June 28, 2011

Providence is Back

Easley and I set out into Providence last night after a botched drop on dreads due to a sleepy scout. In low-sec we found a Chimera, and after checking 2 anomalies and an empty moon Easley finally found him in a belt-mining.



June 26, 2011


So EVEnews24 ran a story about the horrific battle where my fleet got killed in 1DH (couple articles ago).

I had wto titans on my mail and we fought outnumbered 3-1 (and no, we weren't in bombers lol)


So we had this fight-Easley even posted it to EVENews, Riverini said he would write about it twice....


Tonight we went to support Nulli for a timer, got to system, and one bad warp in we lost half our hacs to bombers. Guessing they were set up for Nullis gang, and we dropped to close to the ihub. They bombed us on jump in-but we didn't lose anyone.

So we limped to a safe and watched Nulli leave local-and I saw in my chat "we're leaving"

So we made it out somehow, with 17 left in gang and a 40 man bc gang with about 40 bombers.

Terrible.I thought I was going to lose the whole fleet.

Wish we could have had a fight of some sort, but instead 4 bombing runs (1 was successful) later we left for home, with only 3 recon kills and a Hurricane kill.

Oh well. I was fighting MM in Delve... what should I have expected?

June 23, 2011


So we are sitting on titan in 49-, waiting to bridge on a fight against overwhelming odds (which we did) when I get a convo:

[ 2011.06.22 20:53:07 ] Leitz Black > heya
[ 2011.06.22 20:53:13 ] Perseus Kallistratos > word
[ 2011.06.22 20:53:24 ] Leitz Black > This is getting a diplomatic issue here
[ 2011.06.22 20:53:46 ] Leitz Black > Can you stand down your fleet please?
[ 2011.06.22 20:53:51 ] Leitz Black > or move it somewhere else?
[ 2011.06.22 20:54:14 ] Leitz Black > We cannot maintane blue standings to -A- and MM co
[ 2011.06.22 20:54:27 ] Leitz Black > especially when we all have an op going on
[ 2011.06.22 20:54:33 ] Leitz Black > is Herculetz online?

at this point I invite Psyco to convo, as he is nicer and more diplomatic than me and I want to troll more than anything. Nye2K asks to be invited to so I bring him in.

[ 2011.06.22 20:54:41 ] Psyco Groupie > nopt atm
[ 2011.06.22 20:54:44 ] Psyco Groupie > not
[ 2011.06.22 20:55:27 ] nye 2k > o/
[ 2011.06.22 20:55:39 ] Leitz Black > 1 sec, in a middle of a hotdrop
[ 2011.06.22 20:55:40 ] nye 2k > sorry can i confirm collective will reset us if we keep shooting mm?
[ 2011.06.22 20:55:47 ] Leitz Black > No
[ 2011.06.22 20:56:57 ] nye 2k > so telling -a- to moving fleets is not a threat?
[ 2011.06.22 20:57:02 ] nye 2k > *move
[ 2011.06.22 20:57:18 ] Rat Hunter > yo
[ 2011.06.22 20:57:23 ] Hui Kwakimaro > o/
[ 2011.06.22 20:57:54 ] Rat Hunter > what's up?
[ 2011.06.22 20:58:42 ] nye 2k > nothing we're fine just we are being convoed asking us not to shoot mm effectively
[ 2011.06.22 20:58:55 ] Hui Kwakimaro > how is that working ?
[ 2011.06.22 20:58:57 ] Hui Kwakimaro >
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:01 ] nye 2k > not wel
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:12 ] nye 2k > i think we all know the response to that
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:33 ] Rat Hunter > that's a shame really
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:43 ] nye 2k > not really, its only pewpew

