3 man gang who killed me in low sec. Easley lands in a fat ugly Domi and isn't able to point the Drake before he warps out of my bubble on the other side.

We jumped Utopia and see cyno up, warp to station cyno and theres a nice ol Rapier. Jams on carrier, Rapier goes pop. We post up on Hemin gate and another cyno goes up, Arazu, and several carriers jump in. None of the carriers will aggress of course, and some ex We Form Voltron starts spewing in local about how terrible we are and pages up chat 2x before we finally answer. He was pissed about the Rapier methinks.

Moving on we killed an Imperial Navy Slicer that was moving on our route. In K-Q we reapproached in-gate, and I cloaked. In he came, as soon as he broke cloak I dropped mine and bubbled. Perfect delay bubble and he sat there and died without moving.

As we are looting the wreck some dude in a Falcon jumps in, who has a Dramiel still in RMOC-. We go for decloak but he was either outside or on the edge of the bubble, and he gets away. Smack ensues in local.

[ 2011.07.08 08:03:01 ] EVE System > Channel changed to K-QWHE Local Channel
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:10 ] Visanoline > noobs
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:15 ] Perseus Kallistratos > wow
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:18 ] Perseus Kallistratos > took you awhile
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:24 ] Perseus Kallistratos > clean the shit out of your pants?
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:28 ] Arnao > he shit himself and had to clean up thats why
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:29 ] Arnao > ha
[ 2011.07.08 08:07:41 ] Perseus Kallistratos > too bad bubble was up from the navy slicer...

So down the pipe we go into VOL-, and reapproach 8G gate. I'm sure the Falcon/Dram combo will be around shortly so we set up shop. Easley solo's a Thrasher who aggresses his Vengeance (yes, he took it solo) and we wait. Sure enough, Dram jumps in. on reaaproach he bounces off the gate in decloaks me hiding above it.


So we play for a minutes and I put him in low shield and he jumps. We set up again, and sure enough in he comms. This time, of all the places he spawns on gate-his re approach vector is right through me.

I decloak again.

Thinking his Falcon is probably on other side I jump. Yup, there they were... warping 150 off gate. So I burn for 10 seconds, calling in Darkside in his Cynabal and at 105 I cloak and drift. Dark warps off, then too sun, then to me at 100... landing 15 off the little gang of Guardian (wtf?) Falcon and Dramiel. Falcon burns away, tries to jam Darkside but fails and Falcon/Dram warps.leaving the pointed Guardian.

[ 2011.07.08 08:43:02 ] Perseus Kallistratos > Visanoline sup

Gang is now over 150km off VOL- and my gang jumping in warps right to Dark and gets secondary points. I motor over in my Sabre and drop a bubble and WHOOOO my shields go down 40%?

Dramiel back on field, Falcon too. Maybe my smack brought them back, maybe the fact that we are noobs brough him back. Regardless, Falcon is stuck in bubble but motoring away so we all drop points on Guardian, who is in low armor and stuck in middle of bubble and kill Falcon. Static keeps jams on Dramiel, whos drones are slowly eating me but I am doing ok. Falcon pops, Dramiel insta-dies and we finish off the Guardian.

[ 2011.07.08 08:44:58 ] Arnao > lol
[ 2011.07.08 08:45:02 ] Easley Thames > gf
[ 2011.07.08 08:45:05 ] Easley Thames > nice gang comp
[ 2011.07.08 08:56:04 ] EVE System > Channel changed to VOL-MI Local Channel

I jumped into VOL to catch the last pod, who had warped to the gate twice at 50 (yeah I know..)

[ 2011.07.08 08:56:24 ] Visanoline > Perseus Kallistratos noob
[ 2011.07.08 08:56:31 ] Perseus Kallistratos > thanks for the fish

Smacking until the bitter end :)

As it was 4am for me we headed back to the barn and called it a good night. My unhappiness with a Myrmidon loss was more than made up for.

June 28, 2011

Providence is Back

Easley and I set out into Providence last night after a botched drop on dreads due to a sleepy scout. In low-sec we found a Chimera, and after checking 2 anomalies and an empty moon Easley finally found him in a belt-mining.


June 26, 2011


So EVEnews24 ran a story about the horrific battle where my fleet got killed in 1DH (couple articles ago).

I had wto titans on my mail and we fought outnumbered 3-1 (and no, we weren't in bombers lol)

So we had this fight-Easley even posted it to EVENews, Riverini said he would write about it twice....


Tonight we went to support Nulli for a timer, got to system, and one bad warp in we lost half our hacs to bombers. Guessing they were set up for Nullis gang, and we dropped to close to the ihub. They bombed us on jump in-but we didn't lose anyone.

So we limped to a safe and watched Nulli leave local-and I saw in my chat "we're leaving"

So we made it out somehow, with 17 left in gang and a 40 man bc gang with about 40 bombers.

Terrible.I thought I was going to lose the whole fleet.

Wish we could have had a fight of some sort, but instead 4 bombing runs (1 was successful) later we left for home, with only 3 recon kills and a Hurricane kill.

Oh well. I was fighting MM in Delve... what should I have expected?

June 23, 2011


So we are sitting on titan in 49-, waiting to bridge on a fight against overwhelming odds (which we did) when I get a convo:

[ 2011.06.22 20:53:07 ] Leitz Black > heya
[ 2011.06.22 20:53:13 ] Perseus Kallistratos > word
[ 2011.06.22 20:53:24 ] Leitz Black > This is getting a diplomatic issue here
[ 2011.06.22 20:53:46 ] Leitz Black > Can you stand down your fleet please?
[ 2011.06.22 20:53:51 ] Leitz Black > or move it somewhere else?
[ 2011.06.22 20:54:14 ] Leitz Black > We cannot maintane blue standings to -A- and MM co
[ 2011.06.22 20:54:27 ] Leitz Black > especially when we all have an op going on
[ 2011.06.22 20:54:33 ] Leitz Black > is Herculetz online?

at this point I invite Psyco to convo, as he is nicer and more diplomatic than me and I want to troll more than anything. Nye2K asks to be invited to so I bring him in.

[ 2011.06.22 20:54:41 ] Psyco Groupie > nopt atm
[ 2011.06.22 20:54:44 ] Psyco Groupie > not
[ 2011.06.22 20:55:27 ] nye 2k > o/
[ 2011.06.22 20:55:39 ] Leitz Black > 1 sec, in a middle of a hotdrop
[ 2011.06.22 20:55:40 ] nye 2k > sorry can i confirm collective will reset us if we keep shooting mm?
[ 2011.06.22 20:55:47 ] Leitz Black > No
[ 2011.06.22 20:56:57 ] nye 2k > so telling -a- to moving fleets is not a threat?
[ 2011.06.22 20:57:02 ] nye 2k > *move
[ 2011.06.22 20:57:18 ] Rat Hunter > yo
[ 2011.06.22 20:57:23 ] Hui Kwakimaro > o/
[ 2011.06.22 20:57:54 ] Rat Hunter > what's up?
[ 2011.06.22 20:58:42 ] nye 2k > nothing we're fine just we are being convoed asking us not to shoot mm effectively
[ 2011.06.22 20:58:55 ] Hui Kwakimaro > how is that working ?
[ 2011.06.22 20:58:57 ] Hui Kwakimaro >
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:01 ] nye 2k > not wel
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:12 ] nye 2k > i think we all know the response to that
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:33 ] Rat Hunter > that's a shame really
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:43 ] nye 2k > not really, its only pewpew

at this point I finally decide to talk because the situation is dumb

[ 2011.06.22 20:59:53 ] Perseus Kallistratos > this is bullshit
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > for the record
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:04 ] Rat Hunter > no, it's caled politics
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:10 ] nye 2k > and if i recall they reset us
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:12 ] Hui Kwakimaro > well it's kind of interupting our work up here
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:22 ] Perseus Kallistratos > which is shooting our allies
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:28 ] Perseus Kallistratos > last I checked?
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:33 ] Rat Hunter > what? Test? lol
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:40 ] Rat Hunter > and darkside?
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:45 ] Perseus Kallistratos > oh I must have been mistaken
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:49 ] nye 2k > no nullie etc
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:50 ] Perseus Kallistratos > that ROL TCU mail was a fake?
[ 2011.06.22 21:01:17 ] Hui Kwakimaro > system ?
[ 2011.06.22 21:01:42 ] nye 2k > lol know the deal
[ 2011.06.22 21:01:53 ] Hui Kwakimaro > they are in NOL not ROL space
[ 2011.06.22 21:01:55 ] nye 2k > MM came in reset us shoot our allies
[ 2011.06.22 21:02:14 ] nye 2k > they are going to be shot....get over it its pew pew
[ 2011.06.22 21:02:47 ] Rat Hunter > how's your love for test?
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:13 ] nye 2k > i think your on the wrong side of this discussion imo we arnttalking about test
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:24 ] Perseus Kallistratos > listen. you are sucking the dick of MM, who has decided to engage in sov warfare rather than just good fights. end of story
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:38 ] Rat Hunter > incorrect, they are the target of us & mm
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:45 ] Rat Hunter > so very relevant
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:52 ] nye 2k > we are talking ref the super hotdrops etc....supers are going to bring us this wrong to do?
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:06 ] Rat Hunter > not at all
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:14 ] nye 2k > ether way ball is in your court...we are not going to stop shooting mm
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:24 ] nye 2k > let me know the outcome of this fact
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:26 ] Rat Hunter > I'm just talking about tonight, and what's up right now
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:39 ] nye 2k > lol whats happening right now?
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:41 ] Rat Hunter > don't care about what they did and what their plans are tbh
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:56 ] Perseus Kallistratos > why don't we bring Imperian into this convo-hes pro lol
[ 2011.06.22 21:05:10 ] Rat Hunter > we are butchering test

