April 21, 2011


Easley linked me this thread


So I posted to see what would happen. The guy gave me 50 mill in isk. It was actually legit.

Nice to see some people are still out there not scamming!

-A- hits White Noise

So, for anyone who follows null sec politics, its old news now that -A- has opened up a southern front with White Noise. So far as I'm aware there is no "hiring" or "payment" for this action. Its simply repaying an old debt.

Not that I think many in -A- would need any excuse to hit White Noise. There has been a profund sense of bitterness due to the recent PL/DRF steamroll of Atlas and -A- and many were waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

Its fairly clear that the NC in its current state of operation is failing. Apathy is reigning amongst the NC alliances and that combined with poor decision making from mediocre FCs has led to a general drop in overall morale in the NC. Perhaps that would explain the supers a half dozen jumps away shooting low sec Amarr militia pos' instead of fighting DRF/PL.

As a sort of gentlemans agreement (as no official blue standings have been sorted with any NC entity) -A- intitated attacks on White Noise CSAAs and logistics infrastructure two days ago. By all counts and intel 2 baby supercarriers and a baby titan are down. No response as of yet-but this cannot last long before some type of response will be provoked.

The question is, what will the "DC" choose to do at this time? So far they have only participated in a limited fashion, and there have always been rumours of restting the NC proper. At this point they can make or break the conflict raging in the north depending on which side they choose to back. My money is on them (eventually) backing the NC. The Mittani is comfortable on his throne and being part of the biggest NAPfest in EVE history guarantees that ongoing power of supercap production and isk flow.

Word on the street is that Molle is back in some fashion, lurking in Delve. I find it amusing that people still say that IT was burned to the ground and Molle's picking up the pieces. I think a better image is a fortress abandoned and crumbling in disrepair. Not a single system in Delve was taken until after IT fail cascaded.

I would say the Null sec politics are getting interesting again-and as far as NC vs DRF goes, I am always interested in pro longing that conflict :)

Who wants to kill an Aeon?

So if you follow "I Could Have Taken It Solo" you may already know this story-its a week and a half old now but as I mentioned RL is beating me senseless. I'm in fact moving back to Minneapolis next week, should be interesting.

So, for a couple weeks -MVN- moved into Tash Murkon/Domain low-sec area for some pirating and low sec fun. We were roaming and had even brought some large toys up for possible drops.

A corp named Benovelence had moved into Yong-they were GCCing carriers on station, smacking the hell out of local and forming up 5-6 man gangs. Easley and I played around but due to lack of numbers we didn't go toe-to-toe.

I continued playing the lone pirate role in preperation for some drops when one night Easley and I jumped into Yong from a venture in Kor-Azor and saw two supercarriers on scan in Yong.


Only one NC. in local (they use Yong as a transit point), Puppet Masters, who had been rumoured to be leaving NC.

Local count showed the typical 4-5 Benovelence and... 2 Macabre Votum.


We had scouted the POS's in system earlier, including one coming out of reinforce in a few hours. A quick scan showed the supers location and in I went with a cloaked Rapier whilst pinging for supercarriers.

Sure enough, they were hitting another POS in system, aligned fully to a celestial. They were hitting it along with Benovolence, with quite a bit of banter going on in local as if no one else would be reading. Checking history's, Benovelence was ex-Looney Toons. One of their members had Macabre history as well. So that was the link, and I guess the fight for Geminate/Vale was just not enough excitement for the supercaps (?) and here they were in Providence low sec.

I snuggled up 10k above the Wyvern, who was leading the Aeon by about 5km on their align point. We had caught them as the POS' was entering reinforce, and they were currently incapping the mods. Time was running short and the active supers were low or in 49-.

Last mod was incapped and off the supers went, to a Benovelence pos in system. They stayed online until aggro timers were up and logged off. On a hunch I told everyone to plan on being online in 2 hours when the small pos in system came out of reinforce-but Maka and Bip went on some rant about potential spies and a counter drop.

Not feeling like arguing I said eff it and stood down.

2 hours later I checked in and guess what? Both supers logged in and shooting said pos.


The next morning POS came out and Nihilist (CVA roleplayers) came and repped it with a small skirmish resulting in a dead Navy Geddon from Benovelence (that I whored on!). No supers.

For 3 more days I afk'd in system and stalked the supercarrier pilots. On the third day I said eff it, lets take off the gloves and start hot dropping people-I had up to that point kept our big toys off the radar in the hope of a drop.

So here I was, trolling around with a cyno ready to go on my Geddon when I see both supers log in.


With a decent fleet sitting on my tit, including 2 hictors, I humped back to Yong and switched out to Rapier. Herc was on and was beating the hell out of alliance to drum up supers-midpoints were arranged from Querious and more supers were on the way.

I was in space watching the supers and arranging travel arrangements with Maka and Herc when the supercarriers dissapeared from local.


But wait... they were still online! They had cyno'd out of local-and were going to come back inevitably, as they had been parking in the Benovelence pos for days.

