January 28, 2011

IT Alliance

Being in MVN in IT these days is hard. With X13 and Finfleet not deploying or doing anything for 3 months and then leaving, and now rumours that DICE was simply waiting for a titan to come out of the cooker so they could screw off too.

We have been fighting our tails off during USTZ against overwhelming odds to have the EUTZ do... nothing. Pretty depressing.

6VDT is a joke-sorry NC, but there aren't any assets in that system. We all evacced to Delve about 2 days before. Some random battleships is about it.
The funny part is-NC is going to chestbeat saying they brought down IT.

Funny because the corps in questions had plans to leave months ago. I know its good for propoganda, but IT was starting to crack at the seams 2 months ago. The CEO issues would have cracked with or without a Fountain campaign.

Sad that these corps who think they're hot shit don't even log in anymore. The new alliance formed by Finfleet and X13 made their debut by losing 2 titans and 2 supercarriers in curse :lol:

So they left for "greener" pastures and now the "new" "bob" corps are left holding the bag. Pretty rotten deal-an alliance is a bond where corps look out for each other. In IT its every man for himself, with the exception of some of the smaller corps. STK, NEXE, MVN, and SUITS (whos constellation is being hit in Fountain, and the old corps aside from RKK did fuck all to help them sadly) have been bleeding and fighting constantly.

Its a pretty rotten deal all around. Who knows what the future holds?

EDIT: On behalf of emo'ness, the people in Anzac who have been fighting (BUNDUS! :-) ) have also been doing pretty great too.


I received a response the next morning:

Your ban was only for 1 day and after this you will be able to log in again. If you do see any other players spamming in local or linking to offensive content then please do file a petition and we will investigate each case. The reason that you received the ban and not a gag or a warning was because of the previous gags and warnings on your account.

Best regards,
GM Kaliastra
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

2011.01.27 05:44:00 GM Kaliastra
I think I've been gagged twice in the past 2 years. Oh well. To make matters even more comical after 1 day had passed I was still banned. So I responded to the petition again and got this:

2011.01.28 06:05:00 GM Kaliastra

I am sorry for some reason your ban did not lift automatically. You should be able to log in now be please let me know if you can't.

Best regards,
GM Kaliastra
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

January 26, 2011



350 Test and Goons in local chat-self proclaimed champions of spamming local, and PK gets this


Petition Owner


Petition Body


This mail is sent to inform you that your EVE Online account **********, has been suspended in light of EULA violations.

Our END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT and other game policies can be found on this page: http://www.eveonline.com/pnp/

If you feel the ban is not justified or you have something to add to the matter, please reply to this mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

GM Kaliastra
EVE Online Customer Support [/b]

 So.... with 50 people spamming local-mainly test and goons-PK gets a ban. I know the haters that read this blog (why if you hate it so much I don't know) will laugh. But the normal players of the game-I mean for real.

Is it even possible to outspam Goons or Test in local?

January 24, 2011

Wisconsin Larper :-)

[QUOTE=The Mittani;161874]i checked this bad thread because i'm bored because all the it fanboys have vanished, too busy fleeing to empire to post
but yes phreeze is correct amidst wallowing in the agonies of thousands people who i love nothing more than to hurt in eve online, a bad game, i have taken time out of my sadism to be really angry about one of elendar's gangs
on this day, the day where we cascaded molle's alliance a second time[/QUOTE]

I laughed. The Mittani really got us, I can confirm that all my ships are now safely in empire :)


Its pretty much standard news now-X13 and Finfleet are having diplomatic issues with some other alliance entities. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just visit Kugustumen.

The basic gist is this. During the Catch campaign some restructuring went on involving the command structure of the alliance. Power shifted around and those that found themselves with less of it were unhappy.

X13 & Finfleet were on one side while RKK & BNC were on the other side. MVN and other corporations stayed neutral. Finfleet and X13 have not deployed to Fountain (aside from a few pilots) and RKK was deploying to Fountain in some limited fashion (although as of late their numbers have increased).

This led to a serious lack of power in the EUTZ (as was pointed out time and time again by about everyone).

This came to in impass two days ago when X13 and Finfleet came up with a list of demands that had to be met or they would leave. Most of the demands were quite reasonable and fell in line with the way MVN operates already. Trim the fat, get rid of the useless, let the FCs run the military ops etc. Then there was one dictating the CEO of a corporation-something that only the membership of that corporation has a right to decide.

As a result of these demands it appears inevitable that X13 and Finfleet will leave IT. I personally agreed with most of the things they had to say; however, the manner in which they went about making their points was pretty childish. Refusing to deploy? For the past 2 months this refusal to help the alliance while other corporations certainly depleted credibility with the rest of the alliance to the point that when this list of demands was made no one really wanted to help them no matter how valid their points were.

So-if they do end up leaving for certain, the end result?

Two corporations that weren't even deployed or fighting will be gone and absolutely nothing will change. This makes the smack in local about us failcascading and crumbling all the more hilarious. I especially love the TEST local spam of "get out" and "leave our space" as if they don't really want to fight for it (thats the fun part, for reals). Despite the crapping out of TCUs in completely worthless systems just to say they have sov in Fountain the fight is far from over.

Oh and last night I took a snipe hac gang of 30 vs 30 Gentleman's agreement.

Gentlemans wouldn't fight and instead had 90 TEST bridge into the fight, which were scouted before they even formed up on their titan. Anticipating a fight I waited in RE- hoping for it, ready to start shooting when the cyno went up. Sure, we could have run at that point but I figured we would get some easy kills. Sure enough, Broadsword warps in (useless) and Rapier pops cyno. In comes the blob. We shot some, warped off, shot some more in the next system, and I would have continued a run and gun engagement, except for the inside intel the enemy blob was getting. When their tackle was on our out gate before we were and their main fleet landed at the same time I knew they had TS spy, and lost 5 HACs to that spy. OH NOES!

Small TS though-and personally I would never burn my NC spy for a 30 man HAC gang (maybe a titan)... so I laughed and used a fleet warp to get the rest of the gang out. TEST with their massive gang in system seemed to think that this engagement was decisive in some way... I just smiled and took the gang home. Sure we lost some but to burn a potential spy? Worth it. That and their tackle was complete fail, we should have honestly lost most of my fleet with the intel they were getting but they biffed it and instead I got several more kills before safing gang up. I was somewhat dissapointed in Gentleman's agreement though, I would have liked an even fight as they seem competent without the 100 man TEST gangs. That and Gentleman know how to communicate in local-similar to old Goons. TEST don't know how to-they CTRL C and CTRL V everything, no original content... no real thought into the smack, only really scrolling local up. Almost makes me shed a tear :)

To the cries of "run run run" I answer with this. How many times have I roamed 30 guys into Cloud Ring and never gotten a fight despite 100-200 NC online around Cloud Ring? Without 4-1 odds in favor of the NC my chances of getting a fight are basically 0.

Makes me smile :)

That is all.

January 22, 2011


Last night was a decent night for roaming. We tussled with gangs from various NC entities and Rote Kapelle.