I disconnected for a second here

[ 2011.06.22 21:08:03 ] Rat Hunter > not complaining, just asking politely
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:24 ] Rat Hunter > can you stand down or not?
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:27 ] nye 2k > ok fair enough and we are politely declining this offer MM are our targets not you
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:35 ] Rat Hunter > alright
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:40 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and killing test
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:46 ] Perseus Kallistratos > is like beating up on retarded children
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:50 ] nye 2k > imo we would kill test as well :P
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:53 ] Perseus Kallistratos > everyone slaughters them-its nothing special
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:08 ] Rat Hunter > why don't you? they blue to AAA?
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:14 ] nye 2k > no
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:14 ] Perseus Kallistratos > yes
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:16 ] Perseus Kallistratos > test is blue
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:20 ] Perseus Kallistratos > have been for months
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:22 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we never shoot them
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:23 ] Rat Hunter > oh dear
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:42 ] Rat Hunter > anyways... killing test is mercy killing
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:11 ] nye 2k > hehe well at least we came to a agreement can i thus consider this as closed?
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:26 ] Rat Hunter > yeah I think we can safely say so
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:31 ] Leitz Black >
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:37 ] Rat Hunter > was worth a try
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:45 ] Rat Hunter > happy trails
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:48 ] Leitz Black > have fun o/

EDIT: Afterwards in a loose FC channel set up by TJ:

[ 2011.06.22 21:42:04 ] Toma > well pk we are not coming to shoot AAA * for now
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:19 ] Perseus Kallistratos > let me know when you do
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:22 ] Toma > silly you put uss in this spot
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:24 ] Perseus Kallistratos > you guys die really easy
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:29 ] TOUNSI > lol
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:31 ] Toma > lol
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:34 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and you and your buddies had more than enough
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:40 ] Perseus Kallistratos > didn't need help from BORG
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:57 ] Toma > we had 56 on titan

Then again -MVN- was joining Collective's new alliance according to some sources................


Today Collective went blue on blue and got reset.

I smiled.

June 22, 2011

Fight in Delve

Today I was looking for a fight in Delve-and waited for almost an hour before we bridged into 1DH with 65 in an alpha fleet.

MM gave us our fight, as they had 150 in MM fleet alone, then had another 30-40 with Brick Squad as well as supers they warped onto field. Needless to say we killed quite a few but my fleet died of course. Feeling around fleet was "good fight". We had fun despite going into a situation that probably meant most would die.

Delve is starting to look less and less promising. Support from allies in the area is feeble, Nulli are walking on sunshine after beating up on test over and over again (as are MM) and coordination is pretty terrible. MM won't fight without NC mindset numbers (3-1 Odds or more, no troll). Taking a fight with even numbers is out of the question. We reinforced their staging pos 2 days ago with 60 and with 150 in local they wouldn't form or fight... and last night we went to fight their gang repping pos and we only had 25... we took the fight, broke about even on kills and left. They refused to fight off their pos and supers/carrier reps. That mentality of lets have fun and get a fight is overshadowed by "I'm afraid to lose my ship" and their FC mentality of "I refuse to engage without 3x numbers"

This kind of warfare is so typical of EVE these days, very few people will jump their gangs into superior numbers to have fun or rely on skills to come out ahead. My hat goes off to PL, who up until recently did do this time and time again.

At least Traderjohn, whom I speak with often, admits his alliance is still stuck in this mentality. The average MM grunt however, still thinks he is pro at pvp.

Ignorance is bliss.

I suppose the funniest part of this was Collective convoing me and telling me I was causing a diplomatic incident, as they have MM blue. They told me without exact words if I didn't stand down they would shoot me. Due to the fact that their MM and Brick brethren had over 200 on field with me allowed them to not carry through with their threat, although they dropped a parting shot of "well we had 50 on titan waiting"...

gratz on the formup I guess :)

June 18, 2011

Fights in Catch, Delve and Querious

I woke up today and signed on to find out we had a "duel" arranged. Hopping into my arty Tempest I joined the fleet and waited, and soaked up the information from the RU FCs of -A-.

Sure enough our opponents arrived and we bridged into V-3 and the fight was on. We had significantly more alpha than they and their Drakes were no match. We also had significant logistics and they did an excellent jump keeping our fleet members alive. Our only fail was lack of bubbles-we could have finished off the majority of their gang towards then end but let them escape.

We then reshipped to fight a small frig gang incoming, and dropped on top of them. Successfully killing their Cynabal and Vaga I sent most of the fleet back to reship to fight an incoming Initiative fleet when out of nowhere a Red Alliance gang came into local.

Uh oh.

Sure enough some 30-40 RA landed on gate next to my cyno Broadsword. I told the few remaining fleet members babysitting me to GTFO and watched astounded as RA jumped the gate. I was told they were re-approaching, however, and was scrambling to get my fleet back on my titan in GE-. A few RA had stayed on this side and tackled me, shooting me  now that they were sure I was alone. I bridged in fleet and my cyno cycle ended immediately after. We approached gate and jumped through as I tired to split them. We reapproached on the other side and waited. Sure enough, RA jumped after us (the ones without aggro). We jumped back through and found the RA fleet members waiting out aggression and started firing on them. Despite having a smaller fleet our battleships held field and knocked down many expensive ships while taking less expensive losses of our own

People were catching up with gang at this point and when RA/SOLAR disengaged we hunted down a few stragglers, but also skewed the initial battle report. Had we taken fight without splitting their fleet it would have been bad.

As we were mopping up Initiative showed up with a large fleet. I re formed in GE- and cyno'd into U-Q local hoping for a fight.

Initiative logged off.

I took fleet home and we took a small break when I got convo'd, reminding me of the timer we had created the day before.

So we started off to J-L, as the MM tower was coming out of reinforce. A couple jumps out Progod confirmed contact with the MM fleet and we changed our heading to reinforce his fleet. Landing on field in D-3 we found triage carriers and on our way to the 319- where MM was de-aggressing we helped pop them. Jumping into 319- we mopped up, effectively sandwiching MM.


On our way home we knocked down a small RZR bomber/Falcon gang and I called it for the day. Good fights were had. Initiative had a fleet in FAIL space... but again they would not fight-this time we had better numbers so I can't say I blame them.

Progod summed up MM's fight pretty well with this quote:
"I have decided, that MM abaddon fleets should now be referred to as snow flake fleet, as people literally just fit them in their own special way . I look forward to seeing the fits from today's fight."

J-L Sov Battle

A couple days ago I took out a snipe hac fleet. as luck would have it MM was hitting a ROL system in Delve so we went to assist. After forming up about 45 in fleet with a healthy number of logistics we set out.
I gave the primarily EUTZ fleet members a brief run down on snipe hacs after it became apparent many of them were unfamiliar with the tactics and strategies employed when using this specialized fleet composition.

We hit 2 out from destination when I jumped into K-6 and found a number of RZR in local. Having seen them earlier in reported light ships with a couple of random battleships I scanned and found a ceptor had appeared on directional. My cloak dropped and I sat there, and sure enough an interceptor from RZR landed. Worried he may jump into my waiting gang and spoil the surprise I was relieved when instead he approached and tackled me, settling into a tight orbit. I played AFK and waited patiently as his gang arrived. First a couple of bombers, then a Tempest and Maelstrom and a few others. As their damage finally took my shields to 40% I called the gang in and melted everything. We then proceeded to destination system where 160 or so BRICK and MM had just killed an ROL TCU and were onlining their own.

ROL entered local and we warped in at range with them to the MM tower. Supercapitals were on field, and the fighting was rough as MM had good numbers and were dipping in and out of POS shields. With some secondary FCs providing good warp ins we danced on and off the field looking for good kills and maybe a fight... but MM refused to leave the POS. ROL took a beating and had to disengage-Nulli and FAIL had formed up by this time, however, and were inbound so we continued to harass MM on their pos. At one point I noticed the Leviathan yellow, then red box my Broadsword. Knowing a DD was incoming I warped off field. Upon later discussion with Traderjohn he did indeed confirm he tried to DD me :)

Backup arrived along with a reformed ROL fleet and the POS was reinforced and onlining MM TCU destroyed. We took a few ceptor losses but no hacs or logistics despite being heavily outnumbered on a hostile pos. Logi's did a great job and for a fleet not well versed in snipe hacs they followed orders well enough to keep themselves alive and get some kills.

Fun times.


June 17, 2011

June 15, 2011

DOS Attack...

Once again-we find ourselves unable to play the game we pay CCP for, some of us with more than 1 account.

Anyone else feel that their inability to contain the situation so far is embarassing and maybe some skillpoints or free game time is in order???

June 14, 2011

Yong Baby

Deciding to take a break from 0.0 for a couple days, Easley and I took some of the crew to Yong, our low sec playground. I hoped for some actual small gang warfare, as Curse is a joke with Sedition (thanks for the titan kill btw) and Darkside (wrong TZ).

So with me in a Machariel and Easley in a Maelstrom we roamed up towards CVA in Mamet. Not getting fights from anything and wanting to avoid the Provi-blob we headed towards Kheram. In Rephirab I jumped into 16 in local-which is very odd for that system.

I inspected each character and found a hodge podge of everything-only 2 sets of same corp characters. Confused by this I warped to Kheram gate at 100 and there they were... camping the gate in every ship you can think of! I saw Raven, Sleipnir, Tengu, Abaddon, Drakes, Myrmidons, Brutix, Harbinger, Hyperion, and some others I can't even remember.

Raven immediately GCC'd on me and started spitting cruise missiles. Sleipnir and Tengu were burning me out... I thought about going for a quick gank and decided against it, as Easley was 2j away and fit more for brawl not kite and fight.