Supers were now ready to go, I had probes ready to go and Benovolence online in local. We now had 4 hictors ready to go on the titan along with a sizeable RRBS fleet.

I was figuring on a 1-2 hour wait, assuming they were hitting a pos somewhere else in the region when cyno went up in local.

I had moved cursor, right clicked on cyno icon when the two super pilots appeared in local.

Go time.

I initiated warp whilst screaming "we are committing!". I landed right next to both supers, just moving up from 0 speed towards a celestial. I dropped cloak popped cyno opened bridge.

"take bridge take bridge supers jump jump jump primary wyvern primary wyvern call focus points hictors!"

I looked back at my Rapier screen expecting to be dead/dying and was astounded to see me just sitting there while local popped and my grid filled with my fleet. Wyvern started going down, points were called and things seemed to be going well when...

wtf? Wyvern warped off. Logs later showed Wafer with a point on him, then him going invulnerable 1 minute later and warping. Still no answer from CCP.

Aeon was called primary and after 2 minutes he logged off. Smarties still running along with hardeners. Carriers dropped with neuts, and we slowly whittled it down.

About 6 minutes before his 15 minute timer was up the Aeon went boom. I was excited about the kill, rather sad the Wyvern got away.

Word was the pilot was selling his Avatar to buy a new Aeon and then quitting the game.

I think Herc best summed it up:

herculetz: 2011-04-13 04:39:52

Question is. wtf is he doing here?

April 9, 2011

What the hell do we do now?

With PL up north on contract Delve is suddenly very... empty.

No more giant Drake massacres-no more sov warfare. What will we do for ~good fights~ now?

For the moment there are no plans for anything big-roams will continue to be run and maybe some small corp deployments. Options are being explored for a larger scale deployment but where to go, what to do?

For now I'm going to keep rolling my gangs to a system near you for some pew. CCP killed the system I was running Sanctums in (screw you CCP) but I was getting pretty exasperated with the carebearing anyways.

So hopefully some more battlereports!

April 7, 2011

Carebearing. Necessary Evil...

To pay for my new toy I've had to resort to extreme carebearing. Passive market income is enough to pay for the occasional PVP loss but doesn't provide the billions upon billions of isk needed for supercapitals.

That being said, I've still managed to get bits of PVP in.

Last night we bridged onto a CVA gang reinforcing an EVOKE pos in R3- in Providence, only netting the Dominix that was pointed as all other targets on field were aligned off.

A BUSA gang found an aggressing carrier last night-dropped the hammer and watched as the DD started and the carrier warped off.


Apparently the tackling Cane got neuted and no secondary points allowed for him to warp to a planet where he was promtly tackled but self destructed at 15% armor.


So, for the next few weeks you can find PK carebearing in a system near you!

April 4, 2011


I now have a new toy :)


Yesterday started off with a hot drop of a gang that wanted to roam through Catch. Death or Glory was in a mixed bag of shield stuff with Drakes Scimitars and everything inbetween (and a few Tempests).

I formed up a small Hellcat fleet (30ish) with intentions to drop them when an FC running an alpha fleet convo'd me, as he was going had similar intentions. The gang was SV5 jumping HED-, so I told the Alpha fleet I would engage at 0 with them and get in a brawl and call him in.

So in we went, and warped to station (where they were reported). We landed and the last 2 were warping off.


Oh, yeah, thats why. The alpha fleet jumped too, spiking local almost 70. Derp.

We danced safespots in system for a couple minutes until they warped to the SV5 gate at 0 and jumped.

In we went, bubbles up. They immediately started burning away, we took down several before they were out of range. I pinged the fleet up and warped them down to a wreck at the front of their group, snagging a few more before they all warped off and started bouncing safes.

Alpha fleet took some losses-we lost a ceptor.


We switched into Snipe HACs afterwards, with intentions to roam. Those were cut short when another gang jumped into HED-, which we promptly engaged. Results were so-so... many of the pilots in my fleet had never been in a snipe hac gang before. The majority of the gang did quite well-although I some idiots careen of towards the enemy fleet, no doubt due to CTRL-CLICK spamming to lock primaries. 2x Snipe HACs down (one admitted to not managing range) and one Falcon who was alpha'e (he had no buffer... none)


http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=451470 = HED
http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=451511 = SV5

Lessons learned, etc etc.

Not too long after that... Initiative was reported inbound with 50+ in Hellcat formation. We re shipped to match and sent out a bait battleship.

Our bait battleship found Initiative in HY- and got them aggressed on gate. He popped cyno and.... they all warped. Literally everyone... except one Abaddon whom Perci got point on http://www.a-kills.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=451488

We chased them several jumps towards Curse and snagged a few more battleships but the majority of Initiative got out. Quite disheartening-we had an even fight coming (we honestly had about 5 less in fleet than they did).

We went up to Fountain through a wormhole leading to Aridia. Just outside Hophib I found Nulli was engaged in 6VDT area and got in convo with Pro, who gave my fleet a short ride to 6VDT area. We cyno'd in 200km above the 6VDT gate in NDH-... a field littered with countless wrecks. Apparently 180ish TEST engaged 140ish AHACs from Nulli and Godfathers and got curb stomped. Godfathers had dropped SBUs and TEST tried to defend.