Rote Kapelle was the most chill (even though some of them hate me), and NC was 2/3. By that I mean one gang hid in a pos, Gentlemans Agreement fought us but bailed when we dropped the hammer (props for the fight) and WI brought a large destroyer gang in and got face raped and then hid in a pos with whatever was left.

Roaming Cloud Ring we couldn't get any fights despite large numbers of TEST in 00TY- local. They fought in local chat rather than form up their awesome ahac gang :)

We burned halfway to a low sec tower and killed Prometheus Exenthal in a Domi. Hes a chill frig pilot whos damn good-just got caught in the wrong place. http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=52130

Burned back to 6VDT as it was late and we had an op early in the morning (that I didn't make due to work).

If you hadn't heard IT had a rough time this morning. We held sub cap field but NC actually brought the whole gang to the fight including supers from Morsus Mihi and Majesta etc. etc.

ITs lack of show, especially from some of the corps who haven't deployed as they should led to a total lack of super presence and led to the death of two titans and some supercarriers.

Goons will chestbeat (its what they do) Test will try and chestbeat (they are learning) but the bottom line is-when you have 40,000 people it doesn't take a high participation to drum up numbers. With PL out of Venal MM and Razer are now able to move further south and help their "bros" out. The failure in the intelligence-not knowing that Goonies had batphoned all of their napped brethren-led to a messed up situation when Northern NC entities started dropping supers.

The other piece of the puzzle is the new patch. For those that haven't noticed yet, right clicking on your capacitor for jump beacons or cynos is gone.


Instead you have to open your navigation window-which in many situations is a valuable tool. In a shitty ass CCP fucked laggy environment its a window that DOESN'T OPEN.

Hats off to CCP-you managed to attempt a fix on something that wasn't broken. Again.

and screwed it up royally.

So when the order to jump out was given-guess what?

No one could load the navigation window or fleet window = no one could jump out.

Y-2 Karma came and and bitch slapped IT. Not as hard but similar in that a new patch managed to pwn us harder than Goons (even with their giant nap-list) ever could.


PS Can't wait for EVE News to write this article!

January 20, 2011

SBU's Again...

Petition - Exploits

Phey Onat onlined a SBU in YVBE- on the BYXF gate that will online during extended downtime


Thank you for reporting this. We are aware of the situation and this will be dealt soon.

Best Regards,
GM Eskimo
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

Oops. Gentleman's Club can now be added to the list of people who made a booboo during DT.

Maybe Goonswarm should try for legal action on them too!

January 19, 2011

Signature Banner

I'm looking for a new sig banner. I love the modeling that was done for this one:

mainly due to the face on the left side. It was pro.

I loved this one:

Due to the awesome job done on the ship-having it overhang the actual signature.

What I'm looking for now is a combination of those two things with the Tengu replaced by a Nyx :)

Contact me in game if you have any offers/banners/etc.

Whichever one I choose will get a blog entry with samples/fees/etc. (advertising) as well as my testament of excellence (if I choose it its probably really good).

Who wants carrier kills?

Due to real life and just being busy I haven't had time to post about an awesome roam we had last week.

First off we tussled with 2 fleets at once-an armor hac gang and a shield fleet. We were at range on the 9-V gate in 5-D and they jumped into us. Although together they numbered more than 150 they wouldn't take the fight against my 50 and reapproached and jumped out. http://www.killboard.it/?a=kill_related&kll_id=247808

We still took quite a few of them down.

We also managed to snag an Abaddon and Megathron that were too slow warping off next door.

Both gangs ran afterwards.

We moved north and hit up the WI/WTF constellation of 0-C. I jumped in with the Broadsword along with my dictors and bubbled station. 2 min later, as I call gang gang in-an Archon warps to station on the backside (no bubbles up on that side). I curse my luck as he lands at 0... then watch suprisingly as he bounces-hard.

Archon starts floating off station. 5... 10... 15... 20... km off station. I get him focus pointed, gang is already landing and we go to work. A Thanny and Chimera undock to try and help him but they Archon is out of rep range. He drops really fast, and Thanny starts slowboating around the side of the station to give him reps. We jam up the Thanny and keep on the Archon. Then Cardking tells me "dude the Thanny is off station he just smartied my drones". I have gang start bumping the Thanny further off while shooting the Archon.

Archon goes down. Thanny is now primary. By this point another Thanny has joined the Chimera on the undock, both are wisely humping the station. I put all jams on the second Thanny and hit the first Thanny. He drops very quickly. The other two carriers dock up immediately.


We give GFs in local and move on with smiles on our faces.


Lets clarify a few things-due to dumbasses at EVENews and other super-spinners.

2. TWO. T-w-o SBUs were onlined in 9R4. That means that after downtime the system was NOT vulnerable.

The two that onlined were automatically removed. There was one (1) o-n-e that was onlined afterwards. This meant that at NO TIME was the system vulnerable.

Secondly-there was NO CAP FLEET logged off in system. There was a Sabre (me) Rapier X 2 and Viator X 1.

Thats it.

NO sieging. No logged off cap fleet. No vulnerability. It amazes me how many idiots there are out there who eat that shit up. It also amazes me that evenews has surpassed fox news and is now absolute garbage.

That is all.

January 18, 2011


Last night me and a few friends put SBUs up in 9R4. We onlined only two.

My character Perseus Kallistratos didn't online any of them-yet logging on today I get

ExploitingFrom: GM Nythanos

To: Perseus Kallistratos
This is an official warning for using an exploit. Exploiting bugs in game mechanics, including placing SBUs to online over an extended downtime, is a EULA Violation and any further violations of this nature may lead to a permanent ban being placed upon your account.

I laughed.

January 13, 2011


After yesterdays alliance fiasco I decided to run a Snipe HAC gang to get some semblance of decency out of the evening. Ladyscarlet's comment in FC it prompted me a bit. After the fiasco (nightmare) in 9R4, she said something like "Team Max will have to make killboard green again".


So for 2-3 hours of cloaky camping and maybe 10 kills... and who knows how many losses (last night was several bombers) that was a slap in the face. Not a nice one.

I said screw that shit.

So after 2 hours of cooldown/cleaning/Black Ops I started a gang. Took a long time to get a small gang together (25 people) but we rolled out anyways. We first engaged an armorhac gang which was coordinating with a shield gang (both Northern Coalition).

Basically we bridged to Z-3 and started down the pipe towards Cloud Ring. The AHAC gang was nowhere to be found. A Cov Ops was reporting our movements and following us, so next gate I reapproached and when he came in, we killed him.

Then we jumped into a small TEST gang on small stuff and raped it in good fashion. The AHAC gang was also in system and my scout said nothing on directional scan. So jumping to E-B and killing the small TEST gang was cool until 30 some AHACs landed on the gate. I had fleet burning at the sun full speed but 4 (four) HACs died.

I was livid.

3/4 were fit correctly-I know one or two got webbed hard but the bottom line is that they didn't broadcast for reps. We had 5 Scimitars. Not cool. If you don't broadcast you don't get reps. Most smart people have a hot key for shield broadcast.

So we fought and lost 4 HACs while killing a Deimos and 4 crap ships. I was worried about the lack of bubblers/tacklers but kept us going. They had all jumped out after deagressing... and refused to jump into us. Over 70 people with their two gangs and they wouldn't jump in. Same story different day.