We rolled back to Yong, re shipped and grabbed 2 more Mavs. 2x Geddon 1x Dominix and 1x Tempest, a small RRBS gang. Easley and I agreed if they took the fight and weren't as terrible as I hoped we would lose.

Off we went, jumping into Rephirab and straight to Kheram gate. Off gate was a GCC'd BC, we jumped on contact. I broke cloak first as I had only 1 rep and watched as 2 of them warped off to a group safed up 200km off.

I couldn't believe it... they wouldn't take the fight!

We tackled Abaddon and Huginn-Huginn instapopped with guns and us and Abaddon went down slowly but surely. CVA even laughed in local at our anti-pirate work. Fits were... interesting.

After some smack talk and approval from CVA for our excellent anti-pirate work we headed back to Yong. We tried to kill a Raven in Biphi but 2x points weren't enough for what was probably a full rack of warp core stabs. Saddened and about to go to bed I sent one of my alts to high sec to park.

Tabbing over to warp the toon to a station I noticed an Obelisk at 0 on the gate to low-sec.


Quickly cycling to low-sec I noticed same corp toon in local-scan showed a self named Buzzard. Yelling to Easley I got gang on the gate from Yong to Gemodi. Easley went in in his Arazu, which was at half armor. Fearing gate guns would kill him, I had him dock to rep. As he docked... Obelisk jumped in.


We jumped in and warped Hibi but it was too late... freighter was off. After some choice words we decided to try something else in the hopes he was not too bright.

Logging off all ships on Gemodi undock we kept neut eyes online and waited... Gemodi is a kickout station and we might get lucky.

Time passed by... and a few minutes later he undocked.

"Log in gogogogogogogogogogo"

Easley called first point with his trusty Arazu, and out battleships landed on grid a moment later, positioned above the freighter-perfect. MWDs on and a few bumps later freighter was drifting down and away, hopelessly out of docking range.

Two minutes later... Obelisk down.

I logged off smiling

Yellow boxes appeared and I aligned towards sun. Raven GCC'd at 100+ KM and started tanking gate guns, Sleipnir and Tengu started burning me out.

Debating on whether to try and knock down the Tengu I de

May 28, 2011


The move was not fun-towing my car whilst driving a large truck with my motorcycle inside over the Rocky Mountains is a pain-the wind just wants to push you off the road and the truck and trailer aren't exactly low-profiile.

But, I made it to destination and have been fairly active the last couple weeks with EVE.

-A- made a push in Tenerifis and Feythabolis to ease pressure of the Northern Coalition (I have mixed feelings on that) and to more importantly prevent the rise of a Hegemon with mixed morals.

I've gotten plenty of good fights around the area during USTZ. Yesterday we took a fight with Jagged Alliance, and due to Scimitars on our side being awesome and Scimitars on their side being terrible, we managed to annihilate their gang with less numbers.

Basically Easley jumped into Hemin from RMOC- in a Drake, while I held in a Tempest in RMOC-. Gang was held 2 away in K-Q as their were neutral eyes in RMOC, which we assumed were Mikes Cleanup Crew (~irony~).

He was scouting them out as I jumped into RMOC- and reapproached. I noticed an Arazu on the gate at 0, who must have arrived after Easley warped to station. I locked him up and... he pointed me?

Easley was in warp back to me when local bumped- lots. Easleys calculation (he keeps a careful watch on local counts) was 28. We had about 20.

He lands and we blow up the Arazu as their gang lands. I counted 3-4 Scimitars on their side, and had called gang into RMOC- the moment local bumped. About 5 seconds after the Jagged gang had landed ours bumped local and the fight was one.

I was immediate primary but got great reps from Scimitars. I instructed all ECM drones on one Scimi, neuted the second and primaried the third. First Scimi down, then we primaried Tengu. He was getting good reps so we cycled on command back to second scimi. He dropped fast and back to Tengu, who went down.

Reps were given out very well, they had a Falcon and some other ships get away (ones that seemed to never aggress, and instead jumped straight into RMOC-) but battle report is here

Almost got their Falcon, and the battle report is a bit misleading as they only killed 2 of our ships, so a good portion of their fleet never made it :)

Mikes cleanup crew warped in with battlestars in the middle of the fight, but instead of taking advantage of either party they warped off and hid in their POS in Hemin.


I'm honestly tired of those guys-they quote blob when we bring 15 interceptors for their 10 battlecruisers-or when we have even numbers its still a blob. The only time its a ~good fight~ is when they have overwhelming numbers...

Jagged on the other hand-good fight dudes. I remember as the gang landed and the fight started Easley said "dude we have to get out of here". We were in it thick already and I just said "no we're taking this fight".

A few minutes later the fleet was ecstatic as we had mopped up what could have been a disaster.

In hindsight the Scimitars made a difference-huge difference-for both sides. But the few scared pilots on the Jagged side who chose to never aggress and retain the option to jump the gate into RMOC- also made a difference. That extra firepower was sorely needed, and the pilots on our side had no such misgivings, instead trusting the FC to lead them to victory. You MUST have that attitude in a fight or you will screw your side royally.

We ran into Garmins alt (one of the top killers ever) and he took us for an Onyx and Stiletto that tried to lock his Machariel down... but I guess if you're gonna get killed it might as well be from someone great and not someone terrible.

CVA has been pretty active-I logged off in Yong yesterday morning and upon leaving got ganked by gate campers in X-R3. Unfortunate but it was only a Hurricane, and we've been farming them pretty heavily.

I was recently called out on Kugu-which made me laugh as the two faggots who did were terrible anyways, bitter test and bitter ex MVN turned CVA pet. Dunn Idaho used to be an officer in MVN and tried to scoop a ship that was ejected from in Yong with someones jump freighter.

Yes I know-you can't scoop ships from space into a jump freighter... but he didn't know. So it got tackled and died and instead of taking a temporary demotion for being an idiot Dunn Idaho emo rage quit and eventually joined Amarr militia corp CORIM so he could be a pet to the very people he jeered at in local while in MVN.

~Irony Overload~

So now he hates MVN-oh well

Props to CVA for the 3 supercarrier kills-too bad they don't have the firepower (yet) to take them down solo but having friends nearby is always a good idea for any coalition. I'm sure given another few months we will see CVA rise again, and that should be fun!

April 21, 2011


Easley linked me this thread

So I posted to see what would happen. The guy gave me 50 mill in isk. It was actually legit.

Nice to see some people are still out there not scamming!

-A- hits White Noise

So, for anyone who follows null sec politics, its old news now that -A- has opened up a southern front with White Noise. So far as I'm aware there is no "hiring" or "payment" for this action. Its simply repaying an old debt.

Not that I think many in -A- would need any excuse to hit White Noise. There has been a profund sense of bitterness due to the recent PL/DRF steamroll of Atlas and -A- and many were waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

Its fairly clear that the NC in its current state of operation is failing. Apathy is reigning amongst the NC alliances and that combined with poor decision making from mediocre FCs has led to a general drop in overall morale in the NC. Perhaps that would explain the supers a half dozen jumps away shooting low sec Amarr militia pos' instead of fighting DRF/PL.

As a sort of gentlemans agreement (as no official blue standings have been sorted with any NC entity) -A- intitated attacks on White Noise CSAAs and logistics infrastructure two days ago. By all counts and intel 2 baby supercarriers and a baby titan are down. No response as of yet-but this cannot last long before some type of response will be provoked.

The question is, what will the "DC" choose to do at this time? So far they have only participated in a limited fashion, and there have always been rumours of restting the NC proper. At this point they can make or break the conflict raging in the north depending on which side they choose to back. My money is on them (eventually) backing the NC. The Mittani is comfortable on his throne and being part of the biggest NAPfest in EVE history guarantees that ongoing power of supercap production and isk flow.

Word on the street is that Molle is back in some fashion, lurking in Delve. I find it amusing that people still say that IT was burned to the ground and Molle's picking up the pieces. I think a better image is a fortress abandoned and crumbling in disrepair. Not a single system in Delve was taken until after IT fail cascaded.

I would say the Null sec politics are getting interesting again-and as far as NC vs DRF goes, I am always interested in pro longing that conflict :)

Who wants to kill an Aeon?

So if you follow "I Could Have Taken It Solo" you may already know this story-its a week and a half old now but as I mentioned RL is beating me senseless. I'm in fact moving back to Minneapolis next week, should be interesting.

So, for a couple weeks -MVN- moved into Tash Murkon/Domain low-sec area for some pirating and low sec fun. We were roaming and had even brought some large toys up for possible drops.

A corp named Benovelence had moved into Yong-they were GCCing carriers on station, smacking the hell out of local and forming up 5-6 man gangs. Easley and I played around but due to lack of numbers we didn't go toe-to-toe.

I continued playing the lone pirate role in preperation for some drops when one night Easley and I jumped into Yong from a venture in Kor-Azor and saw two supercarriers on scan in Yong.


Only one NC. in local (they use Yong as a transit point), Puppet Masters, who had been rumoured to be leaving NC.

Local count showed the typical 4-5 Benovelence and... 2 Macabre Votum.


We had scouted the POS's in system earlier, including one coming out of reinforce in a few hours. A quick scan showed the supers location and in I went with a cloaked Rapier whilst pinging for supercarriers.

Sure enough, they were hitting another POS in system, aligned fully to a celestial. They were hitting it along with Benovolence, with quite a bit of banter going on in local as if no one else would be reading. Checking history's, Benovelence was ex-Looney Toons. One of their members had Macabre history as well. So that was the link, and I guess the fight for Geminate/Vale was just not enough excitement for the supercaps (?) and here they were in Providence low sec.

I snuggled up 10k above the Wyvern, who was leading the Aeon by about 5km on their align point. We had caught them as the POS' was entering reinforce, and they were currently incapping the mods. Time was running short and the active supers were low or in 49-.