at this point I finally decide to talk because the situation is dumb

[ 2011.06.22 20:59:53 ] Perseus Kallistratos > this is bullshit
[ 2011.06.22 20:59:57 ] Perseus Kallistratos > for the record
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:04 ] Rat Hunter > no, it's caled politics
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:10 ] nye 2k > and if i recall they reset us
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:12 ] Hui Kwakimaro > well it's kind of interupting our work up here
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:22 ] Perseus Kallistratos > which is shooting our allies
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:28 ] Perseus Kallistratos > last I checked?
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:33 ] Rat Hunter > what? Test? lol
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:40 ] Rat Hunter > and darkside?
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:45 ] Perseus Kallistratos > oh I must have been mistaken
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:49 ] nye 2k > no nullie etc
[ 2011.06.22 21:00:50 ] Perseus Kallistratos > that ROL TCU mail was a fake?
[ 2011.06.22 21:01:17 ] Hui Kwakimaro > system ?
[ 2011.06.22 21:01:42 ] nye 2k > lol chaps...you know the deal
[ 2011.06.22 21:01:53 ] Hui Kwakimaro > they are in NOL not ROL space
[ 2011.06.22 21:01:55 ] nye 2k > MM came in reset us shoot our allies
[ 2011.06.22 21:02:14 ] nye 2k > they are going to be shot....get over it its pew pew
[ 2011.06.22 21:02:47 ] Rat Hunter > how's your love for test?
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:13 ] nye 2k > i think your on the wrong side of this discussion imo we arnttalking about test
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:24 ] Perseus Kallistratos > listen. you are sucking the dick of MM, who has decided to engage in sov warfare rather than just good fights. end of story
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:38 ] Rat Hunter > incorrect, they are the target of us & mm
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:45 ] Rat Hunter > so very relevant
[ 2011.06.22 21:03:52 ] nye 2k > we are talking ref the super hotdrops etc....supers are going to bring us sniffing...is this wrong to do?
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:06 ] Rat Hunter > not at all
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:14 ] nye 2k > ether way ball is in your court...we are not going to stop shooting mm
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:24 ] nye 2k > let me know the outcome of this fact
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:26 ] Rat Hunter > I'm just talking about tonight, and what's up right now
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:39 ] nye 2k > lol whats happening right now?
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:41 ] Rat Hunter > don't care about what they did and what their plans are tbh
[ 2011.06.22 21:04:56 ] Perseus Kallistratos > why don't we bring Imperian into this convo-hes pro lol
[ 2011.06.22 21:05:10 ] Rat Hunter > we are butchering test

I disconnected for a second here

[ 2011.06.22 21:08:03 ] Rat Hunter > not complaining, just asking politely
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:24 ] Rat Hunter > can you stand down or not?
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:27 ] nye 2k > ok fair enough and we are politely declining this offer MM are our targets not you
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:35 ] Rat Hunter > alright
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:40 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and killing test
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:46 ] Perseus Kallistratos > is like beating up on retarded children
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:50 ] nye 2k > imo we would kill test as well :P
[ 2011.06.22 21:08:53 ] Perseus Kallistratos > everyone slaughters them-its nothing special
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:08 ] Rat Hunter > why don't you? they blue to AAA?
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:14 ] nye 2k > no
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:14 ] Perseus Kallistratos > yes
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:16 ] Perseus Kallistratos > test is blue
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:20 ] Perseus Kallistratos > have been for months
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:22 ] Perseus Kallistratos > we never shoot them
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:23 ] Rat Hunter > oh dear
[ 2011.06.22 21:09:42 ] Rat Hunter > anyways... killing test is mercy killing
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:11 ] nye 2k > hehe well at least we came to a agreement can i thus consider this as closed?
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:26 ] Rat Hunter > yeah I think we can safely say so
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:31 ] Leitz Black >
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:37 ] Rat Hunter > was worth a try
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:45 ] Rat Hunter > happy trails
[ 2011.06.22 21:10:48 ] Leitz Black > have fun o/

EDIT: Afterwards in a loose FC channel set up by TJ:

[ 2011.06.22 21:42:04 ] Toma > well pk we are not coming to shoot AAA * for now
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:19 ] Perseus Kallistratos > let me know when you do
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:22 ] Toma > silly you put uss in this spot
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:24 ] Perseus Kallistratos > you guys die really easy
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:29 ] TOUNSI > lol
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:31 ] Toma > lol
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:34 ] Perseus Kallistratos > and you and your buddies had more than enough
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:40 ] Perseus Kallistratos > didn't need help from BORG
[ 2011.06.22 21:42:57 ] Toma > we had 56 on titan

Then again -MVN- was joining Collective's new alliance according to some sources................


Today Collective went blue on blue and got reset.

I smiled.

June 22, 2011

Fight in Delve

Today I was looking for a fight in Delve-and waited for almost an hour before we bridged into 1DH with 65 in an alpha fleet.

MM gave us our fight, as they had 150 in MM fleet alone, then had another 30-40 with Brick Squad as well as supers they warped onto field. Needless to say we killed quite a few but my fleet died of course. Feeling around fleet was "good fight". We had fun despite going into a situation that probably meant most would die.