So we went 9R4. Landing on 9R4 gate the enemy gang jumped in... but held on the in gate.

Sweet mother grow a pair. We jumped into 9R4 and reapproached. They warped to 9R4 and held on the other side while we burned off. Wow... same story same day now.

Best Path had a 10 man gang in system with us so I had them come over to our gate. I MWD'd my HACs to the gate at 0 to see what the timid brosefs next door would do.


We burned off the gate and started fighting with the AHACs. The shield fleet was nowhere to be found, just the WI. We had even numbers in this fight, but lack of DPS from our LR HACS combined with 5 Guardians was a bit rough. They couldn't hit us and we couldn't break their tanks. I tried a new tactic in fleet that Dienekes had discussed and bam... Lachesis down. That Lachesis took over 50,000 damage.


Next, Guardian. Bam he went down. At this point they deaggressed and jumped out. We looted field and sat there waiting. Shield gang joined AHAC gang next door.

and we waited...

"OK guys MWD to 0 on gate"

They jumped in again, and we burned off shooting all the light tackle and crap, then dropping anything that moved out towards us. They deaggressed (if they even bothered aggressing). It was quite fun. They didn't want to fight anymore. It was comical. Battle report here. Much better :)

We went back to 6VDT, reformed and hot dropped a small gang camping K8L. One Hurricane and one of the two Onyx's got out. Battle report here.

We then rolled to Cloud Ring. First stop? TEST station in 00TY. Killed this autocannon Typhoon on the way.

Once in 00TY I warped to station and bubbled up. Rattlesnake, and Dominix warped in on other side-Rattlesnake instadocked but Dominix turned around burned off and warped then laughed about it in local.


Dictors landed on station and bubbled the hell out of it. Smack went up in local including "station bubbled". Yet when I bumped local 20 with my HACs two Drakes warped in on the station.


One got out (no interceptors could grab tackle = fail) but the other got caught and died. Even local intel didn't help him.

We stayed on undock and watched a Noctis cruise in 100km off station. He managed to get tackled by one of our ceptors and died to our HAC fire.


Then a carrier undocked and reapproached station-Gallente tower station has a big undock cavity and he moved right up into it. We shot him into low armor within 1 minute and he docked. Bored by this stupid game we left. 3 Kills (dumb losses tbh)

Rolled up towards G8, but it was pretty empty. On the way home I jumped into QXW- and found a Dramiel sitting at 0 on my in gate. I held cloak, then approached pulsed MWD and bubbled up.

Crossing my fingers, I smiled when he jumped instead of burning off. In MJYW- he tried to reapproach. Tried. Dramiel kill here.

In Ei- I found a Jaguar landing on my in gate. Same story as Dramiel-except this guy let me bubble him and approach to scram range. I proceeded to scram him. Instead of jumping he THEN tried to burn off. I called in the HACs. AB fit means not very fast, and after my bubble cycled down (while scram was still on him) I loaded focus point and started MWDing. Broadsword with bubble = slow. Without bubble = fast. I had him half dead by the time gang loaded grid. Jaguar kill here.

As we were pulling repots of a Drake/Abaddon combo were reported. Lachesis got hero tackle and held while our gang burned 3jumps to kill them. Both went down.

Good night except for the first engagement.

Oh, and Manny from Havoc (former -A-)...

"Maverick Navy had a corp meeting and decided to give it till the end of the month. If things don't improve they are out.
~ Take some time and think about what I just said ~
Yea when the Maverick Navy is ready to walk out on you .... wow are there even words for this?"
Hes been so busy running 3 man gangs with whatevers left of Havoc in his former space while simultaneously posting NC ass-kissing posts on Kugu's that he still thinks -MVN- is a small time Atlas corp. Obvious troll is still troll :)
Nice try dooder.

What A Mess

Two nights ago we (USTZ-roam/alliance/whatever) SBU'd 9R4 PNQ and 3WE. This was in conjunction with Zammas' op during early EUTZ (Aussie TZ). His op was to kill SBUs and rep some stuff. I figured that we would also give them some stuff to reinforce.
Zammas busted his butt and repped stuff. I get this. I understand it is tedious work. But he was unable to spare any manpower from repping/shooting SBUs to go put TCUs in 9R4 and PNQ into reinforce and kill one TCU in 3WE. And no op was posted when he couldn't hit the TCUs. No FC would take it. In a EUTZ heavy alliance-no FC.

So after a late night, where I FC'd from 6pm to about 3am, and flew a dictor in fleet until 5AM, I get on in USTZ afternoon and guess what?
PNQ/9R4/3WE are STILL vulnerable. Meaning they hadn't been hit, nor had NC hit the SBUs.
The vulnerability was up for 8 hours. 8 long hours with no response from NC or us. I know we were killing SBUs in our friend's constellation. But hot damn... it took 10 min to kill the TCU in 3WE. It wouldn't have taken much longer than that to reinforce 9R4 TCU. PNQ TCU as well.
This realization of still vulnerable systems caused Cardking and myself to use a fleet formed for a possible titan kill (Bundus found a FA Levi camping a drag bubble) to go to 3WE. Goons had not yet started forming for their 9R4 save op when we started hitting the TCU in 3WE. They formed 200 people rather quickly when we did though. We got sys-k on the line and brought 100 drakes up from Period Basis.

We finished off the 3WE TCU and burned to Z3 to wait for Sys k. NC had 250 in PNQ and were (finally) shooting our SBUs. After those were down they moved to 9R4, now up to 350 in their fleet.

SYS K arrived and we bridged into Q-X with decoy cyno in 9R4. NC didn't fall for bait and sat on station. We jumped in, they sat on station. We warped in for the fight.

On station lag was pretty bad. Some body started broadcasting targets as well-which was pretty stupid and uncalled for. I had people sorting A-Z for targets... but due to the lag locking was really slow. As stated later (after the engagement) most Maelstroms had only gotten a couple volleys off when Sort Dragon told everyone to switch from A-Z to Z-A

This then wasted the next 30 seconds unlocking five targets and relocking five targets. After the fight he made some rant about "it worked in my fleet fight before, asdjfhalksjdfhalsdf..."

I simply told him it was really laggy and stupid and he wasn't the FC so wasn't sure why he did that. Just because it worked for Zammas' fleet (It was actually Zamma's fleet, Sort is only FC when things go well, when things don't go well he wasn't the FC. Works really well for political cred inside IT where most leadership isn't actually in the fleet).

The 24 Scorpions they had on field were extremely effective. Hats off to the NC guys for that. Assuming 1/3 or 1/2 of their jams were getting off, thats 24 of our Maelstroms that were not working. Just as I and a few other FCs said months ago-Scorpions are effective. They removed over 1/3 of our Maelstroms from the fight before even killing them.

The initial engagement started going downhill at this point shortly after warping in on the station. We warped fleet to a pos and planned exit strategy. I checked out SPLE- and it was clear. We had fleet align to Q-X gate and announced warp out would be to Q-X. We then fleet warped to the SPLE- gate.