Last mod was incapped and off the supers went, to a Benovelence pos in system. They stayed online until aggro timers were up and logged off. On a hunch I told everyone to plan on being online in 2 hours when the small pos in system came out of reinforce-but Maka and Bip went on some rant about potential spies and a counter drop.

Not feeling like arguing I said eff it and stood down.

2 hours later I checked in and guess what? Both supers logged in and shooting said pos.


The next morning POS came out and Nihilist (CVA roleplayers) came and repped it with a small skirmish resulting in a dead Navy Geddon from Benovelence (that I whored on!). No supers.

For 3 more days I afk'd in system and stalked the supercarrier pilots. On the third day I said eff it, lets take off the gloves and start hot dropping people-I had up to that point kept our big toys off the radar in the hope of a drop.

So here I was, trolling around with a cyno ready to go on my Geddon when I see both supers log in.


With a decent fleet sitting on my tit, including 2 hictors, I humped back to Yong and switched out to Rapier. Herc was on and was beating the hell out of alliance to drum up supers-midpoints were arranged from Querious and more supers were on the way.

I was in space watching the supers and arranging travel arrangements with Maka and Herc when the supercarriers dissapeared from local.


But wait... they were still online! They had cyno'd out of local-and were going to come back inevitably, as they had been parking in the Benovelence pos for days.

Supers were now ready to go, I had probes ready to go and Benovolence online in local. We now had 4 hictors ready to go on the titan along with a sizeable RRBS fleet.

I was figuring on a 1-2 hour wait, assuming they were hitting a pos somewhere else in the region when cyno went up in local.

I had moved cursor, right clicked on cyno icon when the two super pilots appeared in local.

Go time.

I initiated warp whilst screaming "we are committing!". I landed right next to both supers, just moving up from 0 speed towards a celestial. I dropped cloak popped cyno opened bridge.

"take bridge take bridge supers jump jump jump primary wyvern primary wyvern call focus points hictors!"

I looked back at my Rapier screen expecting to be dead/dying and was astounded to see me just sitting there while local popped and my grid filled with my fleet. Wyvern started going down, points were called and things seemed to be going well when...

wtf? Wyvern warped off. Logs later showed Wafer with a point on him, then him going invulnerable 1 minute later and warping. Still no answer from CCP.

Aeon was called primary and after 2 minutes he logged off. Smarties still running along with hardeners. Carriers dropped with neuts, and we slowly whittled it down.

About 6 minutes before his 15 minute timer was up the Aeon went boom. I was excited about the kill, rather sad the Wyvern got away.

Word was the pilot was selling his Avatar to buy a new Aeon and then quitting the game.

I think Herc best summed it up:

herculetz: 2011-04-13 04:39:52

Question is. wtf is he doing here?

April 9, 2011

What the hell do we do now?

With PL up north on contract Delve is suddenly very... empty.

No more giant Drake massacres-no more sov warfare. What will we do for ~good fights~ now?

For the moment there are no plans for anything big-roams will continue to be run and maybe some small corp deployments. Options are being explored for a larger scale deployment but where to go, what to do?

For now I'm going to keep rolling my gangs to a system near you for some pew. CCP killed the system I was running Sanctums in (screw you CCP) but I was getting pretty exasperated with the carebearing anyways.

So hopefully some more battlereports!

April 7, 2011

Carebearing. Necessary Evil...

To pay for my new toy I've had to resort to extreme carebearing. Passive market income is enough to pay for the occasional PVP loss but doesn't provide the billions upon billions of isk needed for supercapitals.

That being said, I've still managed to get bits of PVP in.

Last night we bridged onto a CVA gang reinforcing an EVOKE pos in R3- in Providence, only netting the Dominix that was pointed as all other targets on field were aligned off.

A BUSA gang found an aggressing carrier last night-dropped the hammer and watched as the DD started and the carrier warped off.


Apparently the tackling Cane got neuted and no secondary points allowed for him to warp to a planet where he was promtly tackled but self destructed at 15% armor.


So, for the next few weeks you can find PK carebearing in a system near you!

April 4, 2011


I now have a new toy :)


Yesterday started off with a hot drop of a gang that wanted to roam through Catch. Death or Glory was in a mixed bag of shield stuff with Drakes Scimitars and everything inbetween (and a few Tempests).

I formed up a small Hellcat fleet (30ish) with intentions to drop them when an FC running an alpha fleet convo'd me, as he was going had similar intentions. The gang was SV5 jumping HED-, so I told the Alpha fleet I would engage at 0 with them and get in a brawl and call him in.

So in we went, and warped to station (where they were reported). We landed and the last 2 were warping off.


Oh, yeah, thats why. The alpha fleet jumped too, spiking local almost 70. Derp.

We danced safespots in system for a couple minutes until they warped to the SV5 gate at 0 and jumped.

In we went, bubbles up. They immediately started burning away, we took down several before they were out of range. I pinged the fleet up and warped them down to a wreck at the front of their group, snagging a few more before they all warped off and started bouncing safes.

Alpha fleet took some losses-we lost a ceptor.

We switched into Snipe HACs afterwards, with intentions to roam. Those were cut short when another gang jumped into HED-, which we promptly engaged. Results were so-so... many of the pilots in my fleet had never been in a snipe hac gang before. The majority of the gang did quite well-although I some idiots careen of towards the enemy fleet, no doubt due to CTRL-CLICK spamming to lock primaries. 2x Snipe HACs down (one admitted to not managing range) and one Falcon who was alpha'e (he had no buffer... none)

Derp. = HED = SV5

Lessons learned, etc etc.

Not too long after that... Initiative was reported inbound with 50+ in Hellcat formation. We re shipped to match and sent out a bait battleship.

Our bait battleship found Initiative in HY- and got them aggressed on gate. He popped cyno and.... they all warped. Literally everyone... except one Abaddon whom Perci got point on

We chased them several jumps towards Curse and snagged a few more battleships but the majority of Initiative got out. Quite disheartening-we had an even fight coming (we honestly had about 5 less in fleet than they did).

We went up to Fountain through a wormhole leading to Aridia. Just outside Hophib I found Nulli was engaged in 6VDT area and got in convo with Pro, who gave my fleet a short ride to 6VDT area. We cyno'd in 200km above the 6VDT gate in NDH-... a field littered with countless wrecks. Apparently 180ish TEST engaged 140ish AHACs from Nulli and Godfathers and got curb stomped. Godfathers had dropped SBUs and TEST tried to defend.

Numbers are skewed given that TEST were unable to kill much at all.

We danced around with Nulli but there were no kills to be had, as TEST were all docked up. I had eyes in their fleet and comms and it was comedy hour for sure. They all kept screaming for Huginns and some guy was going on about his laser Drake.

Eventually we left after Progod was told by Manny that the NAP agreement he had with TEST prohibited from SBUs or something. We were just there for the fights-Godfathers were there to make the local residents angry. I got a convo from Montolio but I just ignored it :-)

We rolled out and parted ways with Nulli, took the long way to Y-2. TEST felt good enough to venture out when Nulli left and came after us with 130 (they had 180 in fleet but there were lots of inactives apparently). Knowing they were coming I burned to KVN- and asked fleet if they wanted to bail or take the fight. The vote was to take the fight (we had just under 30 people at this point) despite the fact it would be bloody.

So we took the fight-through Y-2, ZXB and our old home 5-C. Jumping in, burning off and shooting the tacklers that came after us gate by gate. We lost almost half the fleet, including 4 or 5 after TEST turned around to head back and we turned around to kill some more of them :-)

Lessons were learned-I yelled at a few people for dying stupidly and others already knew they screwed up. But it was overall very fun to keep charging into the blob and getting out.

Good times.

Whelping a Titan

If there is one thing that -A- isn't short on its PVP opportunities.

I shall start with the story of how a titan was lost on Saturday night...

Roaming in Curse with a 30ish gang of Canes/Sabres/Scimitars/other fast movers I was alerted by Manny that there was a possible drop about to go down. So I started burning my gang to Querious (some 20ish jumps away). On the way Herc drops down to tell me the same.

Apparently PL had some carriers and a super in 5V- that had gotten in when they cycled the jammer down. I was getting no communication from the convo with Manny as we freeburned to 2j out and held.

I finally hopped on comms with him to ask what the hell was going on.

"Get to 5V- planet 1 and keep bubbles up"


I switched back to my fleet and gave the orders. In we went and to planet 1 we warped. Landed in bubbles amidst several carriers and a Nyx with only a few blues on field. My dictors went to work and we primaried the Nidhog hoping for shield tank... which of course wasn't the case.

We twaddled our thumbs and kept the capitals bubbled while Manny formed up the supers on the jump bridge into 5V- (as it was cynojammed). Maka and Herc weren't quite sure what the whole story was but came along for the ride.

Without any leadership on the field I took over managing the ships while we continued to wait for Manny to pull the trigger. With time ticking away I became more and more anxious-PL had ample time to get organized as we approached a half hour. Finally we started jumping in supers and the bridge ran out of LO. Supers were instructed to align to planet 1 to wait for the other supers to get through.

So here we were dancing with carriers neuting and throwing fighters and drones all over the place with supers aligned waiting for the rest of the supers to come through. Why we couldn't bring the ones in system to field I didn't know... so after a few minutes I suggested that we were wasting time and to just bring them in. Maka agreed and so we did, shortly after LO was found and the other supers made it in.

I called primaries on the carriers and they went down one by one. As time had dragged on my suspicious meter kept rising-especially given that the Nyx pilot hadn't logged out yet. With how long we took to bring DPS to the field he could have already dissapeared in space... yet there he was approaching half armor.

Suddenly grid filled up with about 10-15 PL; first name that flashed into my brain was Phobos.


I waited for Manny to make the call to warp off-didn't come.