Numbers are skewed given that TEST were unable to kill much at all.

We danced around with Nulli but there were no kills to be had, as TEST were all docked up. I had eyes in their fleet and comms and it was comedy hour for sure. They all kept screaming for Huginns and some guy was going on about his laser Drake.

Eventually we left after Progod was told by Manny that the NAP agreement he had with TEST prohibited from SBUs or something. We were just there for the fights-Godfathers were there to make the local residents angry. I got a convo from Montolio but I just ignored it :-)

We rolled out and parted ways with Nulli, took the long way to Y-2. TEST felt good enough to venture out when Nulli left and came after us with 130 (they had 180 in fleet but there were lots of inactives apparently). Knowing they were coming I burned to KVN- and asked fleet if they wanted to bail or take the fight. The vote was to take the fight (we had just under 30 people at this point) despite the fact it would be bloody.

So we took the fight-through Y-2, ZXB and our old home 5-C. Jumping in, burning off and shooting the tacklers that came after us gate by gate. We lost almost half the fleet, including 4 or 5 after TEST turned around to head back and we turned around to kill some more of them :-)

Lessons were learned-I yelled at a few people for dying stupidly and others already knew they screwed up. But it was overall very fun to keep charging into the blob and getting out.

Good times.

Whelping a Titan

If there is one thing that -A- isn't short on its PVP opportunities.

I shall start with the story of how a titan was lost on Saturday night...

Roaming in Curse with a 30ish gang of Canes/Sabres/Scimitars/other fast movers I was alerted by Manny that there was a possible drop about to go down. So I started burning my gang to Querious (some 20ish jumps away). On the way Herc drops down to tell me the same.

Apparently PL had some carriers and a super in 5V- that had gotten in when they cycled the jammer down. I was getting no communication from the convo with Manny as we freeburned to 2j out and held.

I finally hopped on comms with him to ask what the hell was going on.

"Get to 5V- planet 1 and keep bubbles up"


I switched back to my fleet and gave the orders. In we went and to planet 1 we warped. Landed in bubbles amidst several carriers and a Nyx with only a few blues on field. My dictors went to work and we primaried the Nidhog hoping for shield tank... which of course wasn't the case.

We twaddled our thumbs and kept the capitals bubbled while Manny formed up the supers on the jump bridge into 5V- (as it was cynojammed). Maka and Herc weren't quite sure what the whole story was but came along for the ride.

Without any leadership on the field I took over managing the ships while we continued to wait for Manny to pull the trigger. With time ticking away I became more and more anxious-PL had ample time to get organized as we approached a half hour. Finally we started jumping in supers and the bridge ran out of LO. Supers were instructed to align to planet 1 to wait for the other supers to get through.

So here we were dancing with carriers neuting and throwing fighters and drones all over the place with supers aligned waiting for the rest of the supers to come through. Why we couldn't bring the ones in system to field I didn't know... so after a few minutes I suggested that we were wasting time and to just bring them in. Maka agreed and so we did, shortly after LO was found and the other supers made it in.

I called primaries on the carriers and they went down one by one. As time had dragged on my suspicious meter kept rising-especially given that the Nyx pilot hadn't logged out yet. With how long we took to bring DPS to the field he could have already dissapeared in space... yet there he was approaching half armor.

Suddenly grid filled up with about 10-15 PL; first name that flashed into my brain was Phobos.


I waited for Manny to make the call to warp off-didn't come.

Maka finally yelled "supers warp! warp! warp!" as his titan escaped. By some miracle all supers managed to get out-except the Cascade titan. Manny had called for a re alignment shortly before PL dropped onto field and his titan had not yet fully aligned.

I burned my support fleet away from the bubbled Nyx-still in half armor-and primaried the numerous bubblers on field. This became a moot point as a cyno opened (wtf?) and PL dropped numerous supers on field.

I asked Maka if we could disengage-as it was pointless to stay, he replied in the affirmative and I got my boys out while the Nyx started getting reps from the PL carriers that jumped in.

I asked where the hell the cyno jammer was and someone piped up "oh I guess thats what the other supers were up to"


After getting my fleet the 2j to Catch I got in channel with Herc and Mak and tried to understand what had just happened.

Apparently there were 8 or 9 supers in addition to the carriers and Nyx on field when I entered system. This was not brought to -A- leadership's attention when we committed supers. Of special note was the comment "they warped off". Not "jumped out".

Pieces fell into place now. Why the Nyx pilot stayed logged in... why not? He had several buddies hard at work taking down the cyno jammer without anyone figuring it out. I didn't think to ask about the couple dozen reds in local when I arrived as I figured that would have already been sorted and accounted for. PL turned what may have been a tense situation into an opportunity. Hell, we gave them 45 minutes, I would hope they would come up with someting in USTZ prime.

Good fight.

ET's account of events