We landed on the edge of a bubble.


I had gang align to Q-X as Goons would respond quickly (I was told that they were relying heavily on TS spy). Over CC I was told Q-X was clear.

It was not.

We warped right into their waiting fleet. Most of the deaths this evening came from that intel failure. Many safed up in Q-X. Many escaped through SPLE-. Some safed up in 9R4 and got out later. At that point fleet was split and we tried to get as many safely home as we could.
So yeah. Our eggress got screwed. We managed to save a lot of the fleet (all things considered) but it should have been smoother.
If you are FC-you make the calls. If you are co-FC you run ideas by FC instead of blurting out on comms what you think (unless asked by the FC, ie hes not on field or something). There was a helluva lot of chatter. Too many backseat comments and bullshit. One of the reasons I love running my gangs. There are only a couple people who talk on CC-and a couple more on who mainly listen. They know their places and we run smoothly. Huge alliance gangs are like herding cattle... and if you have too many cowboys trying to run the show you get a damn stampede.

However, 3WE TCU was killed.

We gave them a fight instead of running.

Fight was not horrendous, just the egress. We learned some new things in the fight, despite the heavy losses disengaging.
I also got more flak from alliance about "fun roaming" when I complained that SBUs were up for a whole day and no one in ITs notorious "EUTZ advantage" did anything about it. I was told Zammas was burnt out from the repping...

Cool. What about the other EUTZ FCs...?

I mentioned I FC for 4-7 hours a night and was told my "fun roams" don't mean anything and don't count.

Whoooooaaaaa not so fast.

So roaming in hostile space with fast moving ships doesn't count as FCing these days? Damn-I missed that memo. Fun gangs that net kills, gain participation and drop SBUs for an imaginary EUTZ number advantage is useless.

Get this:

IT Alliance considers the cloaky 20 man fleet that sits in the Cloud Ring pipe nightly reimbursible and effective. In fact, they would rather I FC 20 bombers and sit in the pipe all night. Granted, it would be less risky (although we seem to lose quite a lot of ships in those cloaky camp gangs) but talk about boring as hell. I don't know about the rest of IT-but I play EVE to have fun.
So for now, I continue to run the "MVN Roam" each night and get between 25-50 in fleet. The guys in my gangs are getting better and better at following orders. I get fan mail about how fun they are to be in. Imagine that.... fun while playing EVE?

If you value your fleet members, value keeping them alive, call them out when they do dumb things AND teach them to do it right, and just overall not treat them like shit.... its amazing what happens. They actually HAVE FUN and join the next night.

Soap box done. Next post will be about HAC roam last night.

January 10, 2011

Fun Times and Horrible Mistake

Funny news. First off Easley informed me that CCP Soundwave - aka Stoffer Ninjapirate (a former Goon director before joining CCP) is working on a dev team called "Team Best Friends Forever."

BFF, where have I heard that before! Oh yeah, the NC motto for the last year.

So isn't it amusing that CCP Soundwave announces he has been working with "Team BFF" for a year? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kz_iTDsS00&feature=youtube_gdata

And here he is as a Goon at fanfest - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1sdTzj9iac
TLDR Version -- CCP = NC = Carebear expansions

How about all those R32 technetium moons in the North these days? Prom and Dyspro has never been the same...

Oh and TEST lost this gem: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=8498381

Same guys who always laugh (brag) that they don't have any money etc. etc. etc. Also, ironically enough, all of the NC guys were laughing at "lol Kapelle" who don't do anything.


Anyways, back to business...

Last night I took out a roam earlier in the day so that EUTZ guys could participate. Started off quite nicely.

Attempted to intercept a 30 some odd WI gang that went in to the PXF- constellation. We only caught the tail end which was a bunch of battle haulers... http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=50647

The rest of the gang high tailed it home or safed up and logoffski'd, except this Vagabond we snagged http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=50644

Continued heading north-came very close to a Tengu kill but Bundus the fearless tackler broke cloak early to tackle the tengu in the Sanctum and I landed 5km out of long point range. Pop went Bundus in his Manticore and off the Tengu warped.

As we entered Pure Blind with me scouting, I jumped into a system with an enemy gang of about 10-15, Vagas Cynabals fast stuff. My fleet was just entering the previous system. I broke cloak and dropped hictor bubble but the enemy composition jumped through and safed up in the next system. We only managed to pop the two slowest ships in their gang, a Hurricane and Zealot (and those aren't that slow tbh). http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=50650

We headed into a dead end constellation in Fade, in search of a fight. Down into Wrecking Shots, whom MVN have history with. Wrecking shots used to live in Delve with MVN, and then left without any real warning-joining the NC. Wasn't the best of departures.

We went all the way to the end of the pipe and started back out. I figured we would get a fight on the way out-little did I know how many they would form up.

In GME- we held, as scout reported close to 100 NC on the other side in C4C waiting for us. BC heavy with lots of Drakes and other random stuff. Didn't seem to organized.

We waited for 15-20 minutes, as their fleet grew to 160 in size (only about 130 on gate). Their FC refused to jump into my 48 man gang. Refused.

No balls.

I warped gang down to the gate, to see if I could force a "false start".

It worked, and their dictor decloaked bubbled and local spike-but only a little.

The result http://www.mavericknavy.com/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=50661

9 Kills no losses.


We waited some more... and nothing. The NC were content to sit and wait even with the 3-1 odds and their "nano" BC gang.

So we jumped into them. I immediately lost 2 ships as Scimitars were unable to keep up with the targets. NC were randomly shooting all kinds of stuff. We started to get range, were about 70 off the gate (out of range of all the Drakes and crap that were sitting at 0 on the gate still) and were plinking off light tackle that was chasing us, in the perfect position to start raping the unorganized mess when... I entered warp?


I couldn't believe this. For those that understand snipe hacs... we were in the perfect position. All damage dealers were outranged. Expensive T2 ships and tacklers were chasing us-not damage dealers and easy to kill. They had points on some of our hacs but our hacs were getting reps, and within 30-45 seconds most of the tacklers would be dead and we could start dancing with the slower Drakes and Canes that were stupidly trying to chase. The initial burn out had killed 2, maybe 3 ships, which with facing the 130ish on the gate was superb.

But now I was in warp. Leaving behind 5-6 snipe hacs tackled, no longer with reps to keep them alive. They died.

In warp to a moon that may or may not have a pos.

I made a snap decision. C4C was a pipe-one in gate one out gate. Hostiles were busy nom noming my fleet members who got left behind. As angry as I was and the fleet members were, we had to GTFO.


Most of the losses were MVN.

"Fleet when you land, immediately warp L-C jump on contact"

I jumped on contact with gang. Some gang members, for whatever reason, were slow. They got caught by the pursuing fleet in L-C. Pretty unacceptable as we had plenty of time for the main fleet to get through.

We burned one more jump and aligned off, waiting for jump ins.

They didn't come.

Apparently the enemy fleet was too busy screaming at eachother. Horrible FCing, his fault, no his fault, bla bla bla. General failure and finger pointing.