Maka finally yelled "supers warp! warp! warp!" as his titan escaped. By some miracle all supers managed to get out-except the Cascade titan. Manny had called for a re alignment shortly before PL dropped onto field and his titan had not yet fully aligned.

I burned my support fleet away from the bubbled Nyx-still in half armor-and primaried the numerous bubblers on field. This became a moot point as a cyno opened (wtf?) and PL dropped numerous supers on field.

I asked Maka if we could disengage-as it was pointless to stay, he replied in the affirmative and I got my boys out while the Nyx started getting reps from the PL carriers that jumped in.

I asked where the hell the cyno jammer was and someone piped up "oh I guess thats what the other supers were up to"


After getting my fleet the 2j to Catch I got in channel with Herc and Mak and tried to understand what had just happened.

Apparently there were 8 or 9 supers in addition to the carriers and Nyx on field when I entered system. This was not brought to -A- leadership's attention when we committed supers. Of special note was the comment "they warped off". Not "jumped out".

Pieces fell into place now. Why the Nyx pilot stayed logged in... why not? He had several buddies hard at work taking down the cyno jammer without anyone figuring it out. I didn't think to ask about the couple dozen reds in local when I arrived as I figured that would have already been sorted and accounted for. PL turned what may have been a tense situation into an opportunity. Hell, we gave them 45 minutes, I would hope they would come up with someting in USTZ prime.

Good fight.

ET's account of events

March 28, 2011

March 22, 2011

Well Howdy.

Work has been quite extensive the last few months, leaving little time for blogging of any sort. I aim to remedy the situation as best I can starting this week.

Last night was short, but netted a few kills.

I got home from work last night and hopped into a Stiletto. Bipster and Mak were running a gang so I tagged along while working out some alliance stuff on another TS server. TS3 is pretty much amazing.

We rolled into Providence after nailing some awesomely fit guys in Curse. Check out these fits...

We were trying to figure out why this guy didn't burn back to the station, he was only 7km off... well we figured it out.

Shortly after his buddy in a Maelstrom aggressed and Bipster called the gang in.

I think he had enough sensor boosters... barely.

After those kills (and a Falcon kill) we rolled into Providence. At this point I was back on comms for a bit and scouted for the gang.

In T-RPFU I found 19 neutrals... not on scan. Bounced to the outgate @ 100km... yup there they were. Our small gang was standing by one behind as I landed on the 7MD gate amidst the 19 dooders.... except the had hictor bubbles up and I got sucked in. Lucky for me, the hictor was postioned on the gate a little bit too much and a 2 second burn had me at 0km and jumping to safety.


Maka was entering T-RPFU and reported the hostiles now on scan in the other side of the system...


They were running from our 10 man gang! I immediately got back into T-RPFU and our tacklers burned to MH9C gate, enemy jumping out ahead of us. On the in gate I grabbed a Sleipnir which we exploded, and we managed to grab a Rook and Drake on the next gate. The rest of the hostiles docked.

At this point I had to switch comms so I tagged along half assedly for the majority of the Providence roam. As we were approaching D-GTMI again, with word that NC. was forming to drop on us, I switched back. Sure enough, in D-GTMI a Broadsword landed on the FSW- gate. He jumped in, and our gang cross jumped him. Me being in a Stiletto, I played around and watched him hurriedly reapproach the gate. He got through into D-G in time to see us warping off the gate. Following us into F9E, he jumped and immediately bubbled, 20km off a regional gate.

He nipped one Hurricane with his bubble, which promptly burned a few klicks and warped off.

I flitted around the gate, watching him cycle his bubble down finally, after we were dissapearing from local into SV5. Broadsword finally made it into SV5 and warped himself to the HED- gate. The NC. crew with Zealots/Stabber Fleet/Guardians (they were a little skimped on Guardians tbh) was eagerly awaiting the perfect drop... and it never happened. Our gang jumped into HED- while I waited next to the cyno Broadsword. He started to align off so I pointed him for lols.

He kept aligning... 5.... 10.... 15km off the gate.

We brought in the 2 Dramiels and the Curse Maka was in and started to work on him. Neuted to hell the Dramiels started to make their mark and at half shield cyno went up so NC. could jump in and save their Broadsword.

They caught.... 0.

They then proceeded to smack us in local for not taking a fight with 2-1 odds in their favor. Its funny... these guys smack us for taking a 2-1 fight and losing (couple days ago) and they smack us for not. We have also been smacked by the pro-ness that is NC. for hot dropping a small gang with 2-1 odds in our favor. Sad part is.... we kill some of them when we drop(even if its only two)... they didn't get any. I safed up in SV5 in my Stiletto and played some Xbox for the rest of the evening :smug:

-A- has been great to us so far. Sure, there are noobs (especially some of the renters) but there is opportunity to help those dooders learn. Participation is great and the leadership is PVP oriented. As with any space holding alliance there are inactive and more carebear oriented members, but far less than we had with IT. The political bull that was so out of control in IT is also a non issue.

MVN is doing its part for the -A- killboard our first full month and integrating well.

More updates to follow. Oh, and for everyone who hated the "shifting sands speech" and the "H-W fiasco"... thanks for taking



and sinker


February 25, 2011

H-W-The Real Story

For everyone that remembers H-W, the battle that fractured the "southern coalition" and turned it into a disaster.

Compare these logs to the rushed and awkward plan that was actually implemented. 6VDT was a success for the NC in operational implementation. It failed in that IT already had most of its assets out, it succeeded in that they managed to lock down the system 23/7 for several days. Thats how H-W was supposed to jave been... but it was rushed and everyone knows the results. Here are logs from North Command, where it was originally discussed.