Delve is starting to look less and less promising. Support from allies in the area is feeble, Nulli are walking on sunshine after beating up on test over and over again (as are MM) and coordination is pretty terrible. MM won't fight without NC mindset numbers (3-1 Odds or more, no troll). Taking a fight with even numbers is out of the question. We reinforced their staging pos 2 days ago with 60 and with 150 in local they wouldn't form or fight... and last night we went to fight their gang repping pos and we only had 25... we took the fight, broke about even on kills and left. They refused to fight off their pos and supers/carrier reps. That mentality of lets have fun and get a fight is overshadowed by "I'm afraid to lose my ship" and their FC mentality of "I refuse to engage without 3x numbers"

This kind of warfare is so typical of EVE these days, very few people will jump their gangs into superior numbers to have fun or rely on skills to come out ahead. My hat goes off to PL, who up until recently did do this time and time again.

At least Traderjohn, whom I speak with often, admits his alliance is still stuck in this mentality. The average MM grunt however, still thinks he is pro at pvp.

Ignorance is bliss.

I suppose the funniest part of this was Collective convoing me and telling me I was causing a diplomatic incident, as they have MM blue. They told me without exact words if I didn't stand down they would shoot me. Due to the fact that their MM and Brick brethren had over 200 on field with me allowed them to not carry through with their threat, although they dropped a parting shot of "well we had 50 on titan waiting"...

gratz on the formup I guess :)

June 18, 2011

Fights in Catch, Delve and Querious

I woke up today and signed on to find out we had a "duel" arranged. Hopping into my arty Tempest I joined the fleet and waited, and soaked up the information from the RU FCs of -A-.

Sure enough our opponents arrived and we bridged into V-3 and the fight was on. We had significantly more alpha than they and their Drakes were no match. We also had significant logistics and they did an excellent jump keeping our fleet members alive. Our only fail was lack of bubbles-we could have finished off the majority of their gang towards then end but let them escape.


We then reshipped to fight a small frig gang incoming, and dropped on top of them. Successfully killing their Cynabal and Vaga I sent most of the fleet back to reship to fight an incoming Initiative fleet when out of nowhere a Red Alliance gang came into local.

Uh oh.

Sure enough some 30-40 RA landed on gate next to my cyno Broadsword. I told the few remaining fleet members babysitting me to GTFO and watched astounded as RA jumped the gate. I was told they were re-approaching, however, and was scrambling to get my fleet back on my titan in GE-. A few RA had stayed on this side and tackled me, shooting me  now that they were sure I was alone. I bridged in fleet and my cyno cycle ended immediately after. We approached gate and jumped through as I tired to split them. We reapproached on the other side and waited. Sure enough, RA jumped after us (the ones without aggro). We jumped back through and found the RA fleet members waiting out aggression and started firing on them. Despite having a smaller fleet our battleships held field and knocked down many expensive ships while taking less expensive losses of our own

People were catching up with gang at this point and when RA/SOLAR disengaged we hunted down a few stragglers, but also skewed the initial battle report. Had we taken fight without splitting their fleet it would have been bad.


As we were mopping up Initiative showed up with a large fleet. I re formed in GE- and cyno'd into U-Q local hoping for a fight.

Initiative logged off.

I took fleet home and we took a small break when I got convo'd, reminding me of the timer we had created the day before.

So we started off to J-L, as the MM tower was coming out of reinforce. A couple jumps out Progod confirmed contact with the MM fleet and we changed our heading to reinforce his fleet. Landing on field in D-3 we found triage carriers and on our way to the 319- where MM was de-aggressing we helped pop them. Jumping into 319- we mopped up, effectively sandwiching MM.

D-3 http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=468342

On our way home we knocked down a small RZR bomber/Falcon gang and I called it for the day. Good fights were had. Initiative had a fleet in FAIL space... but again they would not fight-this time we had better numbers so I can't say I blame them.

Progod summed up MM's fight pretty well with this quote:
"I have decided, that MM abaddon fleets should now be referred to as snow flake fleet, as people literally just fit them in their own special way . I look forward to seeing the fits from today's fight."

J-L Sov Battle

A couple days ago I took out a snipe hac fleet. as luck would have it MM was hitting a ROL system in Delve so we went to assist. After forming up about 45 in fleet with a healthy number of logistics we set out.
I gave the primarily EUTZ fleet members a brief run down on snipe hacs after it became apparent many of them were unfamiliar with the tactics and strategies employed when using this specialized fleet composition.

We hit 2 out from destination when I jumped into K-6 and found a number of RZR in local. Having seen them earlier in reported light ships with a couple of random battleships I scanned and found a ceptor had appeared on directional. My cloak dropped and I sat there, and sure enough an interceptor from RZR landed. Worried he may jump into my waiting gang and spoil the surprise I was relieved when instead he approached and tackled me, settling into a tight orbit. I played AFK and waited patiently as his gang arrived. First a couple of bombers, then a Tempest and Maelstrom and a few others. As their damage finally took my shields to 40% I called the gang in and melted everything. We then proceeded to destination system where 160 or so BRICK and MM had just killed an ROL TCU and were onlining their own.