I guess the few kills they got weren't good enough-they expected to nom nom my entire gang. I don't think they realized that that fleet warp gave them most of their kills and kept them from getting PWNed. But I do agree on one thing. Whoever was in control (?) failed hard as there were obviously no primaries called, as their fire was spread all over the place.

I was still white hot angry though. People that fly with me know that when I am aggravated by stupidity I yell. When I am truly furious I get very quiet. So, in a quiet voice I asked a simple question.

"Who the fuck warped my fleet off the field".


"It was me, it was an accident I hit the warp fleet button".

There it was... the guy in FC position for bonuses, in a panic, warped the fleet out. Instead of just his Scimitar, he warped everyone not tackled off the field, leaving everyone tackled to die.

"I was getting hit hard and had to get out".

Upon further analysis, the BNC member was afterburner fit. No wonder he was hit. While all the other Scimitars were safely ahead of the HACs and out of enemy firing range and repping my damage dealers, he was falling behind with his stupid ass afterburner fit Scimitar taking fire. Panicking he warped... the fleet.

I feel it necessary to mention that not only did I specifically say "MWD Scimis twice", Dienekes mentioned it multiple times and the logi channel specifically states it.

Fail fits kill people. Usually only yourself... but in this case it hammered my fleet.


We were aligning off when I made a decision...

The enemy "defence" (lame ass no ballsack camping) fleet was standing down. No FC, and everyone was going home to continue shooting Guristas. What better time to turn around and hit them again?

So we did. Right back into O-C. They flipped out.

We waited on station while hero build up hour started all over again. They got like 80 in fleet and still no fight. So I warped us to VRH-, jumped on contact and started aligning with dictors at 0. They jumped right into us... BAM. The fight that should have happened actually happened (with half the targets unfortunately) and



Twelve kills-no losses. Half their gang never aggressed and burned back to the gate jumping out. Isn't it sad the people that actually have the balls to shoot die and the cowards are able to jump out and live?

We rolled home, as the roam was approaching 4 hours and Euros needed sleep. I blamed it on the spinning ships in VRH- for almost an hour waiting for the NC FC (if there was one) to jump into us and shoot at us with his (her?) 150 man gang.

Am I mad? Yes. Writing about it re-fired me up. I mean really-fleet warping? I felt horrible for the fleet members that got left behind.

After the fleet got home, the fleet warper got into channel with Dienekes and myself and offered to help pay for the ships lost. You see, snipe hacs aren't sanctioned by IT alliance. The EUTZ guys dictate, and they think that there slow lumbering fleets will work when outnumbered and roaming hostile territory. Knowing this to be not true, I run SHACs instead. But no reimbursement is allowed. So all the members of my gangs contract Cardking or myself the loot after each roam. This loot is sold and put on a cyno alt of mine (that holds no money of mine) or given out in loot form to reimburse losses. Only correctly fit ships lost following orders are reimbursed. So the SHACs with trimarks, or without large shield extenders, etc. are NOT reimbursed. With his isk I was succesfully able to reimburse all the HACs/Scimitars lost (barely) by dipping into funds and loot from prior roams. We usually have little to no losses and last night was horrendous.

It was nice that we turned around and fought the NC again though, and everyone (left) in fleet agreed. Hopefully some of the guys unfamiliar with my fleets realize thats how it is supposed to be run. The fleet warp was the exception.

Apparently some forum posts from the CEO forums were leaked. Interesting stuff, as you can see the internal conflict as ego centric old guard IT guys think that position (political) is more important than results. Gives an idea of why we are in the current position we are. "I will deploy only if I agree with the deployment" is the worst attitude I have ever seen. Coming from a CEO it makes me wonder what the general membership is thinking.

Oh well. Whatever happens will happen. I'm just going to keep making the best of whatever situation I'm in.

That is all.

January 8, 2011

New Toy

Yesterday I got my first supercarrier. Its pretty awesome, almost completely fitted and ready to go.

Named it the Tirpitz.

Haven't done much with EVE outside of that due to RL time constraints, but the conflict in Fountain seems to be getting worse. Poor IT participation, poor Fountain participation and the NC bringing down every pet/farmer/breathing soul we just couldn't do much yesterday.

The prior two days was shitty target calling and FC decisions.

-MVN- FCs are burnt out at the moment. Nightly roams/ops that requires hours of undivided attention when no one else is really helping. Add to that the posibility that EUTZ wants us to help FC their ops and my brain is fried. I really hope the other corps wake up and smell the roses.

An old friend Alpha Lead and his corp came down from Pure Blind to help us out. They had spent the last few months shooting the NC. Quite a few of their members are from DTHI, which decided to join Brick Squad (NC) after Atlas collapsed. Ironic isn't it? Alpha lead was the only director that was against joing Brick, so he left along with some core members.

We'll see what happens. But right now it just seems like TEST/GOONS and the rest of the NC want it more than we do (IT Alliance). If thats the case... so be it. Easley shares his thoughts here.

But -MVN- are going to keep fighting even if other corps are content to sit on their asses and rat in Delve. We owe the invaders some semblance of a fight :)

January 4, 2011

A Roam. SBUs. And why blueballing your fleets is bad.

Last night started with a fleet (fight?). I went to they gym while fleet was forming, came back to find fleet still forming. Joined up in time to bridge into 9R4 with the mission being kill the TEST TCU. We were outnumbered from the start, but instead of going on the offensive we hid in a POS. We got a password set up so Fountain Allies could go inside (as they didn't have a pos...) which is always a bad idea. It also took like 10 minutes to sort the pos situation (when we should have been fighting). Immediately NC got the password and started bumping guys out of the pos shields. We warped to a different POS without a password, leaving behind our allies to fend for themselves. As this waste of time was going on I went afk to get food as it was obvious we weren't going to do anything. I came back to hear channel command lighting up with "how do we get out of here" "what do we do" etc. I made a suggestion we fight, with some ideas. After immediately getting shot down (hard) I went and got some Mountain Dew. All this time more reinforcements from Cloud Ring were being bridged in from J5A making the situation more ridiculous (I had stated in fleet IRC that the longer we screwed around the worse it was going to get). When I got back from Mountain Dew run I found the same situation as before. I mentioned that if we weren't going to man up and fight (which I still thought we should do), an exit strategy was appropriate. Which I gave. Which was determined to be the best course of action.

Unfortunately Fountain allies weren't able to effectively use the exit strategy as they were in a different pos, and got hosed on the tuck and run. I felt bad but I wasn't happy about leaving as it was.

So, one more night of forming up a fleet and having them sit around and then standing it down (or running in this case). Not exactly the type of scenario that encourages people to even log on for the next fight, especially after several days of this type of behavior.

Camped with J5A pipe and snagged a few killmails. Then we took out the long range HAC gang. Easley grabbed a Drake in O-B... ratting. The Drake popped quick.

We snagged a Zealot in KU5R warping into the station. Unfortunately for him, it was already bubbled to hell. He popped so fast I didn't even get on the mail.

We moved up into the WI constellation, and got no fights. No kills. Nothing. Lots of talk about forming defence fleets from the NC but nothing ever materialized. Zammas moved ahead into Deklein, where in WUZ he found lots of things on scan.

Including an Archon.