[ 2010.05.07 06:46:50 ] paik > honestly I want us all to take every super we have drop it in H-W
[ 2010.05.07 06:46:55 ] paik > SBU that shit
[ 2010.05.07 06:47:04 ] paik > and beg NC to do something
[ 2010.05.07 06:47:09 ] Perseus Kallistratos > agree
[ 2010.05.07 06:47:17 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and camp system 23/7
[ 2010.05.07 06:47:38 ] paik > go in surprise
[ 2010.05.07 06:47:45 ] paik > take out some small towers
[ 2010.05.07 06:47:55 ] paik > get stagers up for each alliance
[ 2010.05.07 06:48:01 ] paik > drop SBUS
[ 2010.05.07 06:48:12 ] paik > camp the fuck out of the station 23/7
[ 2010.05.07 06:48:39 ] paik > we wanna get some shit done we just gotta go balls deep
[ 2010.05.07 06:49:22 ] paik > thats my thoughts at least
[ 2010.05.07 06:51:34 ] Kraken Kill > a cta soon
[ 2010.05.07 06:51:41 ] paik > 1.5 hours
[ 2010.05.07 06:51:57 ] paik > Teimo    Planet: 10Moon: 1    D:2010-05-07T:09:16:00
[ 2010.05.07 06:52:07 ] Kraken Kill > atlas mail is for 0830
[ 2010.05.07 06:52:13 ] paik > same
[ 2010.05.07 06:55:15 ] Perseus Kallistratos > well paik
[ 2010.05.07 06:55:21 ] Perseus Kallistratos > if thats how you wanna roll I'm in
[ 2010.05.07 06:55:31 ] Perseus Kallistratos > alhtough I ain't a big boss I'm just a small fish
[ 2010.05.07 06:55:38 ] paik > I think thats how we gotta do it
[ 2010.05.07 06:55:39 ] Perseus Kallistratos > but it makes sense
[ 2010.05.07 06:55:48 ] Kraken Kill > a big old counter hotdrop?
[ 2010.05.07 06:55:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we fill up system, camp the fuck outta undock... anyone undocking can't even load before we smoke their shit
[ 2010.05.07 06:55:59 ] paik > we've all been pussyfooting around so far
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:04 ] Soho Torres > i dont see us campin h-w lol
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:10 ] Soho Torres > wont happen
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:15 ] Kraken Kill > camping is boring
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:19 ] Kraken Kill > setup a counter hotdrop
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:19 ] Soho Torres > thier number still to stront
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:26 ] Soho Torres > strong
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:33 ] Perseus Kallistratos > load up system to the point anyone extra can't get in
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:42 ] paik > soho we drop in 70 titans and 100 supercarriers + all the other shit we can field and GAME OVER
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:44 ] Soho Torres > "all u have to do
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:45 ] Soho Torres > is get
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:50 ] Soho Torres > lol
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:51 ] Perseus Kallistratos > it would be the kinda rally morale booster that we have been lacking
[ 2010.05.07 06:56:54 ] Soho Torres > game over for one day
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:04 ] Soho Torres > u wont pull that for 3 station rf timers
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:06 ] paik > game over every day we do it
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:12 ] Soho Torres > lol
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:13 ] Soho Torres > ok
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:14 ] Perseus Kallistratos > atlast did it to RA constantly
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:24 ] Perseus Kallistratos > when we took insmother
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:26 ] Chemicals > yeah we used to do it all the tiem
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:32 ] Soho Torres > this is not ra
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:39 ] Perseus Kallistratos > its worse
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:41 ] Soho Torres > this is the nc of shit tons of alliances and numbers
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:47 ] Perseus Kallistratos > they have kula kain
[ 2010.05.07 06:57:59 ] Chemicals > if only we could just murder them in every system period at once
[ 2010.05.07 06:58:00 ] paik > well the ADHD people will just have to take some ridilin and not get distracted
[ 2010.05.07 06:58:02 ] Soho Torres > u guys not bein seriouse...
[ 2010.05.07 06:58:13 ] Perseus Kallistratos > soho look at current mechanics
[ 2010.05.07 06:58:20 ] Perseus Kallistratos > if we load up 500-600 in system
[ 2010.05.07 06:58:26 ] Perseus Kallistratos > any fleet trying to load it is fucked
[ 2010.05.07 06:58:51 ] Soho Torres > they will already be in sys lol
[ 2010.05.07 06:58:52 ] paik > we take 1-2 major symbols from them and the momentum swings are way
[ 2010.05.07 06:58:57 ] Soho Torres > u wont keep 500 people in sys
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:03 ] Perseus Kallistratos > why not?
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:05 ] paik > why not?
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:11 ] Soho Torres > it wont happen
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:13 ] paik > AAA kept 350 in d-g
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:15 ] Soho Torres > u can try
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:26 ] Soho Torres > but will make us look stupid
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:26 ] Perseus Kallistratos > if you give the troops a flag
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:29 ] Perseus Kallistratos > they will rally
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:37 ] Perseus Kallistratos > right now its fucking depressing
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:38 ] paik > we already look stupid
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:43 ] Soho Torres > well
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:53 ] Soho Torres > if we were all in smae place
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:58 ] paik > we got 20k guys up here and can barely break sov in a side system
[ 2010.05.07 06:59:58 ] Soho Torres > and formed properly
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:00 ] Perseus Kallistratos > I mean I love taking ceptor gangs in there and screwing with them, but thats all we're doing
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:02 ] Soho Torres > would have killed nc gang tonight
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:18 ] Soho Torres > "we dont work together"
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:24 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we could
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:25 ] Soho Torres > liek nc does
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:32 ] Perseus Kallistratos > camping a system to shit doesn't take a lot of effort
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:39 ] Soho Torres > everyone has thier own fc own gangs
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:46 ] Soho Torres > own objectives
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:50 ] paik > and if we did we would use our strengths " OUR EPIC AMOUNT OF SUPERS"
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:52 ] Perseus Kallistratos > thats a single bojective
[ 2010.05.07 07:00:56 ] Perseus Kallistratos > hold system
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:01 ] Perseus Kallistratos > keep people logged on as long as possible
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:03 ] Soho Torres > well
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:04 ] Soho Torres > i know
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:09 ] Soho Torres > if we ahve 15 tits
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:11 ] Soho Torres > in fio1
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:14 ] Soho Torres > already loaded
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:18 ] Soho Torres > they wouldnt do shit
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:21 ] Perseus Kallistratos > Soho = Negative Nancy
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:24 ] paik > and go drop 70 tits etc into a system and be like " Yo NC warpin and lose 150 bil in the first 30 secs"
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:27 ] Soho Torres > no
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:37 ] Soho Torres > i am doin what we have been capible of
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:49 ] Perseus Kallistratos > you have crap numbers soho. you and I both know it.
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:51 ] Soho Torres > we wont get 70 tits lol
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:52 ] paik > im not jabbin at anyone
[ 2010.05.07 07:01:53 ] Perseus Kallistratos > not because you are bad
[ 2010.05.07 07:02:00 ] Perseus Kallistratos > because people are not loggin in as much
[ 2010.05.07 07:02:06 ] Soho Torres > i have bad numbers?
[ 2010.05.07 07:02:11 ] paik > soho AAA has 25 in aunennen by itself
[ 2010.05.07 07:02:14 ] Perseus Kallistratos > for multi alliance gang we have bad numbers
[ 2010.05.07 07:02:26 ] Soho Torres > my corp always has 100% in gang i dont lead russian gangs cant speak russian
[ 2010.05.07 07:02:26 ] Perseus Kallistratos > USTZ isn't as horrendous as people make it out to be
[ 2010.05.07 07:02:44 ] Perseus Kallistratos > I'm not insulting your corp bro
[ 2010.05.07 07:02:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > i'm saying IT -A- Atlas Init... all have a slow decline especialy in USTZ
[ 2010.05.07 07:03:09 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we got our shit handed to us using bad tactics early in the war
[ 2010.05.07 07:03:23 ] Soho Torres > well people can sit in here bragging what they want to do and think they can do
[ 2010.05.07 07:03:26 ] Soho Torres > instead
[ 2010.05.07 07:03:38 ] Soho Torres > start out by everyone moveing to one place
[ 2010.05.07 07:03:45 ] Kraken Kill > anyway
[ 2010.05.07 07:03:47 ] Soho Torres > then we can talk about what we can do
[ 2010.05.07 07:03:51 ] Kraken Kill > so whats the plan and objective
[ 2010.05.07 07:04:00 ] Kraken Kill > we all staging close to each other now
[ 2010.05.07 07:04:05 ] Soho Torres > get everyone to one place
[ 2010.05.07 07:04:09 ] Soho Torres > not close enough
[ 2010.05.07 07:04:13 ] Soho Torres > u in low sec
[ 2010.05.07 07:04:19 ] Soho Torres > liek 16 jumps from x-7
[ 2010.05.07 07:04:23 ] Kraken Kill > which place do you want us to stage
[ 2010.05.07 07:04:31 ] Soho Torres > x-7 roir or 5zxx
[ 2010.05.07 07:05:04 ] Kraken Kill > what happens when we get there
[ 2010.05.07 07:05:24 ] Kraken Kill > whats the objective
[ 2010.05.07 07:05:26 ] Soho Torres > we start by sbuing something like p-2
[ 2010.05.07 07:05:34 ] Soho Torres > see what we can do
[ 2010.05.07 07:05:43 ] Soho Torres > hot drop tjhier caps
[ 2010.05.07 07:05:46 ] Soho Torres > liek they have been doin
[ 2010.05.07 07:05:55 ] Soho Torres > after that goes by what happends
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:13 ] Perseus Kallistratos > u missed Paik's and my point
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:19 ] Soho Torres > every day / night been hotdroping 5-10 tits
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:27 ] Soho Torres > we not been doin anythign about it
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:42 ] Kraken Kill > we could form up dictors and supercaps one night then
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:46 ] Kraken Kill > try to hide them somewhere
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:48 ] Chemicals > I'd like to kill those tits personally
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:51 ] Perseus Kallistratos > people here "we taking H-W massive fleet stay logged in" people log on, stay on, drink red bul etc.
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:52 ] Chemicals > we can decap their supercaps
[ 2010.05.07 07:06:55 ] Chemicals > = wintown
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:02 ] Soho Torres > u not goin to hide them
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:07 ] Soho Torres > i think we have more spies then
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:09 ] Soho Torres > nc does
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:15 ] Kraken Kill > how do we do a hotdrop on their tits then