ROL entered local and we warped in at range with them to the MM tower. Supercapitals were on field, and the fighting was rough as MM had good numbers and were dipping in and out of POS shields. With some secondary FCs providing good warp ins we danced on and off the field looking for good kills and maybe a fight... but MM refused to leave the POS. ROL took a beating and had to disengage-Nulli and FAIL had formed up by this time, however, and were inbound so we continued to harass MM on their pos. At one point I noticed the Leviathan yellow, then red box my Broadsword. Knowing a DD was incoming I warped off field. Upon later discussion with Traderjohn he did indeed confirm he tried to DD me :)

Backup arrived along with a reformed ROL fleet and the POS was reinforced and onlining MM TCU destroyed. We took a few ceptor losses but no hacs or logistics despite being heavily outnumbered on a hostile pos. Logi's did a great job and for a fleet not well versed in snipe hacs they followed orders well enough to keep themselves alive and get some kills.

Fun times.


June 17, 2011

June 15, 2011

DOS Attack...

Once again-we find ourselves unable to play the game we pay CCP for, some of us with more than 1 account.

Anyone else feel that their inability to contain the situation so far is embarassing and maybe some skillpoints or free game time is in order???

June 14, 2011

Yong Baby

Deciding to take a break from 0.0 for a couple days, Easley and I took some of the crew to Yong, our low sec playground. I hoped for some actual small gang warfare, as Curse is a joke with Sedition (thanks for the titan kill btw) and Darkside (wrong TZ).

So with me in a Machariel and Easley in a Maelstrom we roamed up towards CVA in Mamet. Not getting fights from anything and wanting to avoid the Provi-blob we headed towards Kheram. In Rephirab I jumped into 16 in local-which is very odd for that system.

I inspected each character and found a hodge podge of everything-only 2 sets of same corp characters. Confused by this I warped to Kheram gate at 100 and there they were... camping the gate in every ship you can think of! I saw Raven, Sleipnir, Tengu, Abaddon, Drakes, Myrmidons, Brutix, Harbinger, Hyperion, and some others I can't even remember.

Raven immediately GCC'd on me and started spitting cruise missiles. Sleipnir and Tengu were burning me out... I thought about going for a quick gank and decided against it, as Easley was 2j away and fit more for brawl not kite and fight.

We rolled back to Yong, re shipped and grabbed 2 more Mavs. 2x Geddon 1x Dominix and 1x Tempest, a small RRBS gang. Easley and I agreed if they took the fight and weren't as terrible as I hoped we would lose.

Off we went, jumping into Rephirab and straight to Kheram gate. Off gate was a GCC'd BC, we jumped on contact. I broke cloak first as I had only 1 rep and watched as 2 of them warped off to a group safed up 200km off.

I couldn't believe it... they wouldn't take the fight!

We tackled Abaddon and Huginn-Huginn instapopped with guns and us and Abaddon went down slowly but surely. CVA even laughed in local at our anti-pirate work. Fits were... interesting.

After some smack talk and approval from CVA for our excellent anti-pirate work we headed back to Yong. We tried to kill a Raven in Biphi but 2x points weren't enough for what was probably a full rack of warp core stabs. Saddened and about to go to bed I sent one of my alts to high sec to park.

Tabbing over to warp the toon to a station I noticed an Obelisk at 0 on the gate to low-sec.


Quickly cycling to low-sec I noticed same corp toon in local-scan showed a self named Buzzard. Yelling to Easley I got gang on the gate from Yong to Gemodi. Easley went in in his Arazu, which was at half armor. Fearing gate guns would kill him, I had him dock to rep. As he docked... Obelisk jumped in.


We jumped in and warped Hibi but it was too late... freighter was off. After some choice words we decided to try something else in the hopes he was not too bright.

Logging off all ships on Gemodi undock we kept neut eyes online and waited... Gemodi is a kickout station and we might get lucky.

Time passed by... and a few minutes later he undocked.

"Log in gogogogogogogogogogo"

Easley called first point with his trusty Arazu, and out battleships landed on grid a moment later, positioned above the freighter-perfect. MWDs on and a few bumps later freighter was drifting down and away, hopelessly out of docking range.

Two minutes later... Obelisk down.

I logged off smiling

Yellow boxes appeared and I aligned towards sun. Raven GCC'd at 100+ KM and started tanking gate guns, Sleipnir and Tengu started burning me out.

Debating on whether to try and knock down the Tengu I de