Zammas scanned while we shot up OWXT-. Then, rather quietly, he spoke...

"Archon is in Sanctum... ... I have point on Archon, go go go go"

I burned fleet the two jumps to WUZ and everyone warped to Zammas. Apparently the guy was afk, as fighters were still on rats and no cries for help. We started into him, I held focus point at close range and his shields melted. We started on armor, which was slower going but dropping none the less. On this went until he hit very low armor. At this point he woke up and started yelling for help in local.

I had commanded no local chatter (which is unusual, I usual don't care). So while Test was smacking us about who knows what their Archon was dying. After his initial pleas for help (with no local response, although Test did have home defence fleet forming) he simply said one thing:

"I fell asleep :("

I laughed.

Archon had started repping (probably had 2x reps but only one active while afk) so we overheated. Within 1 min we broke his tank and his Archon went boom. Nice expensive fit for someone in TEST. At this point I pasted the lossmail in local, first thing we had said. I also had everyone right TY in local. We warped in on station, no kills. Then we left. The only thing that was said was some hurf blurf about "Thanks for cleaning up our stupid ratters" or something.


We popped a Typhoon caught ratting in XZH- on the way home. But the carrier kill was the jewel of the night, as we got no fights.

Even waiting in P-2 for 15 minutes waiting for the "Home Defence Fleet" to come after us. They kind of did, but ran off when we turned around.

I dropped SBUs last night for alliance, since no one else seems to really want to do anything. Not that I expected our low EUTZ numbers to do anything with them but meh, someone needs to.

Unfortunately someone noticed in PNQ- and warped in on one that had 45seconds left anchoring. I was cloaked in a Rapier next to it. I ninja onlined it while the Anathema next to it was trying to figure out what to do, but a Malediction warping in on the Anathema buddy decloaked me as I was bailing. Tackled with Hurricane and several others landing on grid I almost made it off but even double webbed the Malediction held point. Seven guys whored on the lossmail :(

So I grabbed a Hurricane and came back, hoping for some nice action in system. Unfortunately for me, not only were the hostile in PNQ- waiting, they had a lot more guys this time and I died horribly in the Cane. I laughed though... their whining about shooting SBUs was worth it.

Zammas organized a hot drop and I went along for the ride (I should have been sleeping). Poor bubbling and target calling only netted us a couple kills though. Pro tip: You never primary a Drake. Ever. Period. Unless its the only thing on field.

All in all though, a fun night sandwhiched by not fun stuff.

We'll see what happens in the next month or so.

That is all.

January 1, 2011

Evenews24. Can it get any worse?

So, Goon titan dead last night, right?

Cardking convo's one of the "reporters". The resulting story is this: http://www.evenews24.com/2011/01/01/it-empire-strikes-back-goon-titan-dead/

Or, in summary:

"IT Alliance managed to score first victory in their fight for Fountain. IT Alliance has been repairing previously RF jumpbridge towers in Z30S-A. As IT caps are leaving, GOON titan warps in but doesn´t fire a DD as all carriers he targets enter pos shield. Than he warps off to planet 4 direction. IT rapier warps behind him to planet 4 @100 km and voila, titan there.
Rapier bumps the titan and in few seconds dictor lands and bubbles him. All IT capitals/supers get to him and titan dies in 10 minutes. GOONS try to save him, cyno in their whole capital/supercapital fleet but IT caps are already off the field."

Wow. I couldn't have written any worse than that if I tried. Goons cyno in caps? He warped in, instead of cynoing in with Falcon? Oh, and the story has been back paged and side columned, because its obviously not that big of a deal right?


If an IT titan had gone down like that you can be damn sure it would have a giant banner on the front page. As it was when I logged in they still had the "IT Alliance internal corp drama" shit from weeks ago. No wonder I get NC guys trying to copy and paste articles from this Fox News Wannabee in local as if its gospel. I know IT isn't perfect (as any entity in EVE isn't perfect) but isn't it sad when the most reliable (insert grain of salt here) source of info is Kugu's?


Here... I'll give you the chat logs from Card's convo. Red5x5 is the "reporter"

[ 2011.01.01 08:01:54 ] Red5x5 > o/
[ 2011.01.01 08:02:08 ] Mr. Cardking > Do you do interviews for en24?

[ 2011.01.01 08:02:18 ] Red5x5 > yes whats up?

[ 2011.01.01 08:02:23 ]  Mr. Cardking  > sec

[ 2011.01.01 08:02:48 ] Red5x5 > ugh making me work -.-

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:04 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Wanted to know if you intrested in some intel to make a report on the goon titan loss

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:14 ] Red5x5 > oh goonies lost a titan?

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:17 ] Red5x5 > when? how?

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:18 ]  Mr. Cardking  > oh yes

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:30 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Well want the offical report?

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:35 ] Red5x5 > sure ;D

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:43 ] Red5x5 > its not really an interview just a battle report :}

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:50 ]  Mr. Cardking  > no worries

[ 2011.01.01 08:03:59 ] Red5x5 > when did this happen?

[ 2011.01.01 08:04:29 ]  Mr. Cardking  > lemme get km

[ 2011.01.01 08:04:43 ] Red5x5 > kk

[ 2011.01.01 08:04:45 ]  Mr. Cardking  > http://www.killboard.it/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=238703

[ 2011.01.01 08:04:48 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Ok so what happened

[ 2011.01.01 08:05:15 ]  Mr. Cardking  > IT was repairing some jump bridges that goons had reinforced early in the day in Z30

[ 2011.01.01 08:05:31 ]  Mr. Cardking  > We had about 20 carriers and 3 super carriers

[ 2011.01.01 08:05:42 ]  Mr. Cardking  > We finished repairing the first JB and then moved to the second

[ 2011.01.01 08:05:55 ]  Mr. Cardking  > and at this point...goonswarm had moved a covert into system

[ 2011.01.01 08:06:24 ]  Mr. Cardking  > We finished the second bridge and we were finishing up and moving into the shields

[ 2011.01.01 08:06:32 ]  Mr. Cardking  > and then a falcon decloaked about 40km off our carriers

[ 2011.01.01 08:06:36 ]  Mr. Cardking  > and drops cyno

[ 2011.01.01 08:06:41 ]  Mr. Cardking  > 30 seconds later a titan jumps in

[ 2011.01.01 08:06:56 ]  Mr. Cardking  > and trys to pull a drive by on our carriers to get an easy kill

[ 2011.01.01 08:07:12 ]  Mr. Cardking  > our carriers managed to get inside of the shields and no one got DDed

[ 2011.01.01 08:07:30 ]  Mr. Cardking  > after his falcon alt got poped by the POS

[ 2011.01.01 08:07:41 ]  Mr. Cardking  > He decided to turn around 180 degrees and warp to planet 4

[ 2011.01.01 08:07:51 ]  Mr. Cardking  > He warp to planet 4 at 100km

[ 2011.01.01 08:08:13 ]  Mr. Cardking  > and I warped my Rapier to the planet at 100 and bumped

[ 2011.01.01 08:08:15 ]  Mr. Cardking  > at this point

[ 2011.01.01 08:08:26 ]  Mr. Cardking  > a dictor from IT managed to warp on field

[ 2011.01.01 08:08:34 ] Red5x5 > ouch tough loss ;(

[ 2011.01.01 08:08:35 ]  Mr. Cardking  > We scrambeled everything brought in our supers and titans

[ 2011.01.01 08:08:44 ]  Mr. Cardking  > He tried to log... but died 6mins or so into logging off

[ 2011.01.01 08:08:56 ]  Mr. Cardking  > They were scrambling caps into J5A

[ 2011.01.01 08:09:06 ]  Mr. Cardking  > But couldnt catch IT before we safed up

[ 2011.01.01 08:09:22 ]  Mr. Cardking  > we also killed a GS manticore fitted witha cyno that decloaked about 30km off our super cap fleet

[ 2011.01.01 08:10:07 ] Red5x5 > would of been a nice fight

[ 2011.01.01 08:10:21 ]  Mr. Cardking  > They all would have gotten raped.