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:21 ] Perseus Kallistratos > you here yeah we have a CTA this time this night, people go meh, I may be able to do this but I might ahe to walk the dog
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:21 ] Kraken Kill > they wont drop if we have something formed
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:22 ] Chemicals > just fucking kill them
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:25 ] Soho Torres > egven if we cant hotdrop them
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:29 ] Soho Torres > make sure they cant use them
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:35 ] Soho Torres > liek tonight
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:39 ] Chemicals > go for the jugular and stop playing sissy pants bond games
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:44 ] Perseus Kallistratos > soho. if we have system loaded they can't drop titans for fear of losing them
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:50 ] Chemicals > if they cant take our our superblob it doesnt make a difference.
[ 2010.05.07 07:07:51 ] Perseus Kallistratos > thats the point
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:00 ] Chemicals > if they know where it is
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:02 ] Chemicals > or not
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:07 ] Darth Dread > im glad most of the posters here have nothing to say:P
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:13 ] Soho Torres > thats what i just dsaid
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:26 ] Perseus Kallistratos > you keep massive fleet in system you already win
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:40 ] Perseus Kallistratos > any counter offensive will fail, due to Dominion mechanics
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:44 ] Chemicals > Big penis > many small penises
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:45 ] Soho Torres > thats what this retarted game is about
[ 2010.05.07 07:08:54 ] Perseus Kallistratos > people will rally to this game due to the epic nature of the op
[ 2010.05.07 07:09:07 ] Perseus Kallistratos > rather than another damn pos shoot they may or may not make
[ 2010.05.07 07:09:27 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we need a moral vicotry now more than ever after losing the 5ZG station battle by 5 min
[ 2010.05.07 07:09:39 ] Kraken Kill > so p-2 then
[ 2010.05.07 07:09:41 ] Kraken Kill > when
[ 2010.05.07 07:09:53 ] Soho Torres > well
[ 2010.05.07 07:09:55 ] Chemicals >
[ 2010.05.07 07:10:00 ] Soho Torres > u dont even know if u can move here yet lol
[ 2010.05.07 07:10:10 ] Kraken Kill > we are in aunenen
[ 2010.05.07 07:10:21 ] Perseus Kallistratos > why P-2?
[ 2010.05.07 07:11:35 ] Perseus Kallistratos > I'm not disagreeing just curious
[ 2010.05.07 07:11:42 ] Soho Torres > easy to take
[ 2010.05.07 07:11:54 ] Kraken Kill > we can bridge to x-7 from aunenen anytime
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:07 ] Soho Torres > yea but if we form
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:07 ] Kraken Kill > so i cant see it being an issue not being in x-7, we are in range for tits here
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:14 ] Soho Torres > and some of u die
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:17 ] Soho Torres > u need to get on tit
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:19 ] Soho Torres > and u need cyno
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:22 ] Soho Torres > and all that shit
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:32 ] Kraken Kill > cynos shouldnt be an issue
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:45 ] Soho Torres > lol nvm not seeing my point
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:49 ] paik > Cry Havoc = 20 supers
[ 2010.05.07 07:12:55 ] paik > Evoke 20
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:00 ] paik > AAA 50
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:03 ] paik > IT 50
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:06 ] paik > ROL 30
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:10 ] paik > Atlas 50
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:18 ] Perseus Kallistratos > ^^
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:19 ] paik > INIT 20
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:21 ] paik > COW 20
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:31 ] paik > Dead Terrorist 20
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:36 ] paik > White Noise 30
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:41 ] paik > CO2 10
[ 2010.05.07 07:13:52 ] Perseus Kallistratos > if we stay loaded, call in sick to work, drink red bull, euros stay on late USTZ stays on late because they all hear " we are gonna fuckin take this fuckin station system fuck yeah" your numbers will magically grow
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:12 ] paik > it dont matter the first day is the hardest
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:13 ] Darth Dread > did fio went badly?
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:24 ] paik > hub rf'd
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:27 ] paik > sbu dead
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:31 ] paik > station repped
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:42 ] paik > they brought caps we couldnt counter
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:43 ] Darth Dread > when does hub comes out?
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:51 ] Kraken Kill > pick a day and a time for P-2, give a few days notice
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:56 ] Darth Dread > if hub dies the tcu dies too:P
[ 2010.05.07 07:14:59 ] Perseus Kallistratos > keep it hush hush though
[ 2010.05.07 07:15:00 ] Kraken Kill > and we can see what caps and sup caps we can get
[ 2010.05.07 07:15:06 ] Perseus Kallistratos > until D-Day
[ 2010.05.07 07:15:06 ] Kraken Kill > and we all get them into system and stay there
[ 2010.05.07 07:15:11 ] Perseus Kallistratos > ^^
[ 2010.05.07 07:15:20 ] paik > fuckin Burn Eden has 15 supers and they want to use them
[ 2010.05.07 07:15:49 ] paik > Satan said if we go balls deep in h-w or elsewhere he will toss his supers into the pot
[ 2010.05.07 07:16:35 ] Perseus Kallistratos > well
[ 2010.05.07 07:16:44 ] Perseus Kallistratos > any station vicotry would be a good one
[ 2010.05.07 07:16:49 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and keep this war moving
[ 2010.05.07 07:16:56 ] paik > imo this is how I would play it
[ 2010.05.07 07:17:03 ] paik > take a friday
[ 2010.05.07 07:17:12 ] Perseus Kallistratos > it makes for a make or break situation
[ 2010.05.07 07:17:21 ] paik > send a BS fleet to m-o to incap jammer
[ 2010.05.07 07:17:25 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and lets be honest. what do the NC FCs count on more than anything?
[ 2010.05.07 07:17:36 ] Perseus Kallistratos > numbers
[ 2010.05.07 07:17:54 ] Perseus Kallistratos > if you take that away by being in the system first... you will see them lose entire fleets on jump in
[ 2010.05.07 07:18:07 ] paik > Somene please tell me the last time they lost a even numbered fight against the NC?
[ 2010.05.07 07:18:20 ] Perseus Kallistratos > /emote thinks...
[ 2010.05.07 07:18:22 ] paik > anyone?
[ 2010.05.07 07:18:26 ] paik > anyone?
[ 2010.05.07 07:18:30 ] paik > Buehler?
[ 2010.05.07 07:18:42 ] Chemicals > I cannot recall ever losing to the nc
[ 2010.05.07 07:18:48 ] Darth Dread > atlas
[ 2010.05.07 07:18:55 ] Darth Dread > not loading:P
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:00 ] Perseus Kallistratos > exactly
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:08 ] paik > so a D-Day attack
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:09 ] Chemicals > just going flacid and losing interest however.
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:14 ] Darth Dread > i blame booby
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:17 ] paik > take down offline place holders
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:23 ] paik > get some stagers up
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:23 ] Perseus Kallistratos > Kula Kain will try and jump in a fleet and then curse CCP out over comms for an hour after he loses them all
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:45 ] paik > drop SBUs
[ 2010.05.07 07:19:58 ] paik > nuke bridges & jammer so they cant put it up
[ 2010.05.07 07:20:15 ] paik > like 100 bubble station
[ 2010.05.07 07:20:21 ] Perseus Kallistratos > the moment that first cyno pops and you know their caps/supercaps are coming in you get there and throw everything on it.
[ 2010.05.07 07:20:37 ] Perseus Kallistratos > you may lose a few but you rape it
[ 2010.05.07 07:20:43 ] paik > ^^ Balls Deep
[ 2010.05.07 07:20:53 ] Perseus Kallistratos > they scratch their heads for a day
[ 2010.05.07 07:20:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > try again
[ 2010.05.07 07:21:00 ] Perseus Kallistratos > die...
[ 2010.05.07 07:21:12 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and our guys are pumped to hell at this point and are logging in every spare second of the day
[ 2010.05.07 07:21:21 ] paik > sit titans in a closed room in TS
[ 2010.05.07 07:21:32 ] paik > ready to login trap anytime they try to do something
[ 2010.05.07 07:22:06 ] Perseus Kallistratos > ^^ balls fuckin deep
[ 2010.05.07 07:22:15 ] paik > I just think fuck it
[ 2010.05.07 07:22:17 ] Perseus Kallistratos > what is the worse that happens? we lose?
[ 2010.05.07 07:22:18 ] paik > its a game
[ 2010.05.07 07:22:29 ] paik > we came up here to beat these bitches up
[ 2010.05.07 07:22:29 ] Perseus Kallistratos > how can we lose?
[ 2010.05.07 07:22:37 ] paik > so why pussy foot
[ 2010.05.07 07:22:48 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we have superior FCs, we have superior compositions and we have superior pilots (average)
[ 2010.05.07 07:23:23 ] Perseus Kallistratos > with superior tactics ie owning the system before the engagement, we can do it
[ 2010.05.07 07:24:07 ] Kraken Kill > continue to rape lowsec techs and keep hitting other techs
[ 2010.05.07 07:24:16 ] Perseus Kallistratos > ?
[ 2010.05.07 07:24:19 ] Kraken Kill > plan a massive capital CTA for next weekend
[ 2010.05.07 07:24:23 ] Perseus Kallistratos > :)
[ 2010.05.07 07:24:32 ] Kraken Kill > and get as many supercaps in a system like p-2 or whereever
[ 2010.05.07 07:24:35 ] Kraken Kill > and sbu
[ 2010.05.07 07:24:44 ] paik > we will be here for the next 3 years trying to take all the NC's tech moons
[ 2010.05.07 07:24:57 ] paik > we arent gonna break the NC by them losing moons
[ 2010.05.07 07:25:03 ] Perseus Kallistratos > with that kind of prep and the knowledge that the NC has gotten (too) ballsy with their Supercap fleets you can count on some early supercap kills
[ 2010.05.07 07:25:04 ] Kraken Kill > hitting their tech is more effective than sbuing
[ 2010.05.07 07:25:06 ] paik > they got isk coming out there asss
[ 2010.05.07 07:25:28 ] Perseus Kallistratos > moons are fine, but they don't give your troops a moral victory
[ 2010.05.07 07:25:39 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and remember, this is a game and its supposed to be fun and make you happy
[ 2010.05.07 07:25:52 ] Kraken Kill > sbuing is fun?
[ 2010.05.07 07:25:58 ] Perseus Kallistratos > hitting a mooon you have taken 3x before is boring as shit to those that can't see the overall picture
[ 2010.05.07 07:26:14 ] Perseus Kallistratos > sbuing isn't fun in and of itself, but taking a station and owning it is a good thing
[ 2010.05.07 07:26:28 ] Kraken Kill > comunicate better to the 'troops' why you are hitting tech moons then
[ 2010.05.07 07:26:30 ] paik > MM & RZR arent PL or GOons
[ 2010.05.07 07:26:32 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and the kills you would get from dumbass fleet jump ins and caps are sexy
[ 2010.05.07 07:26:42 ] paik > they arent gonna cascade by losing moons
[ 2010.05.07 07:26:52 ] Perseus Kallistratos > [07:26:28] Kraken Kill > comunicate better to the 'troops' why you are hitting tech moons then
[ 2010.05.07 07:26:52 ] paik > to the avg member they dont mean shit
[ 2010.05.07 07:26:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > they don't give a shit
[ 2010.05.07 07:27:02 ] Perseus Kallistratos > they are hear to have fun and play
[ 2010.05.07 07:27:08 ] Perseus Kallistratos > the moment that leaves... bad things happen
[ 2010.05.07 07:27:37 ] paik > as faggy as it sounds
[ 2010.05.07 07:27:51 ] Perseus Kallistratos > i don't like it, but its a psychological thing
[ 2010.05.07 07:27:56 ] paik > we have to blob the NC a few times and take there sense of security
[ 2010.05.07 07:28:04 ] paik > and then accomplish something with said blob
[ 2010.05.07 07:28:14 ] paik > like taking a iconic system like h-w
[ 2010.05.07 07:28:17 ] Perseus Kallistratos > agreed
[ 2010.05.07 07:28:28 ] Kraken Kill > why havent you been able to take it so far
[ 2010.05.07 07:28:30 ] Chemicals > well I'm down with whatever
[ 2010.05.07 07:28:34 ] Perseus Kallistratos > NC are easily swayed psychologically. unfortunately... that has swung their why so far
[ 2010.05.07 07:28:43 ] Perseus Kallistratos > way*
[ 2010.05.07 07:28:55 ] Darth Dread > i wouldnt start with h-w straight
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:01 ] paik > Why Kraken because this multi-front shit isnt working
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:11 ] Darth Dread > just find a target for them to move out of tribute first
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:15 ] Darth Dread > take that
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:27 ] Perseus Kallistratos > P-2 would be a good start
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:28 ] paik > I think H-W is where the action is
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:29 ] Darth Dread > work on communications first on our site
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:47 ] Perseus Kallistratos > H-w would be awesome but P-2 is a practical way to start
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:49 ] paik > ok I can buy that
[ 2010.05.07 07:29:53 ] Darth Dread > they got 1000 basing out of that system
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:01 ] Darth Dread > with replacement ships
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:05 ] Darth Dread > if we lose a ship
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:13 ] Perseus Kallistratos > P-2 gives access, and has a station
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:13 ] Darth Dread > our ppl need move back replace it:P
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:14 ] paik > yeah and if those 1000 are bubbled in station
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:28 ] Darth Dread > the questio is
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:30 ] paik > or there caps
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:31 ] Perseus Kallistratos > also a good point
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:37 ] Darth Dread > can we keep them bubbled 7days?
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:39 ] Perseus Kallistratos > similar to NOL when goons dropped sov
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:43 ] paik > anyone remember PR-
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:50 ] Perseus Kallistratos > ^^
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:52 ] Darth Dread > u need for each allies 1tower minimum
[ 2010.05.07 07:30:57 ] paik > when your caps were stuck in station
[ 2010.05.07 07:31:02 ] Darth Dread > h-w has 100% moon covert i think
[ 2010.05.07 07:31:08 ] paik > and you couldnt do fuck all
[ 2010.05.07 07:31:21 ] paik > tons of offline small place holders
[ 2010.05.07 07:31:26 ] Perseus Kallistratos > yup
[ 2010.05.07 07:31:28 ] paik > if we went in D-DAY style
[ 2010.05.07 07:31:44 ] Perseus Kallistratos > all capital alts in system
[ 2010.05.07 07:31:45 ] paik > we could rage siege a ton before they got em online
[ 2010.05.07 07:31:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > all bs alts in system as well
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:00 ] paik > enough for us all to put a dickstar up for staging
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:06 ] paik > and everytime they try to RF
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:11 ] paik > we do what PL did
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:21 ] paik > poke titans out and DD the shit out of them
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:28 ] Perseus Kallistratos > well... tbh
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:40 ] Perseus Kallistratos > if we do it right with numbers... brining in a fleet would be suicide for them
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:50 ] paik > yup
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:55 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we see cyno and like rabid dogs we go get it
[ 2010.05.07 07:32:58 ] paik > they would never make it out of station
[ 2010.05.07 07:33:12 ] Perseus Kallistratos > they see black screen we see targets
[ 2010.05.07 07:33:17 ] Perseus Kallistratos > Y-2ANO baby
[ 2010.05.07 07:33:30 ] Kraken Kill > pick a day and time
[ 2010.05.07 07:33:33 ] Kraken Kill > post cta mails
[ 2010.05.07 07:33:35 ] paik > and we got enough people on there comms to know when they are trying to break out
[ 2010.05.07 07:33:42 ] paik > thats not something you can hide
[ 2010.05.07 07:33:51 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and we have nothing to hide after d-day
[ 2010.05.07 07:33:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > negates the spy factor
[ 2010.05.07 07:34:11 ] Perseus Kallistratos > titans in closed seperate TS room
[ 2010.05.07 07:34:16 ] Perseus Kallistratos > supercarriers too
[ 2010.05.07 07:34:23 ] paik > login traps
[ 2010.05.07 07:34:28 ] paik > etc etc
[ 2010.05.07 07:34:34 ] Perseus Kallistratos > go big or go home
[ 2010.05.07 07:34:34 ] paik > just be faggy as hell
[ 2010.05.07 07:34:55 ] Kraken Kill > pick a time and day, and ship types, and location
[ 2010.05.07 07:34:55 ] Kraken Kill > and post cta mails
[ 2010.05.07 07:35:04 ] Kraken Kill > get some towers and sbus ready
[ 2010.05.07 07:35:15 ] Kraken Kill > sat or sunday or sometime next week
[ 2010.05.07 07:35:26 ] Kraken Kill > if you want a big turnout you need a couple of days notice at least
[ 2010.05.07 07:36:16 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we need to run it by Molle then
[ 2010.05.07 07:39:22 ] paik > I would fake that were gonna hit like p2 or m-o
[ 2010.05.07 07:39:30 ] paik > or somewhere there is a jammer
[ 2010.05.07 07:39:42 ] paik > send a BS fleet in to take down the jammer
[ 2010.05.07 07:39:50 ] paik > soon as NC respond and move
[ 2010.05.07 07:39:54 ] Perseus Kallistratos > bam
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:00 ] Perseus Kallistratos > just like d-day
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:01 ] paik > wham we drop everything into H-W
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:08 ] Kraken Kill > d-day?
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:16 ] Perseus Kallistratos > false intel
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:27 ] paik > go in bubble the station
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:34 ] paik > put a team on the bridges
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:38 ] Kraken Kill > its like theres a random commentry on plans trying to make
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:51 ] paik > put another team on cleaning up stager towers
[ 2010.05.07 07:40:51 ] Perseus Kallistratos > ?
[ 2010.05.07 07:41:01 ] Perseus Kallistratos > lots smalls offline in H-W
[ 2010.05.07 07:41:03 ] paik > drop the SBUs
[ 2010.05.07 07:41:32 ] paik > every alliance will need there own tower and Atlas IT AAA will need 2
[ 2010.05.07 07:41:53 ] paik > just for the shit ton of supers we will have to fit into them
[ 2010.05.07 07:42:07 ] Perseus Kallistratos > no passwords for anyone
[ 2010.05.07 07:42:10 ] Perseus Kallistratos > def
[ 2010.05.07 07:42:38 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and most importantly
[ 2010.05.07 07:42:41 ] Kraken Kill > how many small towers are offline there
[ 2010.05.07 07:42:47 ] paik > 20+
[ 2010.05.07 07:42:49 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we need a central channel for FCs from all alliances
[ 2010.05.07 07:42:59 ] Kraken Kill > isnt this it?
[ 2010.05.07 07:42:59 ] Perseus Kallistratos > not this one, but actual comms
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:07 ] Kraken Kill > the same TS?
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:09 ] Perseus Kallistratos > at least to start
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:25 ] Kraken Kill > atlas and -a- are on the same coms
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:28 ] paik > I say we decide on it this weekend
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:35 ] Perseus Kallistratos > yes we know you use the same comm
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:47 ] paik > and then spend next week getting everyone setup for the same comms
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:50 ] Perseus Kallistratos > but we all need to be on a secure vent or something
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:56 ] Kraken Kill > oh jeez
[ 2010.05.07 07:43:56 ] paik > and launch like next friday
[ 2010.05.07 07:44:15 ] paik > that way the first ihub comes on sunday
[ 2010.05.07 07:44:21 ] Perseus Kallistratos > yes
[ 2010.05.07 07:44:37 ] Perseus Kallistratos > friday euro would probably be best
[ 2010.05.07 07:44:44 ] Perseus Kallistratos > best numbers strongest time
[ 2010.05.07 07:44:56 ] paik > if we all rabble rabble
[ 2010.05.07 07:44:58 ] Perseus Kallistratos > red bull euros help buff ustz first night
[ 2010.05.07 07:45:04 ] paik > we will draw good numbers
[ 2010.05.07 07:45:05 ] Perseus Kallistratos > which will be the hardest
[ 2010.05.07 07:45:21 ] paik > Molle can sit his alt in the diversion system a few days before
[ 2010.05.07 07:45:31 ] Perseus Kallistratos > oh man that will do it
[ 2010.05.07 07:45:51 ] paik > plus the jammer take down
[ 2010.05.07 07:45:58 ] paik > will draw them out of h-w
[ 2010.05.07 07:46:05 ] Kraken Kill > is h-w jammed?
[ 2010.05.07 07:46:09 ] paik > nope
[ 2010.05.07 07:46:22 ] Perseus Kallistratos > P-2 can be our Pas De Calais
[ 2010.05.07 07:46:29 ] Kraken Kill > we gotta hit station services asap after we get staging pos down
[ 2010.05.07 07:46:34 ] Perseus Kallistratos > of course
[ 2010.05.07 07:46:36 ] Kraken Kill > they need to be down before the sbus come online
[ 2010.05.07 07:46:41 ] paik > if we could take h-w and then 15w we totally fuck them
[ 2010.05.07 07:46:58 ] Perseus Kallistratos > its a do or die moment
[ 2010.05.07 07:47:06 ] Perseus Kallistratos > cept we don't die... but they could
[ 2010.05.07 07:47:07 ] Kraken Kill > 3hs to take out services and enough small towers
[ 2010.05.07 07:47:46 ] paik > the moment we launch you just explain to people for the next XXX days they need to live online
[ 2010.05.07 07:48:03 ] Perseus Kallistratos > they wouldn't have the time to get formed up, specially with feint to P-2
[ 2010.05.07 07:48:14 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and much of their manpower/ships trapped in station
[ 2010.05.07 07:48:40 ] paik > as long as there dreads stay stuck in the station they are fucked
[ 2010.05.07 07:48:44 ] Perseus Kallistratos > they will try at least once to jump in caps into system... and we need to crush that one attempt
[ 2010.05.07 07:48:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > could kille a titan or supercarrier or two
[ 2010.05.07 07:49:07 ] Perseus Kallistratos > but the vicotry will be snatching their home system
[ 2010.05.07 07:49:10 ] Perseus Kallistratos > Pr-....
[ 2010.05.07 07:49:24 ] paik > I agree
[ 2010.05.07 07:49:36 ] paik > its about the boldest thing we can do
[ 2010.05.07 07:49:48 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and the one thing they are ill prepared to counter
[ 2010.05.07 07:52:07 ] Kraken Kill > will NC form for this tower
[ 2010.05.07 07:52:13 ] Kraken Kill > this morning
[ 2010.05.07 07:52:31 ] paik > im gonna get on my alt soon to find out
[ 2010.05.07 07:52:40 ] paik > if they get numbers like last night
[ 2010.05.07 07:52:42 ] paik > its lol
[ 2010.05.07 07:52:49 ] paik > they had 25 lastnight
[ 2010.05.07 07:52:59 ] paik > to our 105
[ 2010.05.07 07:53:04 ] Perseus Kallistratos > Gentleman, I have to get some sleep. Lets speek with our respective politicians and make this move happen.