[ 2011.01.01 08:10:30 ]  Mr. Cardking  >

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:06 ] Red5x5 > might make the headline something like.. IT celebrates new year with first present to goons?

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:09 ] Red5x5 > or something like that

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:13 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Yeah

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:26 ]  Mr. Cardking  > IT HITS GOON LIKE A METEOR SHOWER!

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:35 ] Red5x5 > lol..

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:37 ] Red5x5 > naa ;}

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:38 ]  Mr. Cardking  > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:39 ] Red5x5 > i didnt make that one up

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:45 ] Red5x5 > loosing 1 capital isnt much

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:46 ]  Mr. Cardking  > That one was kinda lame lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:50 ] Red5x5 > loosing fountain thats why its a meteor ;}

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:53 ] Red5x5 > yea that was lion

[ 2011.01.01 08:11:57 ]  Mr. Cardking  > We arent losing fountain

[ 2011.01.01 08:12:05 ]  Mr. Cardking  > They have one station in fountain

[ 2011.01.01 08:12:14 ] Red5x5 > i know i know

[ 2011.01.01 08:12:52 ]  Mr. Cardking  > He didnt even have a cloak fit..

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:05 ] Red5x5 > he probably wasnt thinking he would get caught

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:11 ] Red5x5 > just a bad judgement call

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:11 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Who knows

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:27 ] Red5x5 > it happens

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:39 ] Red5x5 > you guys ran off last time you had a chance to kill a goon titan

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:47 ] Red5x5 > when he jumped instead of bridged

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:48 ] Red5x5 > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:52 ]  Mr. Cardking  > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:13:58 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Wasnt that the other way around?

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:11 ] Red5x5 > yea you all did that too

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:12 ]  Mr. Cardking  > A BLAST titan jumped instead of bridging?

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:16 ] Red5x5 > yep

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:17 ]  Mr. Cardking  > lol. everyone does

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:18 ] Red5x5 > a goon did also tho

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:28 ] Red5x5 > but you guys ran thinking it was a trap

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:29 ] Red5x5 > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:40 ]  Mr. Cardking  > heh

[ 2011.01.01 08:14:43 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Probally? lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:15:06 ] Red5x5 > alright when did this happen?

[ 2011.01.01 08:15:11 ]  Mr. Cardking  > 00:10

[ 2011.01.01 08:15:13 ] Red5x5 > just now?

[ 2011.01.01 08:15:18 ] Red5x5 > oh 00:10 eve time?

[ 2011.01.01 08:15:29 ]  Mr. Cardking  > 00:57

[ 2011.01.01 08:16:39 ] Red5x5 > so it was the first titan down

[ 2011.01.01 08:16:41 ] Red5x5 > in 2011

[ 2011.01.01 08:17:09 ]  Mr. Cardking s > yep

[ 2011.01.01 08:17:20 ]  Mr. Cardking  > First goonswarm federation down as well

[ 2011.01.01 08:17:24 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Since reforming in new alliance

[ 2011.01.01 08:17:35 ] Red5x5 > oh really?

[ 2011.01.01 08:17:40 ]  Mr. Cardking  > yes sir

[ 2011.01.01 08:18:34 ] Red5x5 > doesnt iT have a newsreporter?

[ 2011.01.01 08:18:36 ] Red5x5 > just asking :}

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:08 ]  Mr. Cardking  > for en24?

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:08 ] Red5x5 > thought they did

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:11 ] Red5x5 > yep

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:17 ] Red5x5 > its ok

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:18 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Hmm maybe idk

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:18 ] Red5x5 > news is news

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:23 ] Red5x5 > yea its ok

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:29 ] Red5x5 > lion tries to have 1 guy in every area

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:30 ]  Mr. Cardking  > I was FCing the tackle so I want it up there lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:35 ] Red5x5 > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:38 ] Red5x5 > how did you find me?

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:42 ]  Mr. Cardking  > I read all the time

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:45 ] Red5x5 > am i the only guy who actually uses his ingame name? lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:47 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Saw your interview with someone

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:54 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Yeah must be lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:54 ] Red5x5 > yea with the PL bubba

[ 2011.01.01 08:19:58 ]  Mr. Cardking  > yep

[ 2011.01.01 08:20:06 ] Red5x5 > bastard trolled me.. but ithought it was funny

[ 2011.01.01 08:20:13 ] Red5x5 > i only post things up..

[ 2011.01.01 08:20:18 ] Red5x5 > lion is the one who approves everything ;D

[ 2011.01.01 08:20:22 ]  Mr. Cardking  > lol np

[ 2011.01.01 08:20:31 ] Red5x5 > ill add your name somewhere
[ 2011.01.01 08:23:41 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Thanks much lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:24:08 ] Red5x5 > now i know who to primary when i fc ;}

[ 2011.01.01 08:24:14 ]  Mr. Cardking  > heh

[ 2011.01.01 08:24:19 ]  Mr. Cardking  > If you think you can take me

[ 2011.01.01 08:24:41 ] Red5x5 > your in it its easy

[ 2011.01.01 08:24:42 ] Red5x5 >

[ 2011.01.01 08:24:51 ]  Mr. Cardking  > haha ok

[ 2011.01.01 08:24:57 ] Red5x5 > :]

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:03 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Did you need anything else?

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:04 ] Red5x5 > gotta do this cuz your red to me

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:06 ] Red5x5 > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:09 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Or are we wrapping it up? lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:11 ] Red5x5 > if i do i will let you know

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:11 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Your red too

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:13 ] Red5x5 > thank you for the info

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:14 ] Red5x5 > yep

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:19 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Yeah np you have a good one

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:23 ] Red5x5 > im hearing

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:23 ]  Mr. Cardking  > I look forward to seing the post

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:24 ] Red5x5 > that..

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:31 ] Red5x5 > goons had a sc tackled

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:37 ] Red5x5 > and he jumped in premature

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:41 ] Red5x5 > or something like that

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:46 ] Red5x5 > idk

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:47 ]  Mr. Cardking  > whos?

[ 2011.01.01 08:25:56 ] Red5x5 > i gotta get more info

[ 2011.01.01 08:26:26 ]  Mr. Cardking  > this is a seperate incident? or are you refering to us?

[ 2011.01.01 08:26:31 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Cause he didnt tackle anything lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:26:44 ] Red5x5 > im just trying to get both sides straight ;]

[ 2011.01.01 08:26:51 ] Red5x5 > but ill type yours up first

[ 2011.01.01 08:26:53 ] Red5x5 > and edit later

[ 2011.01.01 08:26:57 ]  Mr. Cardking  > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:00 ] Red5x5 > crap

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:04 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Well he didnt tackle any SC

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:07 ] Red5x5 > we talked to much

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:11 ] Red5x5 > i cant scroll up

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:20 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Can I mail you a battle report?

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:24 ] Red5x5 > yea

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:37 ] Red5x5 > that works alot better

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:47 ] Red5x5 > thats my fault as well

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:55 ] Red5x5 > was chasing around a bunch of you guys in CR ;]

[ 2011.01.01 08:27:57 ] Red5x5 > so i didnt copy and paste

[ 2011.01.01 08:33:17 ]  Mr. Cardking  > mail sent

[ 2011.01.01 08:33:21 ] Red5x5 > ty

[ 2011.01.01 08:33:24 ] Red5x5 > i think he might of lived

[ 2011.01.01 08:33:29 ] Red5x5 > if he didnt have damn active hardeners

[ 2011.01.01 08:33:34 ] Red5x5 > thats why he died

[ 2011.01.01 08:33:43 ] Red5x5 > was taking a look at the KM :]

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:11 ]  Mr. Cardking  > Its possible. But we had some pretty insane damage there

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:26 ]  Mr. Cardking  > We had 15mins to kill him after he logged off due to agression timer.

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:26 ] Red5x5 > yea those hardeners turn off when you log

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:27 ] Red5x5 >

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:36 ]  Mr. Cardking  > and we killed him 6 mins into him logging

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:41 ] Red5x5 > yea on my sc alt i do not fly hardeners at all

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:44 ] Red5x5 > just incase

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:51 ] Red5x5 > you never know though

[ 2011.01.01 08:34:52 ] Red5x5 > :]

[ 2011.01.01 08:35:07 ]  Mr. Cardking  > haha yeah

[ 2011.01.01 08:35:09 ]  Mr. Cardking  > good idea

[ 2011.01.01 08:35:12 ] Red5x5 > yea you had enough sc's and titans to take him down

[ 2011.01.01 08:36:02 ] Red5x5 > so who got to keep the loot?

[ 2011.01.01 08:36:11 ]  Mr. Cardking  > heh dunno

[ 2011.01.01 08:36:18 ]  Mr. Cardking  > People took it and didnt claim up

[ 2011.01.01 08:37:24 ] Red5x5 > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:37:27 ] Red5x5 > no loot logging?

[ 2011.01.01 08:37:28 ] Red5x5 > lol

[ 2011.01.01 08:37:41 ]  Mr. Cardking  > heh we werent really worried about it

[ 2011.01.01 08:38:44 ] Red5x5 > yea i know the feeling

[ 2011.01.01 08:38:56 ] Red5x5 > i remember i flew 60+ jumps in a sbr to get on a titan kill on this toon

[ 2011.01.01 08:39:02 ] Red5x5 > but yea its submitted

[ 2011.01.01 08:39:06 ] Red5x5 > just gotta wait for lion to approve

[ 2011.01.01 08:39:08 ] Red5x5 > or river

[ 2011.01.01 08:40:51 ] Red5x5 > alright m8 ty for the news

[ 2011.01.01 08:41:02 ] Red5x5 > let me know if you ever have any fun things to tell :}

[ 2011.01.01 08:41:13 ] Red5x5 > like how IT rats in russian space

[ 2011.01.01 08:41:14 ] Red5x5 >

[ 2011.01.01 08:41:25 ] Red5x5 > or how i spam local in IT space then get warned by a GM -.-

[ 2011.01.01 08:42:28 ] Red5x5 >

[ 2011.01.01 08:42:30 ] Red5x5 > fly safe

Easley Thames

Its been awhile since I linked Easley's Blog. Easley Thames or "ET" as I often refer to him, just wrote an article describing our gangs these days. Check it out.

Post-Titan Fun

Last night was fun. After taking the titan down we popped a TCU in Querious that some random alliance had dropped. Then we(Cardking and myself) took another snipe hac gang out for lols.

We got a fight right away. A Fidelas Constans gang aggressed a few covert ops run by an RKK guy and we jumped into them. Half their gang got away but we popped those left on field, as well as two that jumped through and got tackled on the other side. Battle report here for 3WE and here for 4-E. 14 Kills for one Eris loss. Then a Rifter gang jumped into us... 25 deaths and no losses. It was a freaking slaughter.

Right after the Rifter fight, a scout catching up caught the Damnation (from the Fidelas gang) burning backwards in the pipe. I hauled gang in and burned toward shim. The Damnation was with a few other leftovers and I jumped right into them, gang 30 seconds behind me. They had aggressed (and bubbled) the Eris pilots pod and were stuck. I waited 10 seconds so gang could catch up, then broke cloak and grabbed Damnation. He started shooting me and gang jumped in as I hit low shield. Scimitars propped me back up and down he went. We also popped a Rupture that got caught too. Damnation had a sisters probe launcher on him.

Off we went to Cloud Ring... running head on into a WI gang which we curb stomped. Battle report here. Jumped right into them, burned off towards sun and the rest is history.

In G8 we got no fights, but did probe out a Prorator 350km below station who was AFK or something. Off we went to Pure Blind. Defense fleets from the opposition were formed, but none materialized and we wasted 30 min camping station hoping for kills.

The only notable kill was a Nighthawk that got caught in a bubble on station... he wasn't happy I guarantee. Nice fit, nice loot drop. Chatted a bit in local with Dengen, a chill pvper, then moved out as it was clear we weren't getting a(nother) fight.

Great night, lots (LOTS) of kills and good execution from fleet members.

Goon Titan Dead

Got home from work in time to watch a Goonswarm Avatar jump into a pos repping op and die.

Basically it went like this:

Alliance was repping the jump bridge pos's in Z-3 with carriers. One red in local, nothing on scan. Cardking was a bit suspicious but went on repping.

As carriers were finishing up the second POS, they started approaching the shields. One carrier was straggling a little behind.

All of a sudden a Falcon decloaks, pops cyno and in comes Daitengu's titan. He is unable to get a DD off, and aligns almost a full 180 degrees to a celestial (in this case planet 4) and warps. The only two celestials in line are planet 4 and 4-1.

Dienekes in the Sabre warped to 4-1 @ 100km. Cardking on his alt warped to Planet 4 @ 100km and landed with the titan. He proceeded to bump the titan until Dienekes landed and got a bubble up. Our jump bridge to our staging system proved useful and support came streaming in. Cyno was up within minutes and titan was down within 10 as titans and supercarriers cyno'd in and safed up after titan was down.

No cloak on his fit, and he didn't give his titan a bookmark (or he would have warped to a safe rather than a planet). A Goonswarm defense fleet was formed and a Manticore with cyno and liquid ozone was popped on the jb